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Ir had nothing but bad experiences with menards

1. The mask is a big issue.

There are 4 different vaccines. They have multiple cures and treatment for the virus. But menards still insisting on everyone to use the mask. Please stop this crap.


I have watched and experienced some customers come in, some elderly, and the person at the desk doesn't even say hello; they will scream at the customer "put the musk on". Than I saw another person coming in behind, including myself; and the menards rep. will nicely say "hi how are you, welcome to menads. Rude hypocrites!

And disrespectful.

I observed this behavior in at least two menards stores, massillon ohio and Kent ohio.

3. Menards returns policy is pure crap. I purchased things in cash. If something needs to be returned; they will give you crap menards money.

That's worthless to me. If I pay cash, I want cash bat, period.

When I go to any other store such as Lowe's, if I pay with cash I get cash back, not crap money. The only time they give me in store card is if I don't have a receipt.

4. Menards is real bad in customers service and they know it.

The prof is they don't even have a number for customers to call.

Real bad. And a customer happen to call the store manager the never get to speak with someone or they will get a brush off, ignored.

User's recommendation: rrespect everyone. Even the customer without a mask . Please stop with the stupid masks.

Location: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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Lol you’ll only get store credit back if you paid with a store credit aka a rebate or gift card or it’s over 90 days

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