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I work at Menards. The way they treat their employees is absolutely awful.

It's no wonder that their is a work shortage in this corporation. I know many part time employees that work at least 70 hours a week. Managers are apathetic to the feelings of their employees. An example being when a department manager walks outside to find a product for a guest, only to leave a new employee at the desk by himself totally overwhelmed.

The verbal abuse from customers also goes unchecked. The work is not matched by the pay received.

If you plan on working at a Menards retail store, this is a warning that they cover up the true image of the franchise with benefits. I have yet to see a penny of my 500 dollar sign on bonus.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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That's nothing...you should see how they treat their customers. And that former manager Steve Cook was one of the biggest *** there!


True I will never recommend anyone to work at menards they suck!!Will be leaving soon never go back Blaine Menards worst employee ever!


I started out morning stock in receiving being the least handy man you could find. I didn't know ***.

I've since moved to sales in building materials where I still barely know anything yet I'm supposed to be able to write up a sale for a pole barn like I've been doing it for years.

I work 45 hours a week to make $30 less a week than my friend who works 30 hours on a freight dock. I'm just waiting for another job to come my way and I'm out.


4.5 years... I learned so much and yet rage quit. Do what is best for you.


I worked at menards for 8 months I enjoyed the first 2 weeks, then I discovered I was working with a bunch of ***. Stated above they talked about a 7 write up rollover...

what a load of *** I got fired on my 4th. If you want some advice dont buy ANYTHING from menards its all garbage and their customer service is terrible.

I currently enjoy working in a factory with people who are actually nice and I make way more money so dear menards...you gready *** who only care about money i hope you go out of business. Sincerly angred former employee

@Former Employee

I just got a letter that I owe $14.87 for for a tape measure that they gave me I started. I walked out 4 months ago due to very strange work environment and controll.

Do Not Work Here!!!!!!!!!!!! Really 14.87 to repay for a tape measure.


Menards...geez...they really don't repect employees. Maybe some of the replies written to the complainers on this page is Menards trying to deflect the complaints.

Menards Management is taught to be wary of employees and treat them as the enemy. They get as much write-ups as they can on everyone so they can gather evidence on these enemies called employees.


Life is stressful my friend, if you feel that you are overworked and underpaid, move on, its that simple. As for your bonus, we are all in trouble times, even the big boys like Menards. Thank God that you have a job and welcome to the real world.


i have only worked there for about 3 months now but i have had *** jobs in the past and i would have to say this is the best what other job gives you gifts for many holidays, give you money for nothing once a year, and pay you 2.50 more on weekends? if your saying the pay sucks then just get a new job


It sounds like you should be mad at the cutomer for being mean to you and not at the manager. They cant always stand by you and hold your hand. Grow up lil baby.


I worked at Menards & everything in the original post is true. They do a geat job at brainwashing the younger people with perks... If you want a better place then go to Home Depot. Menards said they would put Home Depot out of business but as we see they have failed.

Home Depot is also a way better place to shop with better product.

Not to mention the numerous law suits against Menards by employees & it is ironic how they settle out of court as, INvestigations would surely put Menards into deeper in hock.


I work at Menards and I love it. Someone mentioned needing to have a doctor's note for having the *** -- Menards gives you a seven write-up rollover.

When a write-up is three months old, it's gone off of your record, and you can have up to seven at a time. I don't know any other employer who gives you that much slack. So even if you had the *** and didn't want to pay for a doctor's visit, you can always take a write-up for calling off.

There are so many great perks to this job (shift premiums, two paid breaks a day, holiday gifts, spiffs for helping a guest sign up for the credit card and spiffs for selling a special order).

Most of the managers are super friendly and we have such a cooperative environment at Toledo North. I would guess that only, say, fifteen or twenty people have quit since we all hired in for store set in April.

@Toledo Bleeds Blue!


@Toledo Bleeds Blue!

So you have had 10% of your employees leave within 2 months. If this continues over the course of a year you will have over a 50% turnover rate in employees. Doesn't sound very good to me.


If your not happy- QUIT. My feeling is that people like you that sit around COMPLAINING all the time are the ones that make a miserable working environment for your co workers- their morale would go up if you quit! You sound like part of the problem, not part of the solution!


I work at a Menards and it sucks. I feel like they own me.

I always have horrible hours where I work many days in a row. And I have never worked somewhere that is so into having dr excuse for everything. It's ***.

I called in one time, because the pills I am taking for chronic back pain were making me have the green apple two steps and they wanted an excuse...Not now or have I ever went to the doctor for having the *** They are so ***. Their rules and all that *** is so dumb and annoying...It's like they are always waiting for people to screw up.


I, too, worked for Menards for all of 2 weeks back in 2002. My experience was just the opposite of the first complaint here.

I came from a 40 hr. job with another retailer, and was PROMISED by the store manager @ Menards that i would have at least that @ Menards. Being a single provider for my family, this was to be a given. I turned down a job with another retailer because of this promise.

Well, the first schedule gets posted, and I'm on for a whopping 30 hours!! WTF!! So I approach the manager, who then LIES and says he never promised me full-time. ( He did, but I digress, here) .

I then asked him how a 40 year old man is to pay mortgage, bills, food, etc. on 30 hours a week. Well, the search for a new job began, but it gets better here....the next day, HR calls me up front and says she needs my birth certificate for something or another. OK, a little weird, but next day I bring it in, she looks at it, then looks at me and says "This birth certificate is from Michigan." I say, yes, it is.

She then says get ready here guys....drumroll...because this is absolutely true here... "Can you bring one into me issued by Illinois?" Yikes!! So, within a week I was elsewhere making 50k.

I think they just were looking for an "out" with me. Live and learn, I guess.


Maybe that new employee at the desk should follow the manager to the yard and learn what's out there so next time they can do it themselves. I make all my employees follow me for the first week or so.

Then i pair them up with a full timer for about a week. i don't know what you were smokin to think there is a sign on bonus???

never heard of it at menards. Also if you work at menards and know what pts is you know a part timer would never be given 70 hours a week.


You don't get sign on bonuses. It's not done. Check the handbook they gave you at your orientation. No mention of sign on bonus.

Why would you keep on doing the same thing if your not satisfied with your job? Talk to your department manager. If it doesn't help go to the GM.

If you can't get into it, than maybe retail isn't your bag. Try mowing lawns, or working fast food, or quantum physics.

Your happiness and well being are your responsibility, not Menard's. If you feel you are not being trained or are being harrassed or totally overwhelmed and have not advocated for yourself, than you sir are a ***. Theres a ton of people to speak your peace to, including an 800 number to talk to general office directly. Its that sign hanging on the door to the coat room that every store has to post or the GM gets a big fine.

Its time to grow a sack and not blame everyone else for being a weaselly little pimple.


I never got a sign on bonus? Hmmmmm *** didnt even know there was suck a thing. Maybe they will pay you for your gas to here look just sign ok!