Sparta, Wisconsin

was interested in a refrigerator and asked salesman who was setting idle at his desk to give me and my mother details about the appliance of which I thought seriously of purchasing. Found the salesman lacked people skills totally and could not sufficiently provide answers to important questions after being told by him that we were to take a number and wait for him to begin his day.

If menards chooses to employ such rude individuals in the Bloomington Indiana store then I will personally take my business as well as my customer's business elsewhere. The point I want to bring out is the manner in which this young appliance salesman represented the menard company showed a very high disrespect for their customers.

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menards employees can not punch in more than 5 mins before their shift starts or they will get written up possibly fired that being said maybe he did not want to help you and not be getting paid for dealing with rude people such as your self that can not wait a few minutes to get some help or how about you walk around the department and find some one else who can help you because they are getting paid to help rude *** people such as your self because typically there is more than one employee working at any given time


did he have another customer that he might have been helping, i know they have a desk thats in one of the kitchens that they have to do kitchen designs on, and sometimes they are finishing those designs up while the customer finishes shopping.