Menards in Mankato MN had clerk approach us and asked to leave if we weren't going to wear a commy china mask, couldn't even do our purchase. Ha ha thier loss, will buy somewhere else!!

Guy was a jerk too!! Won't be back, nor online to Any Menards

User's recommendation: Don't waist your money.

Location: Saint Charles, Illinois

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"commy " Uhmmmm. It's "Commie." If you don't have the sense to know how to spell what you think is an insult, No One Cares what you do, go, or think.

Your little change will not be missed. You'll be back the second you get tired of spending more to make a point that no one is aware of.


Glad to hear you won't be back. No need to have people that won't do their part to slow the spread of the virus by wearing a mask for the short time they are in a store. Stores would much rather loose an anti-masker than a customer or employee to the virus.

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