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Wages-respect for hired help

I work at Menards because I raise 3 boys alone. They pay *** wages and the supervisors treat you terrible, if you don't fit into their "click" I am a Christian woman, and do not belong because I don't party and have a potty mouth like the supervisors. They treat us horribly. I am talking about the one in LIncoln Ne, on the North side. The younger help that think they have a title, really try to carry their weight. The older ones treat you like trash if you even ask a question. To my knowledge they all started at the bottom like the rest of us.
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stop complaining you christian woman, if you do not like your job then find something else. dont say you cannot find anything else because you have children either. if you think it is so bad working at menards you would have no problem finding another job.


:grin As I read this nonsense, I laugh at the Manager who defend their partying and carrying on... GROW UP!!!!

Do you have any idea what we all say about you?

Some of us cashiers have more knowledge about what is going on than you do.. You are trying to look cute all the time and see who is next in life to "hump"


Being a manager at Menards, you should probably talk to them about it. There are a few things that could happen from this.

They treat you with more respect (what kind of respect do you want from them?), you can tell those that swear around you that you want them to tone it down when they are around you, or you can tell a GM or fill out a confidentiality form. Let someone know how you feel or it will keep happening. Then you need to find another job. *** wages yes, but no one said you have to work there.

If you worked in my department I would want to know if I had said or done something that offended you, if not I would likely keep doing the same thing and continually make you uncomfortable.

The part about drinking and cursing all the time comes with the territory, unfortunately, you are a mother of three and most people that work up front with you, are teens and college kids that have that vocab. Ask to switch departments.


i've gotta say i was cracking up reading this. just to let everyone know, im not using correct punctuation and capitalizing things because i dont feel like it (I do know how to).

so no need for the grammar lesson, lol. you know, you really need a good sense of humor when you work at a place like menards, and your coworkers wanting you to go out and party with them is them wanting to get to know you. i transferred from one store to another and on my last day i went out partying with my department and several others from the store. i've got to say that was a ROCKIN time with the menards crew!!

we all got drunk and had a great time. i still go drinking with that group and they're fun as ***. you should go out with them a little, dont drink if you dont want to, but break out of your shell, have a good time. your going to find managers at all jobs that treat you like ***, my old managers at the store i worked at were AWESOME, they made work fun.

and "oh no" if they want you to have a "potty mouth." thats not going to send you to ***, thats how society is these days.

i've found that the people at the new store im at are alot like the people i worked with at the other store. i know Christians who drink, swear, party, screw anything that walks, do things devote Christians probably wouldnt and their still Christians.


We all took it into consideration and passed it off for what it was.....babbling nonsense. Use your words're annoying.


I find it comical how some how no one has taken into consideration the comment I last made.

Roberto, you're a great guy, use words wisely - they'll go further.


So you're saying that if you are educated you should not work at is the kind of thinking that will get you far. I simply feel that in order to properly lodge a complaint against your employer in a way such as this, you should at least know how to spell the most basic of the city you work in.

Just because you work at Menards does not mean that you should be able to spell at a 3rd grade level. If you can't do that, go work at wal-mart.


If you have such good spelling, why are you working at menards? It sounds like you're wasting your talent.


First of all I commend you on trying to stay true to your Christian values. I am not a Christian, but I still nonetheless applaude your steadfastness in this regard. There are many people in this world who would easily loose their faith if they knew there was a punchline.

However, one must keep in mind that the "younger help" is just trying to relate to the 'whole' rather than just one person at a time. It is hard task to incorperate every single team-member's feelings into something. Many of these team members are far from home and are simply reaching out for someone to be friends with. Things such as 'partying' and 'potty-mouth humor' tend to be things that appeal to the mass of today's society. Think of this next time you are offended: were they hurting you personally or simply trying to include you in a humerous situation that you did not agree with?

Also, some food for thought: Matthew 15:11, Timothy 4:4, Corinthians:16-17, 5:11, 6:10, Galatians 5:19-21, Romans 13:3

Some of my favorite versus from the book I so long ago read. For those of you actually paying attention this, I recommend you look them up, they're great!

By the way Sweetpea, if you have the retort of "it's not wine it's grape juice" there again you would be wrong. In those early days when your savior walked, both the water and the juices of fruits would be tainted by bacteria that the people had found historically to be poisoned. Case in point: anything that was not fermented was poison. Fermentation causes bacteria to realease and cause a chemical reaction that sterlizes the liquid substance. It is most commmonly seen in the Dark Ages where the Europeans drank Mead. Wine and beer have been known throughout history to be two of the most sterile sources of liquids and the most consumed by Chirstians, Jews and Heathens alike.


There you go! You're starting to get it a little bit.

Talk about your "Christian" values on a pissed consumer site, then talk trash back to someone with the sole goal of getting a rise out of you. Hahaha!! It’s hilarious. By the way, this is all called humor, and obviously you're starting to have a sense of it, which I'm sure your co-workers have had the whole time.

Oh, and not only do you need to start commenting on the pissed "spelling teachers" site, but you also need to start commenting on the pissed "punctuation for dummies" site (you got Lincoln right, but you put the comma before the "N" in Nebraska not after the "N" in Lincoln). Another thing.....misspelling is all one word. And one more thing…what does any of this have to do with the point of the site, complaining about Menards.

Anyways....enjoy it this time and hopefully you'll have a laugh and get over yourself a bit at work. Peace out.

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Friend, Nebraska
I have finally given up on Menards. Over the years we have had wrong paint mixed, wrong shingle estimates(causing us two delivery charges), and incomplete orders. Now they seem to have lost an electronic payment and we are being harassed constantly by their credit...
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Menards won't give corporates phone number so therefore there azzhole's!

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Iowa City, Iowa
New Reviewer

Receipt has 3 return policies

I purchased a Christmas Gift 11/23/07 which is the day after Thanksgiving. (Door Buster Friday) I tried to return the unwanted gift 1/5/08.They picked the TD policy which is no return after 30 days. Christmas of course is 12/25/07 which means I would have to present the gift at least 3 days before Christmas and return it by 12/23/07. I will boycott this store and never enter it again. They should remember Home Depot is just done the street and real nice people to deal with. The receipt is so confusing. I feel this is deceitful.
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to the guy below me...boohoo yourself most stores have a return policy of 90 days, so you get over it b


I mean come on. BOO HOO.

Every business has a return policy. GET OVER IT. I get so sick and tired of dealing with people who can't follow the rules.

You know, we do offer gift receipts...all you have to do is ask. You should consider yourself lucky, some stores wont even accept a return after 30 days, receipt or not!


According to other comments, I am unable to "sniff John Menard's butt" because my head is stuck up it. Get your facts straight. Hahaha.


I feel sorry for your posisition. During the Yuletide season I purchased a MP3 player for my little brother knowing full-well the consequences should it need to be returned. After all, it is "black Friday" for a reason.

Sure enough I had bought him one that needed to get returned due to a malfunction. However, I was able to exchange it, and I was also informed that should that MP3 player malfunction that I could get an in-store credit and if need be, try to contact an other Menards whom had the MP3 player and either pick it up or have it sent to me.

Also, I was told that if something went wrong again (which it didn't) that I could always go through the company who manufactured the product (which was name-brand) and claim the warranty through them.

To me, it sounds like you forgot the true meaning of the season: Thought. If it was truly that big of a fiasco you could have always presented a gift certificate.


doubtful you will be missed. it's only a matter of time before you have problems with HD or lowes.

it's not where you shop. it's the shopper. you don't get anything with attitude. if a person is an ***, do you want to see them again?

no. menards is growing like crazy. they are doing something right.

HD is going in the toilet, they are not. you are soon to find out why.


:sigh seems like Mr. ROBERTO has nothing to do but harass others and sniff John Menards butt


Wow...the self proclaimed "Christian" of the posts had a word bleeped out....very "Christian". ***.


I agree with you Ginny. Don't feel obligated to conform to Roberto's comment. He has his head so far up their ***, that is they stopped, he would break his neck...


Please, go to Home Depot and never come back to Menard's...we don't like people like you and we don't need your business. When you get "pissed" at HD because you didn't pay attention to their policies, then go to Lowe's.

After it happens there, please....and I really mean PLEASE....go away. Stay home.

You're allowed to come out one time per year for one hour to buy food (not at Menard's by the way). Do society a favor....stay away from us.


Good job, did you read about it at all after you bought it? I know people shouldn't have to read return policies before or after they buy something and it only applies when they have a problem or an inconveniance, honestly though wow.

Know a return policy or be upset. High five

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Return- Menards

I bought a snowblower and 2 weeks later in broke. The Naperville store wouldn't return it and the manager was a ***- Brandon Kunkel. they made me drive to the store I bought for my refund. A band of idiots- will never shop there again. Would never shop there agian. No one knew what to do or what was going on. Left there and bought new blower at home depot - they are professional and know what is going on . menardsis a joke and i have told several people of the experience and they won't go there either-ok.
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Chicago, Illinois

Won't Take Payments in Store

Ever try to pay your monthly bill in a Menards Store? Good luck! Not possible. "We don't have the resources.", says Customer Service. Duhhhhhhh, get them. Menards is about the only place I know you CAN NOT pay your bill at. With this option in place, they have a MUCH better chance of getting late fees and service charges. WAKE UP MENARDS! THE COFFEE IS FINISHED BREWING! Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Macy's, all take payments in their stores. Give your loyal customers a break and start taking payment at the store's Customer Service Desk. Thank you!
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guess what menards now takes payments in the store! things take time. its a long process.


Why won't Menards take credit cards with on-line bill pay?


you people sure do expect a lot out of a private, non-national chain. I bet not a single one of you have ever worked retail or at least not for very long.

oh, and you can pay your bill instore!


Best Buy doesn't either. I will not shop there any more for that reason.

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Reston, Virginia
New Reviewer

All i want from Menards is what i paid for...

I bought a piece of furniture on 12-03-07. They told me it would be in store 12-10-07. I went on 12-12-07 to see if it was there. I took 35 minutes to get someone to even talk to me know one new when there was going to be a shipment come back a different time when so in so works I went back on 12 -15-07. Noone still knows. 12-20-07 I have waited for 47 min. to find out they still don't know. Again on 12-23-07 because this was a xmas present im now getting upset but again no one can help but give me a piece of paper to fill out a compliant. Here I am on the 27 of Dec and still waiting for my furniture from Menards.
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I found a black bar sink I wanted a couple years back. The only one they had in stock was the display model.

I searched around for any OTHER black bar sinks, but they only had the one. Although it was a stock item, I was told I could place a special order for it, but I told him I wanted to start the work on the weekend and didn't have time to wait. He said he could place a rush order on it. It likely would show up because they had a truck scheduled every Friday for delivery.

Still, I hesitated. I filled out the paperwork and told him I was going to call other stores to see what they had. He offered to sell me the display model, then, for $35 less (it had a scratch in the back). I took it.

Unbeknown to me, my clerk still rang up the special order and labeled it "prepaid". I walked off with sink in hand and approximately $1400 in other building materials and thought no more of it. Six MONTHS later, I get a call from an exceedingly embarrassed employee who said my shipment JUST arrived. I wasn't there to get the call, but my folks were.

They went to town and stopped by to see what it was. The clerk pulled it out and handed it to them, telling them it had already been paid for. We get back from vacation, only to find that sink sitting there. 1) it was NOT the same sink as the one I had installed--it was far nicer; 2) it was a stock item that had been discontinued, so when the special order was rejected, someone did research and found a spare at another store; 3) when I tried to return it, they said they couldn't accept the return because it was a special order item that had been discontinued.

Okay, so here I have a sink in hand that I didn't order and didn't pay for, and I'm trying to give it BACK to them, and they are ARGUING with me that they can't take it back. :roll Two years later, my parents have a lovely black bar sink in their new bar.


yeah, but the chicks at menards are way more cute than those at lowes...


Nobody ever hears the word estimated and they assume it is going to be here on that day. But there is nothing Menards can do if the company making the product is working slowly.


Amazing! Menards has no control over when shipments come in, BUT when they do, often they (Menards) report to the manufacturer a "shortage" or "missing" items.

I know this from first hand experience. It is not uncommon to order a mass quantity, then report several items damaged and or missing, especially if the Manuf. gives an automatic credit without return of defected item. Ever wonder why the product line changes so often?

It's because distributors catch on real quick that Menards seems to always be shorted on orders. Hmmmmmm, kinda makes ya wonder


I so agree with not buying anything from Menards, especially the electrical department in the Germantown store. They never seem to have what I am looking for and they are so rude.


You all are not getting the clear picture here. This is a case of very poor customer service!

No one offered any follow up to this customer.

It seems that not one of those employees even tried to find what was going on with this order. It was just easier to say "I don't know" Maybe Menards should start hiring employees that actually take pride in doing a good job and not just somebody there to collect a paycheck!!!!


Here's my rebuttal to your complaint:

Did you actually LOOK for a team-member or did you stand around hoping someone would show up?

In rural stores during the winter season it's necessary to reduce the amount of staff on hand (admit it, are you going to start building a house in December?).

If you waited around for so long you could have gone to the service desk and asked for help, and if that got you no where you could have asked for the General Manager to assist you. Either way, you would have gotten your answer the FIRST time.

Also keep in mind that it was the x-mas season, many plants, packaging companies etc. are overbooked this time of year. In short, do your shopping earlier next time around.


One are we supposed to "RUN TITO THE HILLS"??? Who's Tito?

What's Tito?

Two things....first, I don't know everything....I just know a *** of a lot more than your ignorant ***.

Second, who's the rat....The Menards Team Member who gets on a site such as this and does nothing but talk *** about the company and people who make their lives possible by providing their income or the Team Member who has a little pride in his employer and believes in the company as a whole. If you're smelling rats, it's on your end of the line.


WOW!!!!!Who died and left Roberto GOD, seems like he knows everything, HMMMM smells like a RAT......EVERYBODY RUN TITO THE HILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I haven't bought anything or ordered anything from Menards since my fiascal in 1995. Ordered and prepaid for a $1200.

front exterior door. When it finally came in 2 weeks late, the handle was on the wrong side. Like it was my fault, I had the drawing-I took a picture in of the existing door and the way it opened. Still my fault, they would not refund or replace.

I have not set foot in there again and never will.

Lowe's is so much better anyway.

And the people at Lowe's have an IQ

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#109454 Review #109454 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Military discount denied

Here is a good one for you. I recently purchased several interior light fixtures from Menards. When I inquired about the 10% discount offered to military members I was told by the Service Manager that " It was no longer Menard's policy to offer a discount to members of the Armed Forces because it was seen as (unfair) discriminitory toward the civilian sector." I can't help but feel like this was a total dis. It's true that soldiers volunteer to serve our our country, its citizens and the priniciples of democracy (and to some extend capitalism). I would say 10% is not too much to ask for those who have spend many a night in tents with sand fleas and mortar fire, low pay and high risk. Months away from their families and country;sacrifce of life and limb(s). So tell me who is really being discriminated against. Not whinning just pissed. R. Parker Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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I was at Menard's yesterday. I was buying a $369 snowblower, and yes, it was on sale, but when I asked about the military discount, I was told that it was good on regular priced items only, because if they gave it for sale items, they would not make money.

Well, I left it there, because the last time I looked, I wasn't making a *** dime off fighting in Iraq and getting my back jacked up, so all those anti-veterans on this post can kiss my *** unless you're ready to strap it on and defend this Country.

By the way, only SIX PERCENT of Americans have ever been in the military, and I'm sure that on any given day SIX PERCENT of American veterans are not asking for a discount. Lowe's here I come!


I worked at Menards and had to tell vets that we would match everything on competitors estimate they had brought with them, except military discount. Alot of times the competitor was cheaper and I told them to purchase it at the competitor.

I could have been fired for that, but I am a vet myself and think that is not fair.

Sometimes, I would even fudge the paperwork to make it look like we gave the discount for something else so we wouldn't catch grief from the corporate office. It was a proud day when I left that place.


Where am I to be during all this?


So you didn't get a militery discount? Big deal!

If you don't like then don't shop here.

Simple as that. Comprende??


OK, Menards doesn't offer the discount for the military except on the holidays like Veterans day, Momorial Day & 4th of July. Lowes, Sutherlands & Home Depot still offer it.

What *** me off is the attitude of the young employee's about the whole thing.

Plus, only service animals are allowed in Menards. Lowes & Home Depot allow are pets in the store as long as they stay in the cart.


Home Depot still has their 10% discount. All you have to do is show your ID. I have done it at various stores around the US.


Last i checked, if it wasn't for our armed forces, Menards wouldn't be able to buy/sell/trade.

A lot of places hopped on the "military discount band wagon" after 9/11 and have since fallen off. Take your business to Lowes. Home Depot dropped their discount as well.

maybe we don't feel "entitled" to a discount, but I tell ya what.... a few bucks off on a light bulb is a great way to say "thanks".

Oh and to the cop... I'm sure you get free donuts somewhere right?!?!


I'm a police officer and put my life on the line daily. Should I expect a discount.

Heck no! Suck it up Sally!


good point J300, menards should fire all their employees and only hire single mothers that are on welfare so they can feed their crack babies

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#109428 Review #109428 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Vermillion, South Dakota
Menards Manager
New Reviewer
ok,we put in a laminate floor in our kitchen,,,wanted to add to it and was told the brand and color was discontinued. so i had to go with a little different color,went back to get more and was told again this one was discontinued,,,and guess what was there!!!45 boxes...
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Another effed off customer from Effingham. Place sounds effed up to me.

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#109344 Review #109344 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Nashville, Illinois
New Reviewer

Menard's Does Not Stand Behind Its Products

I purchased floor grout from the Menards in Sterling Illinois. The product turned out to be expired and moldy and when layed down has turned my floor multi colored. I took pictures and filled out a complaint form sent it in and never heard from them. I asked the store for corp number & was given a number for guest services. There is no one to talk to just recordings that they do not respond to. After a little snooping I have the corp number. Here it is in case you want a human to hear your complaint. 715-876-****. All I wanted was a new bag of grout and a grout removal tool. From now on I will be shopping at Home Depot. Even if it is a 45 minute drive from my home
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quit blaming stores for something that is not their fault. The VENDOR send the product, no one in their right mind would check every "born on date" of grout when they stock it. Quit whining and take it up with the maker of the product and leave Menards out of it.

I got a cd that was scratched from Best Buy but I still like the store, those punks should have opened each cd and checked before they placed it on their shelves huh?


Home Depot is for the birds


It's smart shopping to check the date, even while it is the stores responsibility. You don't go to the grocery store and not look at the date on the milk container before you buy it. It's simply smart shopping to check.


I am curious if you go to the grocery store and buy expired milk? Yes it is the stores responsibility to check, but isn't it smart shopping for you to check yourself?

In the case of milk in a grocery store, I always check the date on the milk carton just in case. It comes down to smart shopping, duh.


What a bunch of idiotic responses!! It is the stores responsibily to remove expired or damaged items from the shelves! Is the consumer getting paid to do their jobs?


Buyer beware. This will go along with ANYTHING you purchase.

Not just from Menards. ALWAYS double check. This was your mistake as a homeowner for not further looking into the product.

When you're buying something for your home always be aware that it will be there for YEARS.

It's like buying a new car, you look into brands, you check out the specs, make sure everything is in check and then buy. You need to do the same thing with the investments around your home.


this is a typical Menard's shopper. I don't know how to follow directions or check expiration dates and so I'm going to blame Menard's for my idiocy.javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')



Why wouldn't you get the phone number to the manufacturer. They made the defected material not Menards.

If you would have brought the product back before you installed it they would have exchanged it. The complaint forms get sent to the manufacturer if the that compnay chooses to not respond you contact the store to get the corporate office involved.


how is you using expired grout menards fault?

buyer beware. if it was moldy, why did you use it?


hahahhahaha. EXACTLY.

That is why they did nothing about it!!

See what I have to deal with on a daily basis!!! :roll


If you opened it and it was moldy why did you install it? I recently bought a jar of jelly from the grocery store and it had mold on it.

I sure as *** wasn't going to spread it on my bread anyway. DUH!

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#109296 Review #109296 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Rockford, Illinois
New Reviewer

WAITING for help ...that NEVER came!

I was shopping in the Brooklyn Park, MN Menards for a carpet runner. While i found the product I was looking for, it needed to be cut from the bulk roll to my length. The ONE employee working in that department was already assisting another customer, so I waited patiently in the area. I looked on the monitor and there was only one name showing, which I believe indicates the people who should be available to assist customers in that department. After about 20 minutes had passed he finally finished with the customer he was with. He didn't bother asking who was next, he just went with the guy closest to him (who had just wondered into the department a couple of minutes prior). I was leaning right on their service desk and he even had to walk around me at one point prior to helping the next guy. This guys questions were rather involved and soon the minutes were flying by again. The employee NEVER even verbally acknowleged me or assured me that he knew I was waiting. I was seriously trying to keep my cool at this point, why didn't he page any available employee to help me. I had been waiting for over 45 minutes to have a 6' x 3' piece of carpet cut. I had never even been acknowleged even once! That's really what has me PISSED OFF! I understand that things get busy, and they have no way of controling how busy any department might become. BUT!!! They can communicate with us customers to acknowlege us and inform us of how soon we might be helped.
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I agree with John (no, I'm not brown-nosing, never met the guy actually). I've been in this situation several times (please don't hurt me), and what's worse I have seen it in other stores and in other departments.

I may not know much about a certain department that I find a guest in but I ALWAYS can find someone who does, and for the record I ALWAYS aknowledge someone's presence, weather in my department or not. Truly, I am sorry you had this expierence. Had you been in my store I would have found you and righted the situation (heck, I'd have cut the carpet for you).

Unfortunately it sounds like you found someone who was not sypathetic to the fact that you were standing there - but in defense there have been many times when I have been on an "errand" for an other guest (say for instance some one wanted some thing waaaay over on the other side of the store) when I get stopped by some one for help only to tell them to "hold on just a minute I promise I'll be right back" (by the way, I do come back and I make sure of it).

The fact of the matter is that many Menards' stores are larger than life and require a lot of walking. That however does not excuse the conduct of the employee whom did not aknowledge you (assuming you did everything possible to be aknowledged).

Please, don't take it personally, Meanrds truly is a great place to shop and a great place to be in. Think of it this way: Don't let one person ruin the whole party.


Next time stand right next to that employee until you are acknowle

dged. When he moves, you move with him. This will get results.

Waiting by a desk makes you a low profile, out of the way customer.


Finally! A genuine complaint.

It is true...they should have acknowledged you.

Sorry. Please give us another try!

-John Menard


advice. NEVER stand by the desk and wait.

menards employees are told constantly to not be at the desk. this is fact. go to where this employee is and wait next to him. he or she will not go looking for you if approached by someone else.

they help the person in front of them, always, regardless of how long you've been standing at the desk. your cost for products is low because payroll is kept low.

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#108714 Review #108714 is a subjective opinion of poster.
South Saint Paul, Minnesota
New Reviewer

Menards Defense

I have worked at Menards for over 2 years and 90% of the problems are caused by people that dont know what the *** they are doing. I am sick and tired of arguing with people that are trying to take the easy way out. Stop being cheap and let someone who knows what they are doing do the project. Everyday I get complaints that the products don't do what they are suppose, I ask if they read the instructions and all I ever get is "nope". Stop being cheap, almost everyone who comes in asks for the cheapest way to do the project. If you want it done right dont do the cheapest route. For example don't buy the Luaun for subfloors. Don't buy premixed grout, especially since it doesn't have polymer. STOP TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT and maybe just maybe you P.O.S wouldn't *** me off so much and I would be nicer when you come into my store!
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If it wasnt for us whinning , complaing , do it yourselfers you whinning complaining employees would be whinning and complaining from the unemployment or food stamp line. Shut up and do your job.

Your job is to provide the best most knowledgeable service you can.

not by being a douch who acts like there to busy to help a customer out.The customers are what keeps the business open. Not the whinning , complaing employees who really should know a little bit about home improvement before even working at a place like Menards.


Oh so true.

We deal with the most self entitled clueless customer base it's not even funny.

I love the post about about people being sent in to get something they have no clue what it's or what it's needed for then we're the ones getting yelled it. Anyone who says it's bad customer service to talk or think this way about our shoppers have clearly never been in this situation. Selling the stuff we sell to the igornant of ignorant is far from easy. We get blammed for them not knowing.

They refuse to read the instructios. They come in I need a chain for my chainsaw. Well what kind is it? How long is it?

Do you have a model number? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. It cant be that hard just give me any chain.

Sir it does not work that way...... Then they yell at you like it's your fault.


I like to shop Menards, though the home depot is 15 minutes closer. From what I've read, many of the "issues" listed in this forum are the result of inflexible or a strange sense of entitlement by the customers themselves.


i've got to say i agree with elvis, i dont know how many times i've been asked if we have the standard of something. there is no standard.

and then the customer looks at you like your retarded and you tell him, everyone's house/business whatever is different. i especially enjoy it when a customer comes to with a legitimate problem asking for a part for a certain item (say a window) and you ask them who the brand is and they dont know. they tell you to just give them the part and it will work. actually, no it wont if its not from the same vendor, thats why we need the model and serial number.

cus guess what, if you order it and it doesnt work because of your lack of info you give us, guess who is stuck with it. thats why i will not order something for the customer if they dont know who it is from.

they think im being rude and a ***, but im trying to save them the anguish later when it REALLY doesnt work. i want the item i order for you to work, im not gunna take your money and say "have fun, see what happens."


Yes, there are guest that don't understand but theres plenty of ways for the employee to lelarn and do there job right to my cents it the employee complaining about the dumb guest. That is wrong and really bad guest service.

And if John or Larry knew which employees were talking this way and being disrespectfully their *** would be grass and gone. Yes I John or Larry Treats us when one of them visit but, the have pride in there stores and hate to see guest not want to come back.


All of you employees are just a bunch of cry babies!!! You are getting paid to do a job, and that cheap or lazy 95% of customers is paying your salary.

I have been in customer service for 20 years, and I once in a while I get a difficult customer, but in no way do I ever take my frustration out on that or any other customer. I am glad to have the business and a paycheck!!


Problem is, if there weren't "cheap" do it yourselfers, there would be no need for stores like Menards, and all you employees that hate working with them, wouldnt have a job to worry about.


I worked for menards for two years and understand both sides. I love do it yourselfers who want the cheapest products and do a custom job.

Honestly, hire a contracter and save your blood pressure. Not every body is meant to use tools, hire a professional, it's their profession, not a cashier or somebody behind the returns counter, they're just people trying to get through their lame ten hour shift at 6.50 an hour. I've learned that customers don't read, ever. Does it not make sense to read about something before you do it.

I also love people who just come in to menards because they have nothing else to do, maybe even price haggling, how fun. It's 2008, get a computer or home theatre to keep yourself busy, and if you're too cheap to do that go to home depot where they have self checkouts so you don't have to complain about long lines.


I am a customer and have spent alot of money at menards. I have bought a refridgerator there and when delivered to me was given the wrong one because the sales person put the wrong number on the reciept and had to wait for another one after i had defrosted my old one and had food sitting out.

I purchased a brand new washer and dryer set which as soon as i got it home the washer was broken already! their answer to me was to call the service person to repair it! so now i sit here all day waiting for someone to fix my brand new washer that hasnt even been used! I purchased all new bathroom fixtures and went to install the sink top and it was beveled!

So its not *** cheap people complaining about the customer service! Its employees that dont take the time to care about the product that they are selling that will *** any person off.

When you go to a fast food place and place your order you expect to get what you order and not have it spit on or half a burger or a large fry looks like a small and you get diet coke instead of regular-u would be pissed off to because that employee didnt take the time to listen and make sure you got what you ordered because hes to worried about putting in his time getting his paycheck and getting out. So before you call us all cheap idiots maybe you should put yourself in our position and be the customer sometime!!!


My 2 favorites are first: they lazy *** guy who sends in the wife or girlfriend

"My husband/boyfriend sent me in for some nails."

"Well, what kind of nails?"

" He didn't say."

"Well, whats he using the nails for?"

"I don't know, nailing stuff?"

and second is the wife/girlfriend who calls on the phone and the husband/boyfriend is sitting right by them. I know they are cause after every answer I give, I can hear her shouting the answer to him. I can even hear him in the background asking another question. We really do cater to the laziest, cheapest people in the world.

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Unethical and costly handling of delivery fees

Menards screwed up our first delivery by not turning in the proper paperwork to the delivery service. we had contractors lined up and... we drove in 3 hours to do the work but were unable. they said that the stuff would for sure be delivered the next day. the next day.... they wanted additional delivery/handling fees. I tried to explain the situation but they literally held our stuff hostage. we had to pay 2 delivery fees plus handling fee the assistant manager paul cox hung up on me when i tried to reason with i paid it and vowed to contact headquarters
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whoa!! that is ubelievable.

I bet that cost you a couple hundred bucks.

I bought a garage from them and they wouldn't deliver it for free. It still cost less than Home Depot, but I think they should deliver for free.

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Menards Delivery Service
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I purchased 20 bales of insulation from Menards in Columbus, Indiana. I reserved the machine used to blow in the insulation for 2 weeks away. The day before I was supposed to use the blower, I called and confirmed my reservation of the machine. I took 2 days off work,...
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HAHAHA typical mynards. they are retarded used to work at home depot loved hearing all the stories about how rude and screwed up the mynards accross the street was

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Menards Selling Whrilpool products No serial numbers

This problem all started on Oct 8, 2006 when I went to Menards in Terre Haute to buy a dishwasher. I bought a Display model because it had the features that my wife & I wanted and the price was good 399.99 SKU # 451-**** sold by Megan. I bought it went home and installed it and let it run thru 1 cycle to make sure there were no leaks, and it made a horrible girding sound that you could hear all over the house. I removed it and took it back. A salesman Name Dan told me that this unit should have never been sold, it was already installed once and had a problem it needed service. So I did not say anything but was aggravated due to the time I was out. So we bought the model down brand new in a sealed box SKU#451-**** and brought it home and installed this one. It worked great until Aug 2007. It started making noise, girding just like the last one. So I dug out the Receipt and called the 1-800 number for whirlpool. They ask me for Model number and serial number, I was able to find the model number on the invoice but the serial number was not on the dishwasher. So the lady at whirlpool told me it would be on the inside on the left, it was not. So she said she would go ahead and dispatch the service person from A & E Repair and the tech will get it. When the tech got here he could not find any numbers at all on the unit and told my wife that without the serial number they don’t get paid for warranty work and told my wife to call Menards to get the serial number. Today I went to Menards with all my invoices to show proof that I got the dishwasher their .I spoke with Shawn, from that dept. When I showed Shawn all the paper work he said he would call whirlpool and get this fixed and he would call me. He called me back and told me that they can’t do anything about this, and I will have to pay for the work performed on what should be under warranty. So I called Whirlpool to see what they could do for me, Amanda, told me Menards should have all the info I need. So I go back to Menards and ask to talk to Bill the store manager, when he came out I showed him all the invoices and pictures of the dishwasher that had no serial number on it. He told me he would call to see what he could do. I ask him for an exchange since the invoice said in big letters (Allowable returns for items on this receipt will be in the form of an in store credit voucher if the return is done after 01/06/07) and I was told no on returning this. Today is day 2 of fighting this. I went back to Menards because Bill told me on the phone last night he would only give me an in store credit for $40.00 and give me $20.00 off of anything else. So I went in this morning to tell him a store credit won’t do me any good unless I could purchase a service man at Menards, since I’m not looking to buy anything. I’m still out the money to fix a dish washer that is still under warranty. And all Bill could say was if I had sent in the little warranty card I would have known sooner that the dishwasher didn’t have the serial number on it. Not even I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do. So by this time I’m not a happy camper, $429 for a dishwasher that lasted 10 months that is under warranty yet I have to for any repairs. So I said a few choice words about where he could stick his store and Bill told me to “Get the *** out of this store” So I left and went home to wash dishes by hand while my $429 investment set beside me. Jerry Hankins
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The warranty is through the manufacturer. Not Menards.

Cry a river and wash your dishes in it.



je rry hankins is a cry baby ***




Last time I checked it was the responsibility of the manufacturer to put serial numbers on their products not the store selling it. And why would the store have that information on file?

If it's on the INSIDE of the product that would mean they would have to open every single one and write it down. Sounds to me like Whirlpool is the one jacking you around in the first place but the manager of the store should have let you exchange it especially with a receipt.

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terrible customer service aka guest services. bought bathtub and surround three and half years old. bottom of tub cracking and probably seeping water through to floor. this early failure is unacceptable. these were high end items made by lyons industries of dowagiac...
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I also have a lyons tub that cracked. What a joke!

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