Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I bought a piece of furniture on 12-03-07. They told me it would be in store 12-10-07. I went on 12-12-07 to see if it was there.

I took 35 minutes to get someone to even talk to me know one new when there was going to be a shipment come back a different time when so in so works I went back on 12 -15-07. Noone still knows.

12-20-07 I have waited for 47 min. to find out they still don't know.

Again on 12-23-07 because this was a xmas present im now getting upset but again no one can help but give me a piece of paper to fill out a compliant.

Here I am on the 27 of Dec and still waiting for my furniture from Menards.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I found a black bar sink I wanted a couple years back. The only one they had in stock was the display model.

I searched around for any OTHER black bar sinks, but they only had the one. Although it was a stock item, I was told I could place a special order for it, but I told him I wanted to start the work on the weekend and didn't have time to wait. He said he could place a rush order on it. It likely would show up because they had a truck scheduled every Friday for delivery.

Still, I hesitated. I filled out the paperwork and told him I was going to call other stores to see what they had. He offered to sell me the display model, then, for $35 less (it had a scratch in the back). I took it.

Unbeknown to me, my clerk still rang up the special order and labeled it "prepaid". I walked off with sink in hand and approximately $1400 in other building materials and thought no more of it. Six MONTHS later, I get a call from an exceedingly embarrassed employee who said my shipment JUST arrived. I wasn't there to get the call, but my folks were.

They went to town and stopped by to see what it was. The clerk pulled it out and handed it to them, telling them it had already been paid for. We get back from vacation, only to find that sink sitting there. 1) it was NOT the same sink as the one I had installed--it was far nicer; 2) it was a stock item that had been discontinued, so when the special order was rejected, someone did research and found a spare at another store; 3) when I tried to return it, they said they couldn't accept the return because it was a special order item that had been discontinued.

Okay, so here I have a sink in hand that I didn't order and didn't pay for, and I'm trying to give it BACK to them, and they are ARGUING with me that they can't take it back. :roll Two years later, my parents have a lovely black bar sink in their new bar.


yeah, but the chicks at menards are way more cute than those at lowes...


Nobody ever hears the word estimated and they assume it is going to be here on that day. But there is nothing Menards can do if the company making the product is working slowly.


Amazing! Menards has no control over when shipments come in, BUT when they do, often they (Menards) report to the manufacturer a "shortage" or "missing" items.

I know this from first hand experience. It is not uncommon to order a mass quantity, then report several items damaged and or missing, especially if the Manuf. gives an automatic credit without return of defected item. Ever wonder why the product line changes so often?

It's because distributors catch on real quick that Menards seems to always be shorted on orders. Hmmmmmm, kinda makes ya wonder


I so agree with not buying anything from Menards, especially the electrical department in the Germantown store. They never seem to have what I am looking for and they are so rude.


You all are not getting the clear picture here. This is a case of very poor customer service!

No one offered any follow up to this customer.

It seems that not one of those employees even tried to find what was going on with this order. It was just easier to say "I don't know" Maybe Menards should start hiring employees that actually take pride in doing a good job and not just somebody there to collect a paycheck!!!!


Here's my rebuttal to your complaint:

Did you actually LOOK for a team-member or did you stand around hoping someone would show up?

In rural stores during the winter season it's necessary to reduce the amount of staff on hand (admit it, are you going to start building a house in December?).

If you waited around for so long you could have gone to the service desk and asked for help, and if that got you no where you could have asked for the General Manager to assist you. Either way, you would have gotten your answer the FIRST time.

Also keep in mind that it was the x-mas season, many plants, packaging companies etc. are overbooked this time of year. In short, do your shopping earlier next time around.


One are we supposed to "RUN TITO THE HILLS"??? Who's Tito?

What's Tito?

Two things....first, I don't know everything....I just know a *** of a lot more than your ignorant ***.

Second, who's the rat....The Menards Team Member who gets on a site such as this and does nothing but talk *** about the company and people who make their lives possible by providing their income or the Team Member who has a little pride in his employer and believes in the company as a whole. If you're smelling rats, it's on your end of the line.


WOW!!!!!Who died and left Roberto GOD, seems like he knows everything, HMMMM smells like a RAT......EVERYBODY RUN TITO THE HILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I haven't bought anything or ordered anything from Menards since my fiascal in 1995. Ordered and prepaid for a $1200.

front exterior door. When it finally came in 2 weeks late, the handle was on the wrong side. Like it was my fault, I had the drawing-I took a picture in of the existing door and the way it opened. Still my fault, they would not refund or replace.

I have not set foot in there again and never will.

Lowe's is so much better anyway.

And the people at Lowe's have an IQ


delivery dates are estimated and not guaranteed. this is a problem with the manufacturer, not menards. they don't build your furniture.


Just to let you know, SOMETIMES the computer shows an EXPECTED delivery date....not an exact date. We get shipments all depends on when the truck arrives.

We have NO control over that. YES..someone should have explained that to you.

I'm not sure why they don't always give an expected delivery date...but thats just the way it is. I suggest you call first before driving there?