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I am not able to wear a mask because of medical conditions I have and was told that it doesn't matter.

Preferred solution: To allow people with medical conditions to be able to shop and be checked out.

Menards Pros: Fact that they are open convenient hours, For the most part the employees are quite nice, Competitive prices, Great in store service.

Menards Cons: Staff attitude.

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What medical condition do you have that will prevent you from spreading the virus? I haven't heard of one yet.

That is why they require that everyone who wants to enter their store wears a mask.

The masks are there to protect their customers and employees. Use another form of shopping if you choose not to wear a mask for the few minutes that you are in a store.


I've been 100% impotent for the last 5 years and per doctors limiting air flow into my body promotes the situation even further. If you don't believe me, have your wife visit me and ill show her my medical condition.


All they legally have to offer is online shopping an pick up. You do not have a right to go into store with out a mask.

There are also options for you like a head or shoulder mounted face guard.

Some companies will take your list and do the shopping for you. If you don't except these options then you are out of luck.

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