Before you say you didn't receive your rebate just take a look at the front and back photos above. Menards rebates come in a tightly folded postcard.

If you don't look closely you will think it is junk mail advertising.

The return address is the only clue it might be a rebate. My guess is that most people claiming they don't get the rebates actually received them and tossed them in the trash.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: let people know what their rebates will look like.

Location: 2280 Maplewood Dr, Saint Paul, MN 55109

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I’m not a mail *** I get very little mail because I do as much as possible online. I look through all my mail especially when I am waiting on a rebate.

I read return address labels. Thanks


Yes, but are you a cigarette junkie or are you a junk food junkie? Perhaps both?


I used to be a cigarette junkie and would chain smoke all the time. But that was back when cigarettes were much more reasonably priced.

I stopped buying them after they started charging more that $35.99 for the cartons of Salems that i used to smoke. I believe that they are around $80 a carton these days, which is unacceptable to me. Actually they inadvertantly did me a favor by raising the prices of smokes so high, because I am much too of a cheapskate to pay the outrageous prices.

I still smoke from time to time is someone offers me one or if I find a pack of them somewhere, but I'm no longer the cigarette smoking junkie that I used to be. Now if they could just do the same thing with Junk food and soda, then possibly I could be weaned of my unhealthy addictive junk food habit and my wino soda consumption.


I had one worth $186+ arrive but was buried within grocery store flyers which arrives every Tuesday in the mail. Menards does the "el cheapo" shipping method in hopes many of these go unclaimed.

According to a menards manager who knows me offhand as a regular customer told me of all the rebate receipts printed at the register only 30% of the total is eventually redeemed.

Essentially meaning $70 out of $100 opportunity's for rebates go in, never processed, lost in mail, delivered to wrong house, misplaced, etc. No wonder menards runs "11% off everything 3 weeks a month now


You are correct!


That's sounds very dishonest the way they do that. Sounds like people should take their business elsewhere.


Tis the world we live in sweetheart...eat or be eaten....not gonna find much different around anymore....

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