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Reason is because your store in Defiance Oh. Has to have some held responsible for their actions concerning a customer and the mask policy.

Sunday 9th of April at 5:30 pm. Out of the 5 employees managers or team leaders, not sure their titles but please review the video. I havent even began how embarrassing, belittling and unnecessary their physical and discriminative actions where. As the one guy hollered at me I dont give a *** put the mask on and when i told the i had terrible allergic reaction to them, and had a funeral to attend shortly but the water heater broke and was in a hurry id literally be a couple mins.

He said good for you, thats your problem not mine sir. Now put the God damn mask on! I ask to please let me get this and leave as i already had what i needed in my cart and trying to go pay and leave. As one employee tried ripping the cart from my hands a others surrounded me trying to give me a mask but less than a foot away from hollering and holding a mask that he wants me to put on.

Holding it with bare hands that had been all over money ,Merchandise or bathroom facilities I have no idea. Throughout this whole display of ignorance and uncontrollable temper and mouth i asked them to call the police at least ten times because i wasnt putting it on and couldve been gone by now and had my mothers hot water on so we can burry her husband of over 55 years and my father who practiced law in this town for 50+years. His exact words oh good for you but youre not checking out i said ill have my friend that was with me(wearing a mask) check out and ill go to my truck. No !!

Neither one of you will be able to check out ! The reason i didnt carry out the biggest beat down of these main 2 harassers. Was i knew that would require me to wear a mask but couldnt make me what could make me leave Im sure.

But once they touched me and hollered at me and tried to take the car for me I knew they had committed assault and I didnt want to be the one in trouble or the one looking bad because they had shown truly how bad they have been trained in such a situation and how a knowledgeable for the law, personal space and by them surrounding me they had a better chance of spreading any kind of disease then I wouldve without a mask in the store for less than five minutes. Please review though acamera

User's recommendation: Don’t support this company by shopping there!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Pros: Close.

Menards Cons: Worst costumer service ive ever had.

Location: 8845 North State Route 66, Defiance, OH 43512

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You know if you something remotely close to that happened to you,post it all over social media. I haven’t, because I wouldn’t want to embarrass or destroy any company or anybody or poor decisions or judgment of an individual.

Not expecting one thing free out of this or nor would i except anything. This is about the way this manager decided to confront the situation. If a company wants you to wear ppe then it should be provided free of charge. Not charge one guy then give the next one a free mask.

Take a couple steps back and look at this situation. They wouldnt let me leave and my friend,with a mask on, pay. Just to spite me even though i remained respectful, calm and polite. As they surrounded me less than a couple feet away.

pulling on the cart and grabbing my shoulder from behind demanding to stop instead of letting me leave and letting my friend pay. Explain the logic behind that beside a temper tantrum and the need to control some one. The customer isn’t always right. But a good manager lets the customer believe they are.

Surrounding me and trying to corral like livestock while ordering me to comply in front of a packed store only heats the situation because now you’ve put myself and you in an alfa male predicament. And natural instinct is to defend protect and prevail. Good customer relations and proper training he could’ve defended and protected and prevailed but let me think I did. Attacking and squashing someone like a bug in front everybody isnt the way.

“ Hey boss! Man what can i do to talk you into wearing a mask my friend. Cause ive got my bosses here and im trying not to hear it from them again, you know what im saying?

And i wish you knew how much I appreciate it. Thank you sooo much my friend” have a good day!”


There shouldn’t be anything to review. You should have left immediately if you were not going to put on a mask.


If their policy is mask required, you leave when asked if you refuse. The policy is not leave after you argue your case and then proceed to staging a mini rebellion. No one wants you there.


What is wrong with you that you can't understand the signs at the entrance to the store telling you that you are required to wear a mask? If you don't want to wear a mask for whatever the reason just STAY OUT of the store.

They don't want to put their customers and employees at risk by allowing those that don't want to wear a mask in their store. Stay at home and shop on-line if you don't want to wear a mask in stores that require them.


Wear a {{redacted}} mask or stay out of the store.. It's that simple.

They should have smacked the living sh it out of you.

I hope they ban you from their stores. If you don't know how to act in public, stay the {{redacted}} home.


Yeah i can tell you read it all. You all are very right!

You’ve been programmed perfectly! And if properly approached i might have for the couple minutes id be. Instead lets say everyone has to where a poison ivy shirt its there policy. Because the mask is like wearing poison ivy on my face and my shirt pulled up is just as effective as the mask.

It doesn’t stop the smell of a *** people what micro organisms’ do you believe it’ll stop more than my shirt or just social distance and washing your hands ? But instead youd rather wear your muzzle and be told the direction you can walk in the isles. Make sure you hurry, because you have to be home before curfew. You better thank me because im one of the few left who demands freedom and liberty like so many have died for to protect as you cry your stemy check is late but forget the reason why you get it,is because,We dont live is N.korea or Russia!

We live in THE LAND OF THE FREE and HOME OF THE BRAVE! Not land of the maybe and home of the slave! And wrong-or right its my decision!! and i wash and stay away from people.

And if they choose to wear a mask to protect themselves from me that is there choice! Just like it is my choice to wear one or not to and in this case the reaction to the mask would of been to much on such a bad day already. And I appreciate your comments but once again you were free to comment because you chose to and not made to. Its nice to have that freedom isn’t it?

You’re welcome. So spit mommy’s nipple out and be a big boy. Ooh no he didn’t?? Oh yes him did!

Yeah, female dog,* that was my choice too!! Yw again


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