I shopped in Menards for over an hour when I went to the checkout the guy in front of me was barely wearing his mask and the lady checking me out had her mask under her nose so I pulled mine down she scanned all my stuff really rude and told me I had to put my mask on I told her if she's breathing through her nose without a mask it's the same thing as not wearing one she didn't pull hers up so I didn't put mine back on she calls someone over and I explained to her that there's no reason to wear one when you're breathing through your nose without a mask she told me that sometimes they need a break in there from it I tried to go over and talk to someone else and the security guard stops me I explained to him what was going on and he tells me that he's only enforcing it to customers

Location: 2001 S Perryville Rd, Cherry Valley, IL 61112

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