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I purchased some what I thought were mirrors for my bathroom from your website..had no idea when ordering from your website they are special orders! Got an email that my mirrors were ready for pick up.

I went to the store to pick up my order, only to find out they were only frames for a mirror and they were a special order..had no idea! Had i known i would have never ordered them!

I suppose its my fault for not reading the fine print!

I have ordered lots of things online..from other retailers and have never been charged a restocking fee!

I just thought I was ordering from your website because the store was limited on stock..(again my mistake!)

I like to shop at your store but after today and the way I was treated,not sure that I will continue to do business with your company..I pleed and explained my case with your in store customer service team..which had no empathy or understanding..nor did they even care.

My original order # is 2590****

My name is Christine Bevak

My phone number is 313-401-****

P.S - I'm not a pissed off customer as your website labels me..I'm just very disappointed!

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Menards Cons: Worst customer service ever.

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It's not a bad idea to check a stores return policy before making an order. They do state the restock charge pretty clearly in their return policy.


Nor is it a bad idea for the retailer selling online to be open and honest about the item the customer will be receiving. When ordering online you do not have the ability to see the item in person prior to the company collecting your money.

Misleading the public with Intentionally misrepresenting the product they will receive just so the commpany can collect a "restocking fee" is considered fraud. But then again this is the same company that tried charging $40 for n95 masks in march, inflated the prices of household cleaners, and takes literally months to issue 11% in store credit rebates then blame it on some fictitious "rebate company" that in reality is a post office box address a stones throw from menards corporate headquarters.


Then Complain to their Corporate Headquarters about this. Their contact information is either found on this website or on-line.

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