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No delivery when promised. But what had become a much worse issue is that menards does not have a direct line Customerservice availability.

One is required to email their concern and hope fir a reply.

User's recommendation: Question delivery promise prior to using the service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Menards Pros: Promotions.

Menards Cons: Terrible service.

Location: 4631 Menard Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54703

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Your problem can be addressed with a store manager either in person or on the phone. Someone in the store is much more likely to be able to address your problem than someone working in a remote call center making minimum wages.


I started with the store. There are 40 similarly situated customers waiting for delivery. The Rep indicated that they are waiting to borrow a flat bed truck when another menards store does not need their truck (??!!)

@Kate F Kul

Menards does not own delivery trucks or make deliveries themselves. Their deliveries are contracted out to independent delivery services.

You will see the name of the deliver service making your delivery on the delivery agreement. Unfortunately if a delivery service is having problems the store has to work with other stores delivery services or if the problem goes on too long look for a new service for deliveries.

You can bet the store manager is as frustrated as you are and doing their best to get the situation corrected. Why do you think someone answering a customer service in a remote call center would be in a better position to solve your problem than the store manager who is in direct contact with the delivery service?


Return everything you ordered for a 100% refund, and take your business to a retailer that has a proper in house delivery service instead of farming it out to some random "independent contractor". Since no delivery occurred there should be no disputing refunding the delivery fee as well. The reason menards corporate communities via e mail only is its a lot easier to send a pre written form letter from " Ray", or just delete the email altogether then it is to have a frustrated and disappointed expressing their concerns via phone or worse face to face.

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