Kalamazoo, Michigan

As a home owner and Licensed Plumber I frequently work on many projects for myself and others. As a professional craftsman I know the cost of having to make repeated and unnecessary return trips to a supply yard for simple inexpensive parts or pieces.

As such I frequently purchase a few extra bends and elbows when installing plumbing and return them after completion of the project.

Unfortunately I misplaced my Drivers License one day. No problem I have an expired one (The old one), a military ID, a Veterans Administration ID and a social security card in my wallet. Unfortunately for me I needed a current and valid drivers license in order to return anything to the battle creek Menard's.

Sound Crazy? Seriously!!!!

I had to be in contact with the store manager to return $8.43 worth of 1 1/2 PVC fittings. Sound ***??? The same women did this to me 2 weeks to the day later.

The second time I had a little over $12.00 and it took twice as long, like 15 minutes! I make around 43.00/hr as a unionized pipe fitter shouldn't Menard's be now paying me to shop at their store?>

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Well Obviously you were doing a no receipt return. You could easly prevent this if you kept your receipts.

I understand thats hard to do as a plumber who buys a lot of things. But you have to either do that or....when you found out you needed a drivers license the first time maybe you should have thought about that before you went without a current one to return more the second time. We need a current i.d.

to make sure you havent stolen from our store and to keep track of how many no receipt returns you have done. Keep in mind that...we do this because if you are someone who has stolen obviously you will not have a receipt for that item.


I agree with notsayin, if you are the great plumber that you say you are why wouldn't you just keep them. I would think you would be too busy to stand in a return line for a lousy store credit.


I don't think most people understand that companies have policies, not to mention computer programs. She was just doing her job and the only way to return it was that route.


Hopefully, you've learned a lesson about keeping better track of your ID. Probably should never take it out of your wallet anyway... makes it very difficult to lose.


Or,as a responsible adult,you should make sure you have a current ID with you at all times. If you got pulled over and didn't have your drivers license on you,are you going to complain to the store manager then?

The returns person was just doing her job. Unfortunately,there are many people out there who steal things and then return them obviously without a receipt. Menards wants to see some ID so they can keep track of those kind of people to protect themselves.

It ultimately helps you to prevent theft and fraud so Menards can keep their prices down. If you are a licensed plumber,doesn't it make sense just to keep some 1 1/2" PVC fittings on hand anyway???