Ive been in the city let alone the state or the store it was all my first time I was fixing my mask and she rudely remarked that in a very angry manner that you could tell she was having a bad day and taking out on customers and told me that if I didnt put my mask on my face now right now I can leave the store and then I said mam I was just fixing my mask and proceeding to argue it was as very bad experienced at menards and now that I do live in the area of this location I will never ever go there again

User's recommendation: There’s no need to be disrespected by employees for no proper reason.

Location: Edenton, North Carolina

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Wear a mask or stay the F home. It's that easy. Fix it in the car BEFORE you enter the store.


You must win employee of the month consecutively for the last 8 years if thats how you talk to the people who provide you with your paycheck.


You obviously did not read the terms and conditions of this site. You must be at least 14 to use this site.

It is obvious that you are under the age of 14 if you ASSume that the person that is saying the OP is wrong works for the company. Most likely they do not.

Most likely you are lying about that. Mommy needs to give you a good slap across the face for lying little kid.


Many companies have staff provide false statements on here in hopes of minimizing complaints of frustrated and disappointed customers. Also sometimes employees take it upon them self to play "volunteer superhero" by independently insulting the customers based on absolutely no facts without considering the liability for both the company and themselves personally for making false accusations of people. The staffing who play "volunteer superhero" are typically also those who end up getting fired for accusing a customer for shoplifting in the middle of the store only to discover the customer has empty pockets.


But at the same time the person is just making a point, it is rather childish to ASSume that they work Menards. Often on this site we get six year old kids who think that just because they tell the customer that they are wrong that they are childish.

Hopefully many times their parents caught them lying and give them a good slap across the face. There is nothing wrong with what the person above said.

Nothing rude about it. The child that posted this complaint was in the wrong for not wearing their mask properly


She was not rude, you should have had your mask on properly BEFORE you entered the store. If you do not know how to put on one get mommy or daddy to help you.

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