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You know how Menards has there paint sales on a regular basis for one paint or the other? It always says in the flyers "5 gallons also on sale" I made the purchase for 5 gallons of Stain a short while back to use on a fence project.

Cabot stain The problem is we all pay for 5 gallons those of us that need the 5 gallon quantity. BUT, your not getting 5 US gallons of paint or stain. If you did not know this. You do now.

So Keep that in mind when making your purchase. Ask if the quantiy is 5 or less than 5 gallons then decide if that is a good deal or not. Menards told me nothing they can do about it. Well I guess in my opinion if I paid for 5 why didn't I get 5?

Some sale that is. Now I am short the stain and there is no sale on that same type of stain. Nice move on someones part.

What do I do or what should I do?

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Ok so to your points looking back at all this. Menards has a 5 gallon Cabot stain on sale now or was.

The reason I sent the first on was to assure that no one figured on 5 gallon coverage and ended up Short. To another one that posted a comment. Because I figured my purchase and coverage on 5 gallons I was short. So that did I do?

I went out and purchased another 4.5 gallons trying to save some money. Yup that's what its about. " Save Big Money at Menards" I do alot of purchase at Menards. This one got to me.

Now all this said. I tried to inform the brain dead like me. Guess that didn't work to well. For you team members that wrote back, Three squirts of color does not fill up the can to the half quart mark.

Maybe you should measure it some time. I hope they don't raise the minimum wage either because you that don't do not gain will then feel the pain.

Rhymes hey. Have a nice Day or life your going to need it.


You do realize that none of the paint is a full gallon or a quart right? How do you expect us to put colorant into the can??

Come on sir don't be a fool and a ***. Sincerely, Paint Sales team member :grin :grin


It comes down to this. You put a sale price on five gallons of paints, stains, etc.

I expect to get 5 gallons. It seems that if I would not have taken Menards at their word this all would not have taken place. Don't blame it on Menards?? Look if you put a sale flyer out saying 5 gallons and go buy it have it mixed to the color you want and find after you use most of it up that the can does not hold 5 gallons what does one do?

Go to Menards and complain? Did that. Found out they dont feel its there problem.

However, if it wasn't for this site and word of mouth alot of folks will get burnt the same way. Got it??????


possibly a manufacturing defect. we don't measure the stuff to verify it's exactly 5 gallons. it's not a house brand, so menards isn't responsible as the manufacturer. if it was opened already that's on the guest to inspect what he's purchasing to verify it wasn't tampered with. the other possibility would be a manufacturer deliberately lying on their label, asking to get sued..

im forced to assume u believe u were shorted because u couldn't have possibly misjudged what you would need, and it's our fault.

by the way, there is no instance, in all the interwebs, of the phrase "cabbot stain not 5 gallons". this guy is mad cuz bad


I will make this more simple for those buying stains. The sale flyer says 5 gallons for Cabot on sale.

My point is the price is not for 5 gallons in the Cabot proposed 5 gallon container, if you choose to believe that there is 5 gallons of stain in it. You will not get 5 gallons. How do I know this? Read the amount on the container lable near the bottom of the can later after purchase.

If you do the math it comes to 4.5 roughly not five gallons. Did not measure it just went by the container. However the sale price is for 5 Gallons. Get it?

Got it? Good ! I will challenge this later.

Now trying to stretch the stain so I can finish the job.


In case nobody has figured it out, Heartless, is a shill. But how did you "figure" about 4.5 gals?

Did you pour it out and measure? Or just a scientific wild *** guess?


Pretty obvious not satyin and justice are inbred. You both now gain status as team members, congrats!


So is it that you do not understand the FACTUAL statements I have made, or is it something else. People like you make the world a worse place. You can't come up with a valid case for disagreement, so it results in the person speaking rationally becoming "inbred." Good for you!


Well at least he learned how to use spell check on that post!! Too bad he's still an *** r*tard. In a battle of wits he comes in completely unarmed.


You really sound like an ***. Sorry, just saying the truth.


I'm a smart *** all right,better than a dumb *** like you!!!


Not sayin, I can tell your menards management material. Hang in there with heartless and you will go far!

Wake up and think for yourself once in awhile. Menards and our country are very similar in the way the so called "experts" run things.

go cash your govt. check and be quite.


You have literally zero idea of what you're talking about. No clue whatsoever in how Menards is run.

I'm not sure which is worse though,your Menards insight or your spelling ability. It's really a toss-up at this point.


Justice, maybe you should get a job measuring paint at menards. Sounds like you know it all too.

You would fit right in. No nothing's are in demand at several menards locations.

I'm sure menards sells the highest quality paint available,soon professional paint stores will go out of business. Menards is a store for Obama supporters anyway and your probably the leader in your store aren't you?


I suggest you keep your mouth shut until you "no" something LOL. A store for Obama supporters??

Do a little research about John Menard's political affiliation then reconsider that remark. You really showed your ignorance with that statement.


So by knowing it all, do you mean I gave a rational, factual statement about how paint is packaged and sold? Then yes I, in fact, "know it all." No where in my statement did I say Menards sells the "highest quality paint available." You said go to Home Depot or Lowes.

The quality of paint at these two establishments are no better, no worse.

I also assume by professional paint stores, you are referring to Sherwin Williams and the like.

Dutch Boy, Thompsons and Conco (all brands carried by Menards) are made by Sherwin Williams. So again, thanks for playing......


Since we have some responses some good some not so good I will add to what I said about the 5 gal. of paint.

Here is where I take issue with this paint issue.

The flyers say 5 gallons for said price. The paint is stated on the top when tinted to be mixed with 5 gallons. So what you see them do is based on 5 gallons of paint not 4.5 gallons. Sure they leaver some room for a couple of squirts of ink to add the color.

That does not require a half gallon of room. We in this country seem to think if you advertise a sub sandwich at 12" long its ok to make it 10" long?? Some that think like that are part of the problem. False advertising it is nothing more.

If we do not start looking at these things you will get ripped off. I don't like paying for a half gal. of paint or stain or any other item and not get it. Do you understand my point??

The new flyer today says the same thing 5 gallons of stain not 4.5 gallons Now why would you think its not what they are saying it is. Jim


5 gal paint, menards is more than deceptive. Wrong place to buy quality paint anyway regardless of 11 percent off.

What are you going to do with the rebate anyway get something for nothing as usual at menards. GO to lowes or Home Depot where they have 5 gal of paint and not 4.

5. Stay away from menards, they sell junk.


I am pretty sure Sherwin Williams and Pittsburgh Paints would disagree with you on quality. The only paint that is 100%, a gallon or 5 gallon is bright white.

ALL other, no matter the brand (Valspar, Behr, Glidden, PPG, Sherwin Williams, etc.), is less than the "advertised" size. This is to allow for the addition of colorant in order to tint the paint.

Anyone knowing anything about paint knows this. Thanks for playing, you were a wonderful contestant!


So if you did no get 5 gallons how much did you get? Was it like 4.95 gallons?

4.5 gallons how much where you short by? You do know a 2x4 is not 2 inches x 4 inches right? You also know a foot long at subway is not a 12 inches. It ranges after cooking from 11inches to 11 3/4 inches.

However it is 12 inches before it's baked. It's very likely something similar is going on here. Unless you where shorted by a gallon or more you really have nothing to complain about...

Oh and one more example Menards screw boxes say approximately per pound if you you bought a box that said approximately 77 screws per pound and counted you only had 70 would you throw a fit about that as well? You probably would totally ignoring the word approximate.....