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My partner and i purchased over two carts of items, when approaching the exit door we we were accused of theft after we paid for all of the items the cashier rung up, the store claimed we hidden drills under a door, but when we arrived to the cashier she couldnt scan the door so she sis a price check with the manager instead of throughly checking for bar codes which would have exposed the items her and the manager over looked , well they let us get to the door than did the accusssing with receipt in hand , when accused my partner had no problem paying as we shop large cash lumpsums daily for materials for multiple properties, so now were revoked because its ok for a manger and a store associate not to scan all items, mind you this wasnt a self check out, and we were in the store for over an hr with exposed items, until the store decided to play a game and discrimination scan your own items decided which cash lynps

User's recommendation: Scan your own items thourghly.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Yes my partner now has a court date, im revoked from the store how is this gair for paying customers .

Menards Pros: Save money usually.

Menards Cons: Very poor customer service, Attempts to make it right.

Location: 9100 South Western Avenue, Evergreen Park, IL 60805

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Last month I was falsely accused of shoplifting at menards and approached by some hairy *** guy with bad body odor problem asking me to see the receipt. Every item in my cart was on the receipt, I also voluntary emptied my pockets while my wife recorded for YouTube.

Only items on my person were car keys, phone and wallet. The rent a cop walked away without a single apology. I took my cart of $550 items I just purchased to the return desk to get a full refund and filed a verbal complaint to the store manager. My wallet now travels to home depot and still get 11% rebate.

My wife is a social media guru and has posted the video as well as details. 8 people have replied they too have been victims of overzealous rent a cops at Menards and other boxes box stores.

1 rent a cop was immediately terminated, but the others apparently walked away into thin air after false accusations. Shame on stores such as these.


Why didn't you put the drill on the conveyor belt to be scanned? If you loaded the door on the proper cart it would have either been a rail cart or a flatbed cart which you would have been able to take the other products you had off of and put on the counter to be checked out. Sounds like you share part of the blame for the drill not being rung out.

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