Morton Grove, Illinois
Not resolved

return was rudely refused

the store deceives customers about return policies

the manager is a deadbeat and cannot see the value in maintaining a customer

the store fails to inform customers of return policies

the store sells defective plants

the store has staff who are incapable of seeing the issue and resolving for better customer relations

they insulted my intellect and capability in managing plants

they attempted to put the blame for dead plants on me

I am trying to returns plants sold after 36 days - not at the end of the season

After reading all the comments online about Meynards, I will never return!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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"defective plants" lmao. What?

Are your plants not working like they should? I would also question your intellect.


Next time have an adult shop with you when you buy plants, I know you are a child based on your assuming that being told no is the same as rude and being a deadbeat. Also have the adult tell you that you need to water the plants.

If the plants looked healthy in the store then the fault is yours. Another reason I know you are a child. You don`t take any blame.

If the plants were unhealthy when you bought them your fault for not noticing.


You clearly did not have a receipt. The problem is you seem to not understand not having your receipt is an issue, that's when everyone will start to insult your intellect.


Did you have your receipt? Without a receipt they have no idea of when or where you bought the plants nor the price you paid for them.

There aren't many other reasons they would have refused the return.

I don't understand how you can say they don't inform you of their return policies. They are clearly posted on signs at the service desk as you enter the store.


Or how about you just not kill your plants... Or ask about the guarantee or return policy before you buy??