San Francisco, California

fri the 6/22/12 i drove from mt pleasant,ia to burlington,ia to menards to look for an air conditioner. a guy came to help, and i told him i was going to pay cash and if he could give me a good deal on the 12,000 "HE SAID NO!!!" this upset me.

most places will do like a 10% off to 20% off. is this the companys policy? I was disappointed with this store. Hoping the home store can do something.

I did purchase the air ***. because we needed one.

but i am still not happy. please respond e-mail

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We hate people like you. This is not bargain barn.

Come name your prices? Wtf is that???


You're not special. The price listed is the price you get.

You can't come in and barter.

This is a large retail STORE. You're actually just down right ***.


are you kidding?? you already "save big money at menards", why would you get a discount for cash???

i saw the assistant manager argue with and berate a customer of clearance goods and basically tell him 'it's my way or the highway"..

you're talking about a companyrun by a guy( larry menard0, who i heard made someone sit on a display toilet on the stage at a plumbing seminar because he forgot/lost/misplaced/dropped his nametag... *** rolls downhill and so does mentality...


Why would paying cash entitle you to a discount? ***.