Fishers, Indiana
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Menards at 1380 E. Fort Harrison RD.

Terre Haute Indiana 47805. I received my yearly after Black Friday sale flier for a super sale.. There was a couple of items I was interested in. I wanted several of the Zombie Ammo Cans #175-8563.

Just like last year I got to the store and the salesperson said that another person arrived a little earlier and purchased all they had over "50" of the Ammo Boxes. Now there is a customer fairness problem that Menards would rather be an Obvious wholesaler than a customer oriented buisness. This is a terrible way to allow so many customers to be shafted wanting to make personal small purchases, because of this type of customer care. I will remind people in the future about this advertisting *** Job.

I left the store with nothing like I will in the future. It is a very terrible thing to lure people into this store and sell all items to a single person, I wonder which buisness is selling these ammo boxes for and what kinda price I'll bet its not $4.99!

This is the second Christmas season that this type practice has got me. NEVERMORE

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Dick Blazer

typical stuff. another consumer who feels he or she is entitled to more than the next person.

i bet you call before you go buy and want them to "hold" stuff for you? It's business man, wake up, first come first serve.


As a former associate at menards in Northern Indiana, 1999-2003 I worked many Black Fridays. I understand the frustration, but this is a business.

Everyone is always asking for the hot items. It would be impossible to hold it back for every customer that asked.

I liked my job at menards, but don't miss the retail business. Tired of *** customers.


agreed! current employee going on 2 years at my green bay store.

some of the people that come in our fantastic but for all those fantastic ones there are just as many who think they are entitled to something. i never saw myself as a retail person and if it wasn't for all those people who just make my days horrible because they have nothing better to do than come yell at me for something i have no control over then i would love going to work everyday!


Dear Sir,

You first have to realize that this is "retail". The day was "Black Friday"...

I do not know of one retailer that does this trick.... Maybe you should get there at 2 am...

Perhaps you can post a tent like the other *** do. Then you can purchase the few number of items you wish and then leave the rest of the customers to fend for themselves....

@Just me...

This person is correct! However, my specific Menards location had well over 200 zombie ammo cans and still has some!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, so much you do not understand. I'm not going to waste my time and try to explain it because you will still not understand.


I clearly see Dear Heartless that you are not in touch with good honest people, And are very unhappy with your own lifes situation to care about anyone else.


Thank you for the input, but you couldn't be more wrong. I suggest you do some research on "The Weekend of Black Friday." You will be educated on what you clearly do not understand now.

You act like only Menards does this, but all major retail chains do this for this weekend. All items are while supplies last and are limited quantities because the prices are that good.