Saginaw, Michigan
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I went to Menards' in Saginaw, Mi brought a 7 qt slow cooker and it said $10.00 Rebate Check by sending it with the receipt and got it back as a merchandise credit check and that is not what it said when we brought the slow cooker. I am not very happy with having to spend it back out at Menards'

the model number is CH - 9350 Either Menards sends me the money or everyone will know that I am not very happy and they can send me the money or I will go out to the store where I got it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Menards always states in its ads if the rebate is in the form of merchandise credit check good only at Menards .

If you don't read the ad it's not Menards fault


Money is Money you are wrong. Once you bought the item, the money is now Menards.

The company doesn't have to offer any rebates what-so-ever.

If you check most rebates are in the formof store credit These days. Yes, the rebate store credit is to get you back into the store to spend more money, but no one is twisting you arm to spend more than the credit amount.


buy yourself some toilet paper, then go to an adult learning center to learn how to read. The ads say it, the sign by the product says it, and the receipt says it "rebate in the form of merchandise credit check"


What you don't realize is the price they offer after rebate is much lower than the competition. If their wasn't a rebate the price would be similar to the competition.

By offering the rebate you still get more bang for your buck. Sure you are putting the money back into Menards but you are getting more bang for your buck.


menards doesn't care. but you can buy a gift card with the rebate money and send it to me or some other nice person that shops there.


OF COURSE its in stored credit, ha ha you *** really think they're going to give you real money to spend ANYWHERE??? That would be retarded on their part, it is to get retards like yourselves to spend more money in their store and you *** do it ha ha ha


I have NEVER shopped at Menards and most likely never will if their rebates are just store credits.

If i spend MY hard working money on a product and it says I get a rebate check. I expect a check.

One that i can cash and spend ANYWHERE i so choose to. It doesn't matter if the check is for 50 cents or $500. It is my money and no one has that right to tell me i got to spend it back at the place that gave it to me.

Money is tight nowadays and everyone i know is trying to save a buck here or there.

So if we see a rebate for $10 back and it is a good buy we most likely would get it. But to get it and have that rebate be sent to us in the form of store credit would *** us off to no end. Only to those that are not hurting will say $10 is nothing.

But to those of us that hunt for good bargains and scrimp & save that $10 is 2 meals or gas money. Let alone bill money.


i'm pretty sure menards doesn't care if everyone knows that you are upset about the store credit. most stores only offer store credit with rebates.


i'm pretty sure menards doesn't care if everyone knows that you are upset about the store credit. most stores only offer store credit with rebates.


I will make sure I don't buy anything with a rebate if I shop there again


I work at a menards and YES it does say it comes in the form of a rebate credit check on the rebate form. If you didn't know or weren't sure, then ask a team member. They will explain it!


That is how Menards works all of their rebates. Every single rebate they have comes back to the purchaser as an in store credit and can only be used at Menards.

You must be new to Menards or something, but that is how it is and in no way will they care about you and your piddly $10 rebate check. So just be a good person and spend the money at Menards, and if you feel like they cheated you then be my guest and never shop at Menards again, thanks! Oh and I know that no one will care if you try and make a fuss about this because to be honest, it is only $10!!! nowadays that will by you what?

a pack of gum?? haha!