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This morning, 5/16/2020, at approximately 6:10 am I was kicked out of the Appleton East Menards because I was not a "senior". I will be contacting a friend who is an attorney to start with an age discrimination case. I would like to get the contact information for who I need to start with at Menards, possibly the CEO, to discuss the incident and future of the case.

Preferred solution: Court case on age discrimination .

Menards Cons: Staff custmer service.

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What this little boy does not realize is that this is not understand is during the crisis seniors can shop earlier when there is not much traffic because they are more vulnerable.


Have you been suing stores that offer a senior discount?


CASE DISMISSED! Every big box retailer and grocery store is allowing early shopping hour at least 3 times a week specifically for the elderly and those with a genuine disability.

The sole intent of stores voluntarily creating this policy is directly due to clowns like you who are full of hot air and would rather spend 5 hours b1tch1ng instead of just coming back to the store at 7:00. The people who are at the highest risk or physically challenged have the right to shop without some self entitled windbag aimlessly wandering around the store.


Christians can go all day, gentiles can only go 7:00 PM to 8:00PM. This is lunacy that you would defend such an egregious practice

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