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Delivery scheduled for 7am to noon. I took 1/2 day from work to receive...Called driver at 11:45a...

he said it would be very late because the store didn't have it ready that morning. I had to take the 2nd 1/2 day from work....the delivery showed after 6 pm. Order was short and some broken. I called customer service they claim their GPS shows delivery driver at our location at 4:24p.

I told her that was not correct nor possible, my husband called the store at 4:45 to see if we were still getting our delivery... and the driver did not show until after 6...she continued to argue. Refused to refund any part of delivery fee. She told me to take it up with the driver...

menards blames driver, driver blames menards!...leaves us with a wasted vacation day for a delivery that was over 6 hrs late and short on our order. TERRIBLE outfit!!

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Not making an excuse for Menards but deliveries are a problem for any store that delivers. Just look at Lowes and Home Depot complaints as well.

The majority of deliveries go as expected but there are those that end up late. If time is critical you are better off renting a truck and picking up you products yourself and avoiding any potential problems.

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