Alexandria, Virginia

the add stated "Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas" I find this very offensive as a postal employee who knows that the postal service has the best reputation of any of the major delivery companies and who take pride in their jobs. I have notified the leadership that represents the 500,000+ postal employees and asked that they share this with all employees and the 2.5 million family members along with any friends and ask that everyone not shop anymore or ever again at Menard's stores based on this very inconsiderate remark. Everyone should shop elsewhere and maybe that will send the message to the leadership of Menard's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

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Too bad we don't have much of a choice in shopping elsewhere when the postal service makes a mistake, or we encounter a rude or uncaring postal employee at the counter.


You're an ***. Everyone jokes about things, and you're the kind of person that takes tiny , harmless, humorous pieces of the world that make it easier to live in every single day and let your own misunderstanding ruin it.

Stop letting your personal feelings and emotions affect your attitude like a teenager. Control that ***. Act like you’ve been a grown-up before. I’m positive a tiny thought must of entered that one-way mind at some point and realized it was a joke.

But instead of letting it go, you would rather go online and post something about it in an attempt to hopefully do the same thing to the clearly innocent Menards employees that you were mad at their ad doing to you in the first place? Wow, you make no sense. Do you really think that Grandma’s everywhere are pissed off all the time just because we sing, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” around Christmas time? Are Grandma’s too slow?

Or maybe just so close to death? It’s a *** joke. It’s all in good fun, and it’s people like you that don’t get it; most likely due to what I assume is an ill-tempered job working at the post office or early environmental issues. I sincerely hope you don’t have children.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.


Unfortunately, I know for a fact the person that allowed that quote onto the ad was fired. I hope that you feel offended enough by this that you are happy they lost their job over a simple one-liner that was intended to entertain the masses, not insult you to such a degree you are comfortable affecting the livelihood of others.


lol *** you whiny *** ***


don't think USPS will lose an account like that because you are throwing a fit! you will be ok


While they may be jokes and I love both Mendards and USPS. Both can make mistakes. When the local USPS distribution center was closed, there were many local businesses and individuals up in arms because routines mailings of adds and magazines were being delivered months late. Imagine if you are a store and mailed out Christmas ads before thanksgiving and they weren't delivered until January.

USPS finally admitted in the local paper that there was a problem and they didn't expect the increased volume due to the November election (non presidential) and Christmas. Really, you didn't expect two events that happen every year? How inept is that? You can't complain there there isn't enough volume to keep the local distribution center open and at the same time say there is too much volume for you to handle elsewhere.


There are standing jokes out there, Inept postal workers, lazy state workers, etc. They're jokes, lighten up. The ad cracked me up & I have numerous relatives that work hard at the post office.


I want you to understand that every company has an employee or two who makes mistakes or acts outside the companies customary code of standards. In a case like this, John Menard himself probably lit into a few for such an incensitive AND highly unprofessional thing to say!

I, however, think your high almighty attitude needs a reality check! AND a reminder that the USPS isn't perfect itself! An example: my oldest daughter graduated from high school two and a half years ago... A year after she graduated, she received a card with a gift Visa inside!

The postmark was the week of her graduation and the card had an expiration date one year after activation! Lucky for her, the card had not been activated, we called the card issuer and they waived the fee for the card being dormant for a year, but seriously...a year?!?! And how about the postal employees who have committed serious crimes while on duty and on the clock! Before you start criticizing another company, maybe you need to clean house and have a spotless record yourself!!!

And finally, as a previous manager of over 1000 employees in a hotel, I would like you to try running A large organization without any employees ever acting in a way that would potentially harm the reputation of your company! It happens, the key is how it's dealt with and I feel Menards acted appropriately.

I wonder how many of you fellow employees laughed at your insistence that they shop elsewhere. And I really wonder how many of your coworkers think you to be an obnoxious person and dread working with you because you are so self righteous!!!


As a RCA, the PO loses packages. So does every other shipper out there.

*** happens. As for privatizing - go ahead. See what it costs you to mail anything, and whether or not your service will improve. Thousands of people will be out of work, unable to shop anywhere.

If you think it won't affect you - where do you work? Does a postal employee consume any product or service provided by your employment? If the postal service loses Saturday delivery, the ripple effect will be astronomical. EVERYONE will suffer.

Menard's apologized. Get over it.


Whoa! Count to 10 already!

Maybe you didn't read all of justice1982's comments where they were criticizing someone else for not knowing how to spell and their lack of grammar.

I could care less if someone doesn't spell a word right, unless they are putting other people down for the same thing. Get it straight.


I think this whole thing has been completely blown out of proportion. The quote wasn't intended to personally attack the post office or postal workers.

If you google Christmas quotes, that exact quote is sure to pop up on many of the websites.

It may have been in "poor taste" but apology letters were written and sent. Yes, someone did get fired, and from what I have heard it wasn't even a person that SHOULD have been fired, but the blame had to be pinned on someone since it became such a huge deal...There are a lot worse things going on in the world, let it go people.


@ jmg569, who the eff are you? obviously this person is either not educated well or incompetent.

either case why make fun of them when they are trying to make a good point that Menards, who "prides themselves on customer service and quality", is making and writing ads like this.

go eff urself you self righteousness POS. People like you make me sad that this world exists.


That comment was for justice1982


I think it is absolutely hilarious that you are criticizing someone's spelling and grammar. Did you notice that?

Grammar...not grammer. Loses...not looses.


The ad was in poor taste. The employee has been terminated.

Menards does millions of dollars in shipping with the U.S.P.S and regrets the comment Menards is preparing an apology letter.

Let it go! Haven't you ever said or done something that offended someone?


Justice 1982, do you realize there are spelling errors in your comment as well? Could it be possible the original post made a TYPO as you may have? Don't be so quick to throw stones.


Justice1982 do you realize there are spelling errors in your comment as well? Could it be possible there was a TYPO in the original comment as there possibly was in yours? Stay hot.


Justice, this is like requiring you to contribute to a 401k from the time of your first job till you retire and if you are unable to contribute, it being labeled as debt. I realize a business works in a different way, but the ultimate goal of congress is to privatize the post office, thus driving up the price of delivery.

Our lovely republican congress would love to do away with one of the largest unions, well paid jobs, so they can be "job creators" for minimum wage jobs. Getting rid of saturday delivery would be a huge mistake, and they know it. The only way for the post office to "get out of debt" is to do away with the 75 year pension bs.

Good thing the union is thousands strong...let's hope they win this battle. There are WAY TOO many jobs on the line.


Yeah. That is totally out if line. I bet the post office has never lost a package.


Jmarie, last time I checked, when I "owe" anyone anything it is called DEBT. Whether it is mandated or not, still DEBT.

You can try to church it up however you want, when monies are owed to another (government, bank, friend, pension fund, etc.) it is DEBT. Thanks for trying though, the USPS appreciates it.