Sioux City, Iowa

OMG I am so pissed right now,Had Thanks Giving with Family,and Heard all these horror stories,Norfolk Jeff Mulder.He talked on the radio everyone with a radio could hear this hear about Ryan Cleveland and his size? Saying "hey do you think the tires will hold up with him in it?" What kind of person says that?

And yet he's still there Managing the place.I was told so many stories about how he treats the employees and how he keeps his own Personal food in the refrig's they sell food out of to us the customer.Don't that cause contsaimed foods? I am appalled at all the things that were said. I don't want to shop there anymore, and I hope all that see this feels the same. I am discussed and sick that a manager would say anything that serious about an employees.

Who does he think he is? Is he so wonderful he thinks he GOD? God makes us all the size and loves us all. Ryan is a Good man and This so called manager had NO right to make fun of him and do it on the company radio so anyone who wears one could hear his nasty comment.They told me he thought it was funny?

Making fun of people and their size is not funny. There's more I could say but this is it for now GET RID of this ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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The other Jeff was not fired. He was demoted to an assistant department manager or department manager position in Columbus, NE.


I see that someone wrote that this was a lie.

It must of been the manager himself. Because what the other person said was the truth, how do I know? I still work there, and yes he yes he did do those things. And he's trying to put the blame on someone else for his own mistakes. If only Corp office knew what all this manager Jeff does and how he treats the employees. I think they would be shocked.

Whoever wrote that is telling the truth and we all know it.

Since he has become Manager the moral at the store has gone down. Funny how they fired the other Jeff,for things that were/are less than what this Jeff does/did.


I could use someone like you on my staff.


I was fired from this store so I lied. THe manager never really said this.

I made this up because I was angry at the time. This who letter is a vent and not true, however it sure felt good to write it.