Saint Louis, Missouri

I recently purchased a lawnmower at Menards. I put gas and oil in it started it and it died tried again and it died.

I brought it back to the store and they refused to take it back. I spoke with five different people. The first girl said they could not take it back, the second girl brought out a business card where I could get it fixed. By this time I was fuming!!!

I said I wanted to speak to the manager. While I was waiting I spoke to another girl behind the counter and I told her I would never shop in this store again. She said I wasn't the first customer they had lost.The manager came out and was rude and arrogant. He said that since I had put gas in it they would not take it back.

How was I to know that it wouldn't work if I didn't add oil and gas????? He told me I had to take it to a service center and it would only take a day to fix. At this point I was so frustrated and unhappy!!!!! I brought it to the service center and they said it would take a week to get it back.

That is not what the manager at Menard's said. They had a few bad things to say about Menards. I can't believe how terrible the customer service is. I have never been in a store that bad.

This store is in Columbia, Mo. I wonder if they are taught to be rude?

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i dont understand why you people will buy anything without asking about a warranty or return policy especially an expensive item that you know you will be using for the way every customer says that about every dame place go shop at home depot because the next day an unhappy home depot customer will shop menards .. next time ASK and RESEARCH!!!


I buy from sears.If its still under warranty they are happy to take it back,full of gas and oil.


How is it bad service to offer to fix the mower for you? It isn't like Menards makes the mowers... they just sell them and they offered to make it right.

Do you expect them to always take back gas powered equipment full of fuel and oil which they can't safely transport? Do you expect them to keep a mechanic in the back room to diagnose failures when all of the idiots forget to put gas and/or oil in their mowers before starting them?

Get real - sometimes things don't work, but you shouldn't take it personally. That is life, and in many cases you need to work with the manufacturer when it comes to power tools and gas powered equipment. This is not a new policy and I'm sure if you bothered to check before you took it out of the store they would have told you (or you could read the return policies posted in the store for confirmation).

If I worked at Menards I'd probably be very happy that you didn't plan to return, because I doubt many stores need hot headed customers who are "fuming" and acting childish.

Go have a drink, get a back massage, and realize life is far too short to get all bent out of shape over a lawnmower.


Hey....My new car won't start either, and the dealership won't take it back! lol

Every large retailer has the same Gas powered equipment policy!

If it don't work you take it to get it fixed like new. Whats so hard about that?


If the mower won't run, in the beginning (DOA) no customer should have to take it to a repair station and wait. No one is paying the customer to cart it to a repair station.

You buy the goods on good faith. You assume the product will perform as the agent or manufacturer sells it. It is not the consumer's fault.

File with your credit card company! That will get their attention.

It is called a disputed claim.


If you had only spent as much time checking out the warranty before you bought the mower as you are complaining you wouldn't be in this situation, would you?


Hope you weren't mean to the service desk workers for doing their job.


If I worked at that store, I"d do cartwheels if you said you wouldn't shop there again and you were going to Lowe's. You sound like a handful and more than I'd like to deal with. Good riddance.