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I work at Menards. The way they treat their employees is absolutely awful.

It's no wonder that their is a work shortage in this corporation. I know many part time employees that work at least 70 hours a week. Managers are apathetic to the feelings of their employees. An example being when a department manager walks outside to find a product for a guest, only to leave a new employee at the desk by himself totally overwhelmed.

The verbal abuse from customers also goes unchecked. The work is not matched by the pay received.

If you plan on working at a Menards retail store, this is a warning that they cover up the true image of the franchise with benefits. I have yet to see a penny of my 500 dollar sign on bonus.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I too worked for Menards in the past. A couple years.

I must 100% DISAGREE with everything you stated above. They give you gifts EVERY holiday (minor ones too) and your birthday. They have profit sharing every february and you get a nice check. (I know I have gotten a few) They are super friendly to their employees and if you get stuck at a desk alone....call for help or maybe just maybe walk around and face the department so you're not at the desk.

Menards is very good at lettin employees be independent. If you can't figure that out or how to learn things on your own, then yeah it is a bad place to work. But, if you're a good worker, it is great.

Sorry if you had a bad experience, but it was a wonderful place to work at and I miss it to this day. Maybe you shouldn't post false information in the future!!