Oakdale, Minnesota

My husband was at our Menards (we spend hundreds if not thousands a year) He bought a sprinkler that was on clearance for $2.99 total $3.20. at the register he then realized that our daughter had his debit card. He then checked his pockets and can you believe it he found $3.19 girl at counter wouldn't let it go so he took the walk of shame for a penny. We now will go to Home Depot.

Sorry that is my story i don't have a hundred words to tell our story but will sign this

X Menards Shopper Pete and Kim Rodriguez of North St. Paul, Minnesota

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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How is the monetary loss 1000 when you were trying to steal .01? As someone who cashiers, the registers go by how many times you personally are off no matter how little it is. The registers don't take sympathy on people who were too irresponsible to bring money to the store with them.


"duh" such an appropriate name for you. "Steal"???

You must be crazy. My daughter is a cashier at Menards, so I understand there are good employees and there are many bad customers who just want something for nothing. Who doesn't look for deals these days. But I hardly think someone was trying to steal this "penny" by saying they were short.

I believe their story. And I, like my daughter, can't understand how anyone can be so cheap as to send a customer out of your store without being happy for a lousy penny.

She and I would find that penny for them so they are happy, and our drawer is even. But then you don't really want any customers, right?


oberto0, sure it's a lousy penny. Where do you draw the line?

A lousy penny, a nickel, quarter, a dollar or more? How do YOU justify and employee taking less money than the register calls for.

It is not the cashiers call to make. He should have talked to a manager if he felt he was treated unfairly.

@Penny here nickel there

Penny here nickel there..... Where do I draw the line???

Not at a lousy penny, that is for sure. It wasn't a nickel or anything more. It was a lousy penny.

Now neither you nor I were there to know what exactly took place.

But as it's written....as it's spelled out, Menards, this cashier and ANY employee standing around at the time should have kept this good customer from having to walk out without being satisfied for a lousy penny. You can't argue this one, and you sound so cheap in trying to, so don't.


I Quit going to Menards years ago. I check prices against Lowes and they are almost to the penny of what menards is. If Menards is cheaper there usually is a reason, "cheaper" quality.

I am a landlord with many properties and spend 10-20k yearly at the hardware stores. I use to go to menards all the time. I purchased a door there one time, and didn't pick up within a couple of days, like I had expected and then had my wallet was stolen with my receipt and credit card so cancelled my card. Then I go back to try and pick up later as they put it and since it was past the date and didn't have any proof of purchase, They have an extra 150.00 from me. They apparently couldn't look under my name. B.S.

They also stopped giving the military discount of 10% quite a few years ago. So when you ad up 10%, on 10's of 1000's of dollars.

I go to LOWES also much better customer service.


oberto0, take a minute to read the complaint and my response. The complainer calls the cashier "the girl at the counter".

This would indicate she was young and most likely working her first. job. How would she know how often the complainer shopped at the store? She has been trained to put the proper payment in the till.

My suggestion was that he talk to a manager, who may be aware of who he is or at least have the authority to accept less than what the register is asking for. All I am saying is don't expect a young cashier to make that decision.

@penny here nickel there

"penny here nickel there" I took longer than a minute to read this complaint and all of the comments. You make a lot of assumptions, or guesses, based on what she wrote about this cashier.

But the fact still remains the same, which is why this woman came on here and took the time to express her opinion about her husband's experience at this Menards.

It was a lousy penny, and she made this customer walk away without a sprinkler. Try if you wish, but you will not be able to justify her action on this.


"A Penny for Your Thoughts"??? WOW!!!

Well you can see from the oldest three comments below that a good customer at Menards has NO VALUE WHATSOEVER. That is why the cashier and the three Menards employees making comments wouldn't let your husband slide for a lousy penny. That is why there are new complaints about Menards on here every day, and that is why they will obviously continue. The employees don't care, because Menards doesn't encourage them to care, no matter how good of a customer you were.

The answer is clear, as all Menards employees on here would rather have you do.

Go somewhere else to spend your hard earned pennies.


Did your husband make any effort to check under his driver seat, in the ash tray, etc. to find this sought after penny?

I bet there is one in his vehicle. I'm sure he made no effort even though it is his fault he gave his daughter the only form of payment your family has (apparently). Menards should have just let you take the whole thing for nothing since you spend so much money with them.

You'll pay next time when you have the one and only debit card... right?


What's a penny here, a nickel there? It all ads up over the period of a day.

At the end of the day the poor cashiers drawer has to balance. Overlooking a few cents here and there can add up to enough to set the cashier up for disciplinary action.

Don't take it out on the cashier who is just trying to keep her minimum wage job. If you feel this strongly that you should have been given a discount the person you should have talked to is one of the managers.


Let me get this straight, your husband did not have enough money to purchase an item and this is MENARDS FAULT?

HAHAHAHAHAHA, thanks for the laugh.

Spending hundred to thousands of dollars a year any where does not entitle you to anything, however, seeing how YOUR HUSBAND could not afford a $3.20 sprinkler I doubt that you even spend 100 dollars a year at Menards.


Heartless, and cheap. lol


Heartless I have already commented on how cheap Menards and John Menard is now go crawl under a rock and leave this site!!! This site is only to complain about Menards not to defend the WORHTLESS POS.