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My Auria flat from Menards I purchased just in 3/2011 went out on me in or around 6/2011. The manufacturer sent a tech w/parts to replace and fix the TV, and instead broke additional parts to the TV trying to fix the original problem.

Now they are giving me the run around letting me know what there going to do to solve the problem. They refuse to let me speak with a supervisor. I'm pissed!!!!!

My brand new flat sits on the floor with back open for now 1 month. Ridiculous to go through this nonsense.

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I feel bad for you.....I really do. But you bought a TV by Auria.

Auria?? Not the most dependable brand. Buyer beware. I haven't even heard of it.

I hope it gets resolved for you. I work in cab/apps and if anyone ever asks me about the quality of it, I just try to avoid the question and say that its a 55" TV for $600, meaning you get what you pay for.