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On October 7th of the 2011 I was ordered by my employer to go to the Menards in Elkhart Ind and purchase some security camera's that were on sale for approx 20.00 a piece and to pick up some batteries for the back up power source for the the camera's and the DVR. We were working on a small church that had been burglerized and we were beefing up security while repairing the damamge.

He also told me to check if they had the new Schlagg internet locks and to check what they had for small office safes, not to buy just report back prices and availablity. I grabbed another employee and the company truck and off we went for a friday afternoon of goofing off for the boss. This was a perk the boss gave to his better employees as a little paid mini vacation. We got to the store after eating a great lunch at the olive garden just next to the menards.

We entered the store and went straight to the video camera'a found the ones he wanted and grabbed three of them. we then went looking for safes and locks, we started down the isle and my partner in this adventure had grabbed a few personal items for his weekend home projects some small hand tools and some kitchen cleaning supplies we finally asked an employee to show us where the safes were and he escorted us to them. Dismayed at the lack of stock and horrible prices we then went to the door lock section and looked for the the new schlagg internet security locks which they did not have and didnt really have any information on. Disappointed yet again we decided to get out of this store and hit the lowes just down the road.

On our way to the check out I remembered I had to pick up some batteries as well I passed the same employee who had helped us earlier and where to aquire said items. He pointed the way and with a smile we thanked him and proceeded to the front of the store. Sure enough right were he said they were and there were also a bunch of flashlights. Well we had to check out the new flashlights to see who had the most lumes now and how much and how well they were built.

After that momentary diversion was at an end I grabbed up a pack of eight ultimate energizer batteries and to the check out we went. I went first my total was a whopping 80.00 dollars and some change I gave the very nice lady a hundred I had gotten from petty cash and she gave me change and a reciept. I started to bag up my items when from out of know where a man with black tribal tattoo's all over his arms came up and started talking to me. It shocked me as he started talking about the store being out of something and didnt that suck.

I assumed this man had mistaken me for someone else and tried to compose my self to deal with this situation as he seemed very agitated. His voice started to get louder and louder and he kept saying "their out of lye dude doesnt that suck" he looked down at my bag and pointed to the batteries i had just bought and goes on to say even louder "you know right man now you cant make your *** doesnt that suck your *** chewed up *** head. ya i know what your here for you piece of f=ing garbage!!!!!" Now I was completely shocked this man was accusing me of being a *** addict which was ironic as thats exactly what i thought he was with all his tattoos and the wild look in his eye and his screeming. At this point I looked around for some kind of employee to assist me and there were several male ones standing and watching and smiling and doing nothing.

Now I am a large man six foot four inches and well over three hundred pounds and i dont think i look like a *** head although i was kinda dirty from the day and was in need of a haircut but i was wearing a nice yellow shirt and blue jeans so i didnt think i looked that bad. I finally asked him who he was and what he wanted and he then said he was "store security" and I asked what he wanted and he just kept on his tyrad about not wanting my kind in his store and then he said he was going to call the police and demanded my id. I reached for my wallet and told him to please call them. Now the crowd of people has grown huge watching this spectacle and it is becoming clear the employees were not going to stop this lunitic.

I pulled from my wallet my church card showing I was an ordained minister with my church but it did have my correct name and address on it. He didnt even look at it and started to call the police. I put my wallet away picked up my bag and started walking to the door. My work partner stood there in shock and told the lady to forget his purchase he wanted nothing to do with this store.

At that time the undcover security gentleman started in on him. My fellow employee was far more vocal in his anger and voiced it. They followed us to company truck and it was full of construction tools I even showed them they didn't care. We waited a few minutes and then just finally left.

No police cars ever showed and I contact them later and no call or complaint had been filed. I told my boss what had happened and he was furrious, he started talking about how usually he picks them at the kalamazoo michigan sams club in an 16 count all the time and never gets yelled at. I guess my point is this, while the attack by this so called security professional was unfounded and unprofessional, if they dont want people like what they thought i was in there store simply stop selling these items.

Seems simple to me. But I promise I will never shop at that menards again and neither will my boss or any of his other employees

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how many did you pay for and how many did you have under your arms? Sorry man, 3/4 of the people grabbing the big packs of lithiums are trying to steal them.

Add in dirty clothes and its more like 90% of people in dirty clothes grabbing lithium batteries are trying to steal them. Sorry with the *** epidemic going on its just the world we live in. As a minister you should appreciate the fact that retail stores are paying out $$ to security to try to keep the *** off the streets.

As for the security guards professionalism?? I think he could have and should have handled it more professionally.


paw why are them fellas so dirty :zzz




ba da da ba da da ba da da da da na na na life goes on....Down Syndrome boys its catching ....mama always said fat dirty men in yellow t shirts played with little boys peckers..


everyday thousands of u dirty zombie looking *** stream over the indiana michigan border like some sewer spewed *** wide open..put that *** down...meth is for dickless dirty people have alittle self respect..


I have no peter like the people who created this site :cry ...and they kicked me off dances with the stars :cry and this story makes me think of the duece i just dropped :zzz


You know you's ..eat a big fat *** ..I hate drugs and I'd be willing to buy you to knuckle heads a meal at that olive garden..talk it over laugh and when it's all over walk your big rear end outside and leave you's in the dumpster...sites like this are whats wrong with this great country..Put some effort into the truth and working a real job ..Not an imaginary one...and my mom's always taught me to respect a man of god with the utmost..but frankly fella you aint..Your mom's should be ashamed for pop squatting your ugly mug out...like I said you and eh mr. dirt olive garden 20:00 pm...free meal and ride across town ..I here the river's cool this time of year ;)..


I also witnessed this and saw the whole thing..the man who wrote this story should be ashamed..I saw these two in the drain cleaner isle angry and tapping the shelf because they were out of drain cleaner . The big fat 300 pd guy yelled at an employee because they didnt have any..It was horrible. He says a nice yellow shirt but it was dirty and stained and the other guy looked like joe dirt...at the register these two were rude and yelling about them not having drain cleaner at which point i saw a manager a security guy intervene ..I complained after you left of the urine sweat smell coming off you..I back menards they do a great job ..meth is horrible in that area..I would be afraid to sleep at night..satan is coming and your no minister..also uneducated and cannot spell..my doctor told me also that *** makes the *** shrink and not work right..have fun with that


this site is a *** complete joke..for *** *** *** people lmao...I bet a *** that looks like a man created it haaa


I was in line behind you and your friend that night You have failed to mention that your friend was buying plastic fish tank tubing ..a yellow propane canister and sulfuric acid..all use for meth..and I heard the whole incident..you sir pulled a battered car and stated you were a free mason ..and if a minister i was embarassed with your foul language..you looked as if you had not slept in days and were really dirty..I also so the part you describe in the parking lot..you and said " partner" drove off swearing and flipping off a gentlemen in the lot..in a dark chevy z71 pick up..before making up huge lies lets state the truth..minister not hardly...grateful dead druggie ..yes and if you would like to put money where the mouth is...I AM A MINISTER and would be glad to pay for a drug test .and rehab for you..It is never right to lie or make up stories..I know and saw what you did ..everything ..


300 pounds? sounds like you should've passed on the olive garden, friend.