Minneapolis, Minnesota
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I am really pissed on how your ad for the fire chest was run for $14.98 it was .7 cu ft waterproof and everything I bought it because my daughter is going to college and thought it was a good deal but not when you have false advertisement and hang a sign were nobody can see it, All I wanted was them to honor the price and they wouldn't I am going to report to better business bureau and tell our radio station and keep passing the word on how you don't honor the prices.

Thank You


Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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that pissed about a 15 dollar fire chest huh? going pretty cheap for you daughter don't ya think.

cheap ***. get a life


Take a closer look at their ad. All of their printed ads state that the have the right to correct errors.

You claim they posted a sign nobody could see, but you had to see it to know about it. This sign was there to correct the error which is within their rights.


If Menards puts a sign up about a mistake, then they can't get in trouble for it. Better business bureau would laugh in your face.


Do you really think that the radio station is going to come out and say bad things about Menards, a potential advertiser? Also, have you met my friend?

His name is Mr.

Punctuation. He should be your friend too.


You're letting out your emotions. Good. Now we can make some real progress.