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1.) If your complaint is about a rebate:I really hope you're not one of the douches that try to rip us off by mailing in separate receipts thinking you won't get caught. Try putting a piece of tape over your NEAT HANDWRITING in the case that the mail carrier just might drop it in a puddle. Stop at the service desk and get a full copy of your receipt so you have documentation- You usually don't have to mail in your whole receipt BUT there are certain rebates that require you too and may also ask for you to send the items barcode as well SO MAKE SURE TO READ EVERY REBATE YOU EXPECT TO RECEIVE!

If your problem is with a Special Order return:Just stop already, seriously. Special Order returns are at EVERY STORES DISCRETION! When you purchased the order the cashier had you sign the agreement at the bottom of your order that states that it is YOUR job to know what you're paying for BEFORE AND AFTER. Whenever you sign for something in life you should know to READ THE AGREEMENTS! That's just a fact of life!

If you're upset about the Military Discount just remember that you signed up for other reasons than discounts (at least I hope so) and if you were drafted and you're still complaining you're disgusting.

If you asked someone for help with something and they never came back, most of the time it's because while they were busy trying to find someone from the department that you needed help in that another guest asked them for help. The help is given on a face to face basis, so if you're not willing to walk with us, someone who is willing too WILL take your place. If the person that was found working in the department you needed help in was busy with another guest- and it took awhile for what the guest needed help with, that's just good customer service because we want to be thorough rather than rushed to move onto the next person just because SOMEONE is an impatient.

Thank You.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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John Menard is a *** and so are the lawyers who protect the ***. He is hated in Wisconsin.

Do not shop there if you value your safety in his parking lots or his store. He is a cheat and likes to mess with people just boycott the place


1. Menards is not the only store that has rebates. If you have ever bought a cell phone, chances are there was a rebate involved. And once again, MENARDS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR REBATES. Rebates are handled through Rebates International.

2. Its rather amusing that everyone always complains about not being able to find help in the departments...yet when employees are seen "standing around" they are considered lazy, ***, etc. Menards employees are not mind readers, if you need help, ask.

3. Before all of you negative, miserable individuals complain sbout EVERYTHING, you should consider taking the time to help yourself, take other people into account (instead of being a self-centered piece of ***), or just staying home where you can be miserable and angry in the privacy of your home.


Rebates are not a problem with me, I WILL NOT BUY anything from Menards if a rebate is involved at any price EVEN FREE. My complaint is customer service.

4 employees were standing around the flooring desk laughing and "goofing off" while 3 customers were shopping their dept. When I went to the customers service desk to speak to a manager,3 out of 5 employees behind the desk were doing the same. I never got to speak with a manager I got tired of waiting. I'm thinking they wouldn't need a rebate program if they had less unnecessary employees or at least some decent management.

I am a manager and would never put up with this kind of conduct from any of my employees. I will NOT shop at Menards again EVER!!!!!!


We have been fortunate to have a Menards for quite a number of years now perhaps 20 or more. We use them exclusively as price checks periodically have proven to us that generally they are the lowest in our area.

There have been only 3 occasions where we needed to return or exchange things & it was done quickly & with a smile. We had two defective storm doors a year or so apart & even though they weren't required because of the length of time we had them they communicated with manufacturer & we got replacement doors.

I would be scared if I could document to you how much we have spent with them over the years as it is a very high amount but with great satisfaction in 99.9% of our transactions.

As far as the naysayers remember you get out of it what you put in and that includes the way you treat customer service representatives.

When the prices are normally the lowest for the same merchandise maybe there isn't enough room for additional discounts.

What if an individual wasn't physically able to go in the military how should he be treated in regard to the person groaning about no military discount. Remember if you have never worked retail or customer service it can be one of the hardest jobs in the world and many people you just can't please ever!

As far as their airplanes they have many facilities all over the US and manufacturers all over the world so as long as they treat me as they have they can spend their money as is needed or as they like!

#275775 is who you want to complain to about not receiving your rebate. Menards is a private company, so they hire OTHER COMPANIES to do the outside buisness work- such as: the credit cards being issued through HSBC, the rebates being issued through, or even the vendors who come in to fill the soda machines.

If you purchased a bottle of Pepsi at Menards and there was a rebate offer on the packaging asking you to mail it in to receive a credit in the mail you wouldn't go back to Menards to complain about not receiving the would contact the company at hand...Pepsi. Just as an example, so please don't hold Menards responsible for this problem since it's not their fa


Can't get any status on a mail-in rebate from menards. Mailed in rebate request with original receipts more than 8 weeks ago.

No response to my e-mails and no published phone number for Rebates International.

Menards has been no help in getting a status on the rebate. -don't have phone number -?????


I have shopped at Menards since the 70"s and I have nothing bad to say about them. They have always been helpful and friendly.


eh. i have notice that no matter where someone works mostly in retail, we workers can mostly never ever keep a customer happy. and its always to easy to blame everyone else before they blame themselves.


Customer: The original post was about Menards. Hopefully you don't have to read at your job, because you'll probably miss the main point.

Menards not home depot.

And you guessed wrong about the rate of pay. Have a great day.


Boy, I hope you arent this rude to customers, but then again, you are just a lowly Home Depot employee. We all ubderstand that you want to stick up for your employer, but just remember WE pay your salary.

We could easily take our money elsewhere and where would that leave you?

Probably scrambling to find anothe job that pays you what you make at Home Depot (I'm guessing around $7.00 an hour). You and your work ethic are probably not worth that $7.00 an hour so take your *** attitude, job and meager wage and go clean up the spill in aisle 7.


I only go to Menards if I know I cannot find what I want at Lowes or Home Depot. I will never buy anthing from Menards which requires a rebate.

That is nonsense. Half the time I swear I never get the darned rebate!! If Menards want to sell something cheaper, then reduce the price. What's with this rebate ***???

Also, on the subject of finding someone to help you----you can't!!! They are so short-handed that you can shoot a cannon down the aisles and not hit an employee.

And, if you do find one, they have no idea of how to help you as they know nothing about the department you need help in. Really, Menards lost me years ago because of the *** customer service.