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The reason of my message is regarding the bad customer service I received on behalf Menards in Schaumburg, IL. On 12/14 I got a snow blower (from store display)with my Menards Credit Card; on 12/16 attempted to use it for the 1st time and as soon as I turned it on, it turned off; it wouldn't work again.

I was told by an employee that I could return it if something goes wrong with it, that we have 90 days to return it. Well, we did and were told by the store manager that since we already put gas on it and try it (Duh!) they can't take it back or return my money. Now I have to drive far to take this bulky useless machine to get fixed. IF they decide that is not a manufacturer issue, we have to pay to get it fixed; that's extra money that me as a customer don't want to pay for something that wasn't even on for longer than minute.

The machine was a display one and I'm concerned that someone could've put something on it while on display and that the equipment's warranty won't covered. I read you return policy and they're unfair to the customer. How would I know if the machine works if I don't try it first??? I'm very upset and disappointed with the "resolution" of my complaint at the store.

Is unfair me spending money in the machine, the driving far from house to get this checked, when the store should be accountable, responsible for it. I don't want it fixed: I want my money back or a new model that isn't broken.

Besides, I'm concerned that if I get a new one, I will have the same issue as now. Please, take in consideration my situation because I deserve being treated with the respect I deserve.

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Hey heartless here, how is everyone doing? hope kwanza was a real thing for you, like is was for me.

Did everyone sign up for Obamacare like our president ordered us to do, hope so we have to make this work that's what uncle joe says too. Anyway I have to admit after reviewing the above complaint, listen I Am currently re-writing the entire menards employee work manual, this guest was right! If the employee told you to return th item, we should take it back " no questions asked".

I realize we sell inferior quality, Chinese made products with gas motors on them but that does not let us off the hook to make sure they will run after the sale. I am currently speaking with store manager to see if we can resolve this problem by making a full refund.


Heartless we are all proud of you! Glad you came to the other side.

Life is hard enough without being so arrogant. Happy kwanza to you also!


Sorry I was so rude accusing our guests of being ignorant. My boss told me to tone back a little so I would not turn future customers away.

I do believe we at menards make every effort to treat our guests with respect as some of you out there don't believe me. I have contacted the store manager in Schaumburg and directed him to take care of this situation ASAP. Please accept my apology for being so rash and in the future I will take these problems very serious.

My store is experiencing negative revenue this year and it may be due to inflammatory remarks and actions by our team members including me. Merry kwanza everyone.


I've been very tempted for sometime now to take a picture of the pushed gas powered equipment policy at Menards and post it on here. It clearly stats that it's a manufactures recommendation for Menards. Menards does not have a repair center or employees qualified to diagnosis issues with powered equipment to determine if it's a consumer caused issue or a defect in the machine. Therefore once gas is put into the machine it must go to a repair center with qualified individuals. If it's covered under warranty it will be covered.

Gas powered equipment is very complicated for people and often they buy it and break it because of their ignorance. Why is it such a bad thing that the manufactures wants to protect themselves from m0r0ns?

It does not matter that some newbie worker told you that you could bring it back in 90-days(standard policy for most items). This answer sounds to me like you talked to a cashier or a carry out or some fool outside of the hardware department. The hardware department is 100% responsible for the blowers and throwers and the policy is posted all over the area by them. I don't believe everything I'm told and neither should anyone else. You should always fact check. How do you fact check such a matter? Simple read the signs in the area, read your receipt, go up to the service desk where the policy is POST IN BIG BOLD WORDS, check Menards online website and so on.

Anyone standing up for the ignorant consumer in this case obviously has never worked retail and had to deal with ignorant fools.


I work in Menards Hardware myself, and I find the if you put gas in it policy *** to put it simply. How else would the guest know if there was something wrong with it?


Unfortunately the bulk of the problems with gas powered equipment is consumer related. Oil isn't put in the engine, gas that's been sitting around all summer and has gone stale is used etc.

etc.. It's very important to use fresh gas in a snowblower. Gas blends vary from season to season. Gas blended for winter use is more volatile than summer blend gas.

Using old summer blend gas just won't work. If you fail to put oil in the machine it will seize up and won't run. Both a consumer error and not covered by warranty, something the store is not qualified to determine. That is why the manufactures warranty requires the product goes to a service center.

Why is the store accountable? They didn't make it. The responsibility belongs to the manufacturer of the snowblower. The written warranty explains how they handle this responsibility.

If you take time to read the warranty you will find it says they will REPAIR it if there is a manufacturer defect. Why should Menards or the manufacturer pay for repair if it was caused by the consumer not following directions?

You state that you read that you read Menards return policy and feel it is not fair to consumers. If you felt it was such a bad policy, why did you make the purchase from Menards?


The return policy is clearly stated in a number of places, buy the service desk at the entry to the store, signs are posted by the snowblowers letting you know they need to be taken to a service center and on your receipt. You shouldn't have purchased it if your weren't willing to accept their policy.


Another Menards employee checks in with their worthless comment. And of course they are "anonymous" as always. COWARD!!!

Of course the commenter read all your signs. Did YOU read where the commenter said they were told they could bring it back if they had any problems??? You can't have a BS store policy, and they tell a customer something else. Why do you bottomfeeder workers do that?

May as well get a gun and rob the customer while you got em in your store.

@Ghost of purchases past

Policies are posted so there is no confusion as to what the policy is. Yes it could have been returned in the box within 90 days.

Spoken statements are open to misinterpretation or misunderstanding. We will never know exactly what was spoken by either party but we do know what the posted policies are. As I said before, if you don't like the policy don't buy it there. I just bought a chainsaw from a small hardware store.

Before I left the store they explained the gas and oil mix. Put gas and oil in the saw and started it. We both knew it ran when it left the store. Yes, I paid more for it than a saw at Menards but I also got a different level of service.

For all we know, this guy put gas in the snowblower and no oil and ruined the machine. That's why they need to go to a service center. If there is a defect it will be repaired at no charge. If he didn't put oil in it or used stale gas he will need to pay for it.

Stores and manufactures shouldn't bear the cost of someone's inability to follow directions. Keep in mind if they did the cost would only be passed along to other consumers in the form of higher prices.


An employee told us we could bring it back and so we did. That return pokicy is ***.

How know something works if u don't try it first??? That did and they've lost a Valued customer.


Well you have just be initiated into "bend over your at menards" service is non- existent at menards. They don't care if it works or not they just want your money.

I suggest you take the squeaky wheel gets the grease routine. Call manager everyday, call department manager everyday, tell all friends and family about this transaction, be a cheerleader for another home store in your area, don't darken the doors at menards again.


WOW, WOW, WOW ..... This is the best comment I have ever seen from "HEATLESS". He most always defends his Superstore, and claims the complainer is just an ***.

What happened, HEARTLESS, did you get a visit from the ghost of previous purchases? Whatever it was, we love the new attitude. Merry Christmas!!!

:) 8) :zzz

@Anonymous of Course

Because that's not me. It's a secret admire going around pretending to be me.