Minneapolis, Minnesota
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while trying to shop at menards in Virginia minnesota on december 19th 2012,I was told by their gm that I was trespassing because my estranged wife works there and that if I ever came back he would call the police and have me arrested for attempting to buy a drill to put together the bunk beds I purchased for my daughters, all because my wife works there and we are going through a divorce, even though she wasn't even at work at the time and I had no idea she even still worked there. i'm greatly confused and upset by this, apparently word of mouth is grounds to be threatened with being arrested. I will never ever shop at a menards again and will be spreading the word about their customer service skills.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Ya weirdo! Quit going to her work, pretending to buy drills for your children, and trying to get your family all *** wierd.

My advise

Learn to use a drill on something besides bunkbeds. Then, use your experience to pick up milfs at home depot. Make sure she gets the kids in the divorce and your set.

That's all, your one of those *** type people whom do cause weird work scenes and call her work all the time.

Its over, learn to use other tools, and get a new ladyfriend.


Very happy to see that you will never shop at one of our stores again. Meanrds is a private company and owns the land and the store you were in.

Estranged wife or not, if I don't want you on my property and tell you to leave, you must do so. Bye-bye and don't let the door hit you in the *** on the way out!!!!


That's really funny, it's one of your stores yet you can't even spell menards :grin


yea you should probably check with her and see if she got a restraining order on you. and next time maybe don't go somewhere that your ex used to work especially if you don't know if they're still working there. for all you knew she was working and you just never saw her.


My guess is she has a restraining order against you.