Ottawa, Illinois

I am a major purchaser for a medium sized construction company. I deal with a lot of stores and Menards almost always comes through for me.

Whether it needs delivery or I need help loading, all you have to do is ask. People complain that there never is anyone around to assist you when you need help. What they do not understand is that all one has to do is go to the service desk and ask. I have spent time in just about every type of lumber/hardware supply store through-out the US and for the most part Menards is my 1st choice.

Thank you for being there for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

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I've always had good experiences with Menards, as well.


This guy knows wat he is talkin bout menards is one of the best stores out there


We also have milk.


well alienbleue, where do you get your tools then? if you say home depot, lowes, or some other big-box, please slap yourself. consumer idiocy has never been so high.


thank god, finally someone who isnt a *** ***. thank you for appreciating good service, as for you alienbleue if you dont like the store dont go there, as for our products being second rate, last time i checked most of our products offer lifetime warranties, id love to see you go to a hardware store and try to return a faulty tool after 3 years of use, theyd laugh in your face. at menards as long as you have your reciept they will give the same product, brand new.


You must have a very limited shopping list. My rate is about 40%.

Menards is a complete joke....unless you're grocery shopping.

They may not have the hardware or tools you need, but they do have BBQ sauce canned veggies, cereal,frozen pizza and Little Debbie Snack cakes. If they do have actual hardware, the quality is usually second rate.


you are welcome. it feels very nice to hear something like this. good service gets drilled into our heads every single day, and it's great to see it pay off.