Masks have been tested and found they are harmful to ones health and useless. Also the so called infection and death counts are hugely inflated and over counted on purpose to push a Drug vaccine and government control.

Its a Fake panic with certain medias cooperation.

Every year 80,000+ people die of the flu.

Every year one and a half million people die of infectious tuberculosis.

Every day 2000 people die of heart disease.

Every day over 1000 people die of asthma.

Fauci works for the drug companies.

Call Dr. Fauci and Berks admitted that a person dies from heart disease or cancer or some other terminal disease they are still listed as a corona death.

In the solution is eating healthier since most Americans dont 89% of Americans dont even eat the minimum daily requirement of vegetables and fruits. Thats nine out of 10 Americans they also found that Americans who died or in for infected are low in vitamin D selenium and a few other nutrient immunity nutrients and vitamins..

by imposing regulating and promoting a lock down people do not get sunlight. Sunlight increases vitamin D levels on the skin when exposed and they found it states that were in extreme lockdown like New York Illinois New Jersey Connecticut has the highest cases of coronavirus.

Dont be fooled by this ridiculous thing. Do United States has 333 million people

User's recommendation: Complain to management. Elected officials and police.

Location: Valparaiso, Indiana

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