On 3/12/2021 I purchased a new Craftsman mower and after putting the oil in it I filled it with gas and when I went to pull the string it would not move. On Tuesday 3/16/21 I loaded the mower up and went back to the store I bought it (3660 N Maize Rd in Wichita KS).

When I arrived I went in to the customer service counter and explained what was going on where I was told that I had a problem because since I had put gas in the mower they could not help me. I ask the person how I was suppose to start the mower without putting gas in it. The first person that was helping me called another older lady up to the counter where she came up and handed me a paper with a place I could take the mower to get repaired. I explained to her I did not spend $369.00 on a new mower to have to take it to a repair shop and wait weeks to get it back, I bought the mower to mow my lawn now.

I ask to speak to the manager and was told he was busy and could not speak to me. I truly felt that someone could of at least looked a the mower to see if I had missed something. When I purchased the mower it was the floor model and there were no more in a box so I really wanted to have someone look at it and see if it was possibly put together wrong. I also do not understand why I was not told when I bought the mower that you cannot bring it back if you put gas in it.

I really did not want to return the mower I just wanted to have some help with the mower. I live very close to the store on Maize Rd. and have shopped there for years but I will now be driving the additional mile to Lowes where I receive a 10% discount since I am a veteran which is really a better deal than receiving an 11% rebate that I can only use at Menards.

I felt very disrespected and very disappointed that no one even tried to help me. I will also ensure that others are aware of how I was treated at your store.

User's recommendation: Do not purchase a mower from Menards.

Location: Wichita, Kansas

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Next time buy from a place that services and sells lawn mowers. they will assemble, test, and show you how to operate it.

If the mower is a lemon out of the box, the service store will give you a different mower before you even leave. With menards their sole purpose is to buy from wholesale and resell to the public at retail price.

With menards as a big box store all they do is put your new mower on a flat cart and let you struggle to put it in your car. As you found if it fails on the first use they say "tough, take it to the service center 80 miles away".


You are 100% correct. At least Menards posts signs by the lawn mowers letting you know they aren't going to help you if you do have a problem.

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