DAccuse me of stealing I go in there a couple times a week because I work right down the road in between the projects Im doing at work and at home ( landscaping, painting and redoing a bathroom) I go in there a lot and Im in there for a while looking at different things because when I ask for help people act like Im dumb so I go off of Google. Maybe its because Im in there so often or maybe because Im in there for long periods of time looking at different areas they think Im a thief but I spend at least 30-60$ every time I go in so they came up while I was checking out took all the things out of my cart and ring them up and put them in another cart and then they followed me outside and asked to see my purse when I showed them the inside of my purse they asked where these little hooks were they were $.99 I told them I put them back and they kept asking where they were at.

I told them I would show them where it was at and if they wanted to I could strip because Im a 100lbs idk where they thought I put them but I dont know what else they wanted me to do I had already showed in my purse.

I showed them back in the store where I dropped off the hooks and they still asked to see inside my purse so I dumped it on the floor I dont know what else they wanted me to do like its just rude and they said were not accusing you of stealing oh well what else would you call that? so thats how you treat paying customers like good for youmore

User's recommendation: Don’t look at stuff for a long period of time or ask questions!

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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I'm sure you did. Stay out of the store.. Lesson learned.


Menards operates until the guilty until proven innocent method. If your falsely accused of shopping be loud and stay in plain view of the general public.

Also if you have someone with you have them recording you being falsely with your purse only containing car keys, tampons, make up mirror, and car keys then watch the *** rent a cop walk away feeling salty.

Also take all of the merchandise you just purchased back to the returns desk and broadcast thought the store that "I AM RETURNING ALL THIS MERCHANDISE BECAUSE YOUR STAFF FALSEY ACCUSED OF SHOPLIFTING, BUT OFFERED ABSOLUTELY NO APOLOGY AFTER FINDING NOTHING OF STORE PROPERTY ON MY PERSON" Put the video on youtube as well as the local news media. put these big box bullies out of business.

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