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Johnson Creek Wi Menards.We were looking for parts to a Yale lock. A Courtesy Patrol person was coming by, we asked him if they carried the parts.

He said loudly NO. Not "I'm not sure or I don't know". We asked, do you know if you carry the parts and he said no, he didn't work in that the hardware section. he was carrying a radio so I asked him to radio someone that did and he said no, he couldn't do that as he was in a hurry to get up front.

I said "you can't even radio someone to come and help us?" He said no, he had to get up front. He couldn't walk and radio at the same time?

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Did you ever stop to think that that person could be new and not have any experience with helping people in the store because thats what it sounds like. Oh sorry I guess you did your job perfectly when you were new at it and didn't make mistakes.

You can always tell when you are helping the people that have worked in retail because they are the ones that understand that the people that work at the store have to help other people besides them and are patient. Oh man I can't believe that you had to wait a whole five minutes to find someone to help you...that must have been terrible.


"Menards Employee" is the biggest kiss *** hahaha god your a ***


you're either naive or really dumb if you didn't notice a bright yellow and blue "courtesy patrol" vest on the young man in question. he was probably just a kid anyway.

how do you think he would know much of anything about the store?

maybe don't be so lazy next time and find an employee that actually works inside of the store. gosh i hate *** customers!


Listen....I work as a courtesy patrol dude, and i have done that for almost 5 months....I am ALWAYS doing at least three things at once, and even though it is an entry level position, it can be very stressful at times. It is a lot harder than people would is not just pushing carts.

I try to help people as much as I can, but sometimes it is nearly impossible to do so when you have managers talking at you on the radio to do a bunch of other things. Look form our point of view before you go making a complaint like that.


I'm a carryout/courtesy patrolman myself, and I honestly go out of my way to help out people who need help, even though I don't know much about the store I'll at least radio for someone to help or try to help you out to the best of my ability. Except it sucks when you go to help one person, and as you're walking to show them something four more people are like 'Excuse me ..." it really is irritating when you got one guy to help, then a few more lined up.


from what i hear the guy just said no and u didnt listen to him it sounded like he new what he was talking about! he said no and he was right there is no use calling another guy to tell you the same thing!


I worked three months as a carry-out and also had to cover for multiple workers many times and was worked nearly to faining on hot summer days. Never felt better to quit a job.


The mangers secverly abuse my avaiblity and make me cover for other workers and nearly double my hours.


Oh and customers get mad when I load bags of dirt that are dirty! :?


They scheduled me for more than double the hours I requested. :eek


I am a courtsy patrol and people ask me questions all the time and they get mad if I can't find exactly what they're looking for!!!

P.S Menards treats me like dirt. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :cry :cry


You all are a bunch of blooming idiots escpecially the employee whiner, duh. Customer service is PRIORITY no matter what or where and obviously they lack in training at this store and need to step it up a notch, you say I will find someone to help you or I don't know or call someone, cart pusher or not.

I have had the boy employees at this store more worried about flirting with the girl employees than helping customers at this store, suppose I don't have a right to expect help in the garden center. What ever happened to people asking, CAN I HELP YOU instead of you searching for them.

YOu wouldn't have to lead people around if you had better signage either. :zzz


Did I say I couldn't find the lock department? I don't think so.

I WAS in the lock aisle at the time, so it's not that I was being lazy in the wrong area of the store. The point of all this is bad customer service. All I wanted him to do was to radio someone to help us in the lock aisle. You may know what a courtesy patrol is at Menards, but we didn't. All we saw was a Menard's employee with a radio. He said he couldn't radio anyone to help us.

And yes, we do know that they don't carry Yale locks now.

And there wasn't anyone in the hardware section to help us. We had looked for someone for more than 5 minutes.


As an employee of Menards It is not smart to ask the cart pusher a question. And btw the carry out position is the entry level position usually held by young highschool students so they probably have no experience dispatching another person to your section. All they do is take commands from the front desk


"bright glowing sun located at the front of the store you ***" hahahahahahaha i love that! youd be suprised how many times the electrical dept cant be found when its the most obvious one!

ok now for that little cart *** that couldnt help anyone. i understand why the customer was mad they were asking for help and he should of called someone, but at the same time, did you even look around first??? there are only 3 small aisles of locks... and good point on the prices going up, it is because we have to walk people around.

but honestly, would you rather be putting up heavy freight or killing time walking people around?? think about it.


Its too bad you ran into someone like the courtesy patrolman you did, but honestly you should not base your rating of a chain of more than 200 stores on one person, most of the people I work with would be more than happy to help you, and not just give you the "No" answer.

P.S. Menard's does not carry Yale


rudumb answered his own Q with that comment he is dumb. He's is one of those guys that is to proud to stop and ask for directions.

Instead he'll drive around all day waisting time and gas. Probably not time cuz he doesn't have anything better to do it looks like. Those guys are paid to show the consumer where things are and to kiss there *** to make them happy. Most of the time they are sitting in the break room telling jokes.

If Ole' John Menard knew that I think he'd be pissed. You can come to my store anytime and ask me whatever Q's you have. *** I'll even walk around with you and load your cart.

That's just the kind of business I run and think Memard started out like that and still wants it like that. That guy would be fired if he worked for me.


I can't stand people like you! You do realize that the Menards stores have aisle numbers with signs that show what is down each aisle?

If you are that lazy that you can't look for what you need just stay home. The people who work retail put up with these annoying questions on a regular basis all because the average person is just flat out to lazy to look for something. No wonder they are always hurrying to get something done, or can't offer you assistance. It's because people like you are asking *** questions like "where is your electrical department?" Gee, I dunno.

I would assume it is the bright glowing sun located at the front of the store you ***. Shame on you for being so lazy, clueless, and flat out ignorant to ask such a question of someone who has no clue about the operations of the store. Maybe tomm. I will come to your place of work and see if you can get anything done with me asking pointless questions in your ear all day long.


Now you know why the price of merchandise is going up all the time. The retailers have to make payroll room for the employees to walk the lazy people like you to the products.


You realize the people wearing the courtesy patrol vests are the cart pushers? You know,the people that push carts for a living?

You really think they are the best person to ask a question? Walk your lazy behind over to the hardware desk and ask someone who is remotely qualified.