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Manards Is a discount home Improvement company

Stop all the useless crying Manards buys bulk cheaper stuff thats why they are cheaper on most things than lowe's , Home depot you will not get top quality stuff cheap so if you go looking for cheap thats what you will get. If you want a million people to Greet you as you enter you will pay for that to. why do people keep wanting stuff free. and for why does Manards have air planes? Its a company you idiots why do you have a car yoiu can always take the city bus. People think These companies should be starving so you can rebuild your house for free well kids this wont happen. A business is there to make money (profit) kinda like why do you go to work Huh? If you wish not to shop a Manards then dont but nobody needs to hear you crying.
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Menards open on Easter

Stop whinning My husband has worked every Easter for years and how about Hospitals get over it and eat your eggs when you get home. There are millions of people working today. Sounds like you just like to cry. is me.It's too bad people like you give Menards a bad...
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our Menards was closed thanksgiving and Christmas

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Web page/sucks

As big as menards is, why can't one go on line and check out merchandise? When you call, no one wants to lookup anything or they just don't answer or you have to call 10 differant numbers just to get to one department. At Lowes you can look-up things for size & cost, plus they give a picture. It does cost more to drive and you'll add that to your products, so why should I spend my gas to come to your store or wait a week for a new add and you wont have it,special order or 90% of your workers act put out if you ask them to check on something. So whats wrong with a worth while web page????
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Here's the thing, I understand the frustration of getting put on hold. I work retail and I get put in this position a lot.

If I am currently helping someone face to face at my store, I am not, under any circumstances, going to stop the service of the customer in the store, to talk to one on the phone. Put yourself in the shoes of the person being helped at the store. Wouldn't you consider it poor guest service if someone took a phone call instead of helping you.

Personally, I would consider that extremely rude. And from a business standpoint, if you have someone in front of you ready to give you money...that's going to be top priority, I don't care who you are.


Disgruntled employee or a Blowe's employee? Don't make it a one-sided argument.

Numerous times have I went to Lowe's b/c I seen a cheaper price on their website and found out they aren't "participating in that sale" or they were out of stock.

Menards probably doesn't have their prices up to make you have to call. Personally, having called both of them numerous occassions, I've noticed that one is just as hard to get ahold of as the other.

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Terre Haute, Indiana

No Military Discount

I was appalled when your store in La Crosse, Wis. refused to honor my military service of my country by not giving a military discount. Clerk stated that you have discontinued that privilage as you already offer the cheapest prices. Guess what Mr. Menard I will now...
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This is why alot of people think us Servicemembers think that we are entiled to everything. Man the *** up, not everywhere is going to have a military discount and when you refuse not to do business because they don't offer one, you make us look like *** and when you *** about it you make us all look like POS.


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La Crosse, Wisconsin

I will no longer support Memards!

I will no longer support Menard's they do not support the military and give military discounts. So from here on out I'm going to spend the word about you to everyone I know and I know a lot of VET. so you better think twice before you go and hurt your self! I...
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Ashland, Ohio

Customer Service is of no help!

Purchased two Richmond Hot Water Heaters over the last several years. The last one was manufactured 5/2006 & isn a 12 year water heater, supposedly but only lasted four or five. When I called to inquire what I should do, was told to go online to print a complaint form or drive to a store to file a complaint. They were not willing to discuss a resolution on the phone or online. I told them I wanted them to deliver a new one and to take back the defective one but again, not willing to discuss what can be done for the customer.
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Menards is a retailer that sells several thousand items. Warranties of these items are controlled by the manufacturer and not the retailer.

Menards also contracts out for their delivery service and all income goes to those contractors.

So just like you not wanting to pay for the gas to take it back, they do not want to pay for the contractor to take something to you that the manufacturer is responsible for. WARRANTIES ARE COVERED BY MANUFACTURERS NOT RETAILERS!!!!


The water heaters have changed in the past few years due to government regulations. You may have to pay the difference depending on the model you purchased since the new style might be more safer than the last one.


Call Richmond's 1-800 number. They'll likely tell you to return it to the store and give you a reference number to give to the store in case they have any questions.

That's how they do it. You'll get a new water heater by exchange.

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Brittany front end asst mgr was RUDE

Mennards - Lancaster 1425 Ety Pointe Dr Lancaster OH 43130 We were looking for a new Bemis toliet seat. My wife called Menards in Lancaster and was told that they carried Bemis. So at about 3:30 PM we arrived. An older gentleman (whose name I did not get) asked iof...
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most managers at Menards in Lancaster especially the lumber wants all men's attention

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Columbus, Ohio
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Had a deck built and the wood is faulty

I had a deck built onto my home. I followed all the "rules" as to how long to let the wood "season" before applying stain. I stained the hand rail and it looked perfect. I stained 3/4 of the deck floor and noticed that a very sticky sap was seaping ip through the stain. I called the stain company and they were stumped and told me to call Menard's where the wood was purchased. They too seemed perplexed so they sent out a representative to take a look. Menard's said it was not their responsibilty and that I would have to contact Midwest Manufacturing since they were their supplier. The deck cannot be walked on at all due to sticky sap coming up through the wood. Midwest Manufacturing said that sap naturally occured in wood and that it would eventually go away. The handrails, of the same wood are fine?! It has been 2 years and I still can't use my deck.
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I along with others in the Fort Wayne, IN area had the same issue. The wood was purchased and installed in 2009. Sap is still coming out of the wood 3 years later and Menard's does nothing about it.


I have built many decks in my lifetime and I have only run across this problem on the last deck I built. It is a total mess and cannot be walked on.

I am sure Menards will just respond, " You stained it too soon". Well that's obvious! But who wants to wait 3 years to stain?

Justice 1982 is correct it depends on many factors like how dry was the wood before it was treated, how long did it sit on the shelf in the warehouse and at Menards. Not much you can do but wait, clean it or replace it.


It really goes to show that no one knows what they are doing. There is no rule of time to let the wood "season" before you apply any sort of finish.

The only way to see if your outdoor wood products are ready to accept a coating is to do a water test. Simply sprinkle water on the wood and see if it beads up. (rain will do all of the work for you!) If it beads, then you can't apply. Now you can have 2 boards after 2 years that continue to bead up water.

Know what that means? You can't coat those boards without problems.

It all depends how long the boards sat before they were shipped to the store, how long they were in the rack, how wet or dry they were when they were treated originally. All of these factors will lead to differences in "seasoning."


My parents built a very large deck on their house and also purchased the lumber from Menards. They, too, followed the recommendations for leaving the wood season a year and then painted it the following year with paint they purchased from Menards and recommended for their all bubbled-up!

It was a real mess! Menards would not do a thing for them. I was so angry I even called the big guy--Mr. Menards and led his secy to believe it was a "call of a personal nature" if you know what I mean?

She then was willing to put me through, but when he found out it was an angry customer he hung up on me.

Menards sells *** stuff. As long as one is aware of this in advance there should be no problem.


Sap is something that is unfortunately a natural occurance in wood. Once in a while you run across sap pockets in pieces of wood and it leaks out. Try cleaning it off with naptha, a solvent you will find at home centers or paint stores.

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Lafayette, Indiana
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Menard's Marquette Check-out system

Overall, I'm really happy with the Menard's store in Marquette, MI. I agree with those who say that help is sometimes hard to locate, but when you can find them, they're helpful and friendly. What I really dislike is the check-out system that they switched to a few years ago. The clerk now has her back to the customer, limiting eye-contact and social interaction. Where was the logic in that? A very poor corporate decision, if you are listening out there. You have to bag your own stuff, too, which isn't bad when just a few items have been purchased, but is a nuisance when you are buying a large number of things, which is often the case in a hardware store. For that reason, I tend to limit the volume of my purchases there on busy days, and shop for the rest down the road at Wal-mart.
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Shut the *** up you lazy beitch. You're a piece of sheit.

Go pay more at our competitors. People like you make Americans look like lazy pieces of sheit.


"Mookie": You must not go grocery shopping then...since most grocery stores require you to bag your own merchandise. And if your foot is no longer broken then what is the problem?

Why are you unable to bag your own stuff? Quit whining and man up. Or stay home and save the rest of us the trouble of dealing with your miserable ***.

Also, you may find that being respectful and polite will get you further in life.

You get what you give. Broken foot=karma.


I hate those complaint boxes they put in at the mall. A woman comes in the shoe store today, so huge she's protected by 'Green Peace', and ask for a size-4 shoe. So I asked her if she wants to eat them there or take them home, and she has the nerve to complain about my performance.


I just went to Menards for the first time since last summer, had a broken foot. Today as I was checking out, Kendra the nasty cashier, refused to bag my items even when I requested her to and she said she only bags if she is not busy.

No one was behind me, I asked her when this began as policy and she turned rude and ignored me. I went to the nose picking store manager, Zach, and explained that the cashier on lane 2 was bagging the customer's items but mine girly on lane 6 wouldn't, then told him that I did NOT work for Menards and had requested assistance with the bagging. He missed the entire point when he said "see you later" after we conversed. I said No Zach, you missed the whole point, you won't ever see me shop at Menards again after your lazy employee wouldn't do her *** job!!

This was the South Lansing Michigan Menards :( All Zach pointed out to me was that "self bagging" is written on the check out lanes. So I asked him what if I had a physical disability, my broken foot that I just got the boot off of last week, and he said they would have worked out something. SOOOOO>>> I have to pronounce my physical disabilities in public to get help with the check out process???? I believe they check out process isn't finished until they put the merchandise in the bag and the bag in the cart.

Do you see how they as does Walmart, Meijer, etc. expect you to perform employee work?? Saves the corp.

big bucks on worker's comp claims too. Well, so long Menards.


I work at a Menards that's still stuck with the 2x2 counters. I've been pregnant two times in the 6 and a half years I have been employed here and let me tell you how frustrating it is when people pull up and just STARE at you. When you go to WalMart YOU HAVE TO PUT YOUR ITEMS ON THE COUNTER as such with most other stores!!!!! I do not mind bagging peoples items- I actually enjoy that part. Another bad thing about the small counters is when you'd get those people who just make a huge pile on it and then put their light bulbs on top! You don't need to get everything up right away and then freak out at us when something falls off and shatters because you threw it all up in a haste!

I feel like the new registers make guests realize that they should be more careful with their items since they can't blame us when something breaks due to their bad decisions.

However I have heard that the cashiers get more back pain from reaching UP to use their keyboards where as the old ones were DOWN so it was easier?


The cashiers back is to the customer, ONLY when you are not the customer currently being taken care of, When you are "up" the cashiers is giving you their full attention and social interaction! The check out system was changed to make it more efficient, and it IS !!The old way, having a 2x2 counter space and the cashier having to dig through peoples carts to get their products, and usually through garbage, soda cans, kleenex, shoes, NO picnic!!

And seriously, how lazy have we become as a society that you complain that you have to bag your own goods??

If there is no one else in line,usually the cashier will bag for you! Hating the system so much, feel free to go to Lowes, where you will usually pay much more on exact products!!

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Englewood, Colorado

I Miss Menards!

My complaint is that there is NO MENARDS in Las Vegas - Wish you were here! When I lived in Davenport, Iowa - I had a Menards about 15 minutes away and was renovating a house built on Jersey Ridge in 1929. Everyone always helped me, was polite and even did part of my shopping for me if I had a long list (they'd take half). Everything I needed - they had. If they didn't have, they'd help me find where I could find it. Fabulous people, great selection, better prices than Lowe's of Home Depot. I MISS MENARD'S - PLEASE COME TO VEGAS!
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You're a loser if you think Maynards is so great.

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Menards bosses waste money fleet of big private jets - Why not lower prices?

Menards bosses waste money fleet of big private jets - Why not lower prices?
Why do huge Menard's company jets fly into Marquette several times a month. And why does Menard's have a fleet of at least 9 airplanes - including several big jets. The big jet that visits regularly is a beauty - 1998 Raytheon Beachcraft 1900D with 19 seats...
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Marquette Michigan was often the last stop of a multi puddle jump trip. The 1900D was not a jet, nor was it swanky, it was a turbo prop and the aeronautical equivalent of a school bus.

It shook, creaked, groaned and vibrated. Other than the overhead air vents it was utterly lacking in any creature comforts beyond what you find on the most economical of school buses.

Menard has since sold these. Most of the 1900D that were ever made have been sold to cargo carriers because of their lack of ride quality, but ridiculously good reliability.

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Marquette, Michigan
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Bali shades refused to refund purchase price

I purchased on-line Bali shades. When the shades arrived, the shades were perfect, the problem was with the hardware. No were on menardes website does it give you the size of the installation hardware or ask you to measure your window casing. I am unable to use the...
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Wagner, South Dakota

Menards Stores

Since Menards completely changed their stores to be like the Home Depot they are declined in every aspect. The way they have their entrance and exit is ***. If you park where you are suppose to enter when you leave you have a long walk to get back to your car as it is at the other end of the parking lot. There are many people who just can not make that walk. I don't know who designed their stores but they evidently have no clue about the real world. Also their old stores seemed more customer friendly with a much nicer selection of product. Low ceilings, good lighting and an overall consummer friendly store - not anymore. I for one have went back to doing the majority of my hardware, garden store and home updating shopping at our local family owned stores as have many of my friends. I think the Menards and Walmarts of the world are in for some surprises as people tire of these giant unfriendly stores.
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Why the *** does it matter how high the ceilings are? lol.

and the exit and entrance is designed like that to reduce shoplifting, which is a huge problem here. Unless you have a legitimate disability (not obesity). The walk does you some good.

quit being lazy.


Your complaint is about the "long" walk? You are the reason the US is the fattest country in the world.

Maybe the little extra physical activity would do you well you fat *** Your complaint is pathetic, as is your life.

No more potato chips for you! :cry


I hate our new setup too, but we're not as bad as Depot. Our customer service is equally bad now Dennis Dixon has eliminated 2nd assistant managers (A full timer) in every department, but we're a lot more organized.

Granted, you can't see across our stores anymore. They used to be pretty and now they have these huge shelves called mega racking and we keep adding more.

Lowe's might be better than us since they have more payroll, but Depot definitely isn't. Also, quit being lazy and walk.


I am sorry, but no menards is looking like Home depot. Thiere stores are dark, and unorganized.

The high ceilings make it bright and roomy. I understand that your personal opinion is that of a lower ceiling, closer atmosphere is friendlier. but I can tell you, Menards is not going anywhere.

Home Depot and Lowes have closed several stores, and Menards not one. Business is actually only getting better


Park near the exit so your car is right there when you leave. Or, park in the center so you have an equal distance coming and going.

Walking is also very good exercise for anyone. Consider it a blessing in disguise when you have to take a few more steps.

Keeping your health is precious. May the wind always be at your back.

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Lincoln, Nebraska

No respect for their employees

I have a son who has been working 12 plus hours a day for about a month now trying to get the new store set up on Morse Rd. Well they cannot seem to pay their people as promised. People have bills to pay and I know this company could care less but when it comes to...
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I live in Wisconsin and we have a lot of Menards stores here. I have NEVER heard of them not paying.

Sounds to me like your son didn't listen.

Besides, I told mine not to quit his old job until he knew he liked this one and not move out until he was sure about what he was doing, and how he was getting paid. Think before you act!

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Columbus, Ohio

Before You Complain Please Read Here First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) If your complaint is about a rebate:I really hope you're not one of the douches that try to rip us off by mailing in separate receipts thinking you won't get caught. Try putting a piece of tape over your NEAT HANDWRITING in the case that the mail carrier just might drop it in a puddle. Stop at the service desk and get a full copy of your receipt so you have documentation- You usually don't have to mail in your whole receipt BUT there are certain rebates that require you too and may also ask for you to send the items barcode as well SO MAKE SURE TO READ EVERY REBATE YOU EXPECT TO RECEIVE! If your problem is with a Special Order return:Just stop already, seriously. Special Order returns are at EVERY STORES DISCRETION! When you purchased the order the cashier had you sign the agreement at the bottom of your order that states that it is YOUR job to know what you're paying for BEFORE AND AFTER. Whenever you sign for something in life you should know to READ THE AGREEMENTS! That's just a fact of life! If you're upset about the Military Discount just remember that you signed up for other reasons than discounts (at least I hope so) and if you were drafted and you're still complaining you're disgusting. If you asked someone for help with something and they never came back, most of the time it's because while they were busy trying to find someone from the department that you needed help in that another guest asked them for help. The help is given on a face to face basis, so if you're not willing to walk with us, someone who is willing too WILL take your place. If the person that was found working in the department you needed help in was busy with another guest- and it took awhile for what the guest needed help with, that's just good customer service because we want to be thorough rather than rushed to move onto the next person just because SOMEONE is an impatient. Thank You.
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John Menard is a *** and so are the lawyers who protect the ***. He is hated in Wisconsin.

Do not shop there if you value your safety in his parking lots or his store. He is a cheat and likes to mess with people just boycott the place


1. Menards is not the only store that has rebates. If you have ever bought a cell phone, chances are there was a rebate involved. And once again, MENARDS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR REBATES. Rebates are handled through Rebates International.

2. Its rather amusing that everyone always complains about not being able to find help in the departments...yet when employees are seen "standing around" they are considered lazy, ***, etc. Menards employees are not mind readers, if you need help, ask.

3. Before all of you negative, miserable individuals complain sbout EVERYTHING, you should consider taking the time to help yourself, take other people into account (instead of being a self-centered piece of ***), or just staying home where you can be miserable and angry in the privacy of your home.


Rebates are not a problem with me, I WILL NOT BUY anything from Menards if a rebate is involved at any price EVEN FREE. My complaint is customer service.

4 employees were standing around the flooring desk laughing and "goofing off" while 3 customers were shopping their dept. When I went to the customers service desk to speak to a manager,3 out of 5 employees behind the desk were doing the same. I never got to speak with a manager I got tired of waiting. I'm thinking they wouldn't need a rebate program if they had less unnecessary employees or at least some decent management.

I am a manager and would never put up with this kind of conduct from any of my employees. I will NOT shop at Menards again EVER!!!!!!


We have been fortunate to have a Menards for quite a number of years now perhaps 20 or more. We use them exclusively as price checks periodically have proven to us that generally they are the lowest in our area.

There have been only 3 occasions where we needed to return or exchange things & it was done quickly & with a smile. We had two defective storm doors a year or so apart & even though they weren't required because of the length of time we had them they communicated with manufacturer & we got replacement doors.

I would be scared if I could document to you how much we have spent with them over the years as it is a very high amount but with great satisfaction in 99.9% of our transactions.

As far as the naysayers remember you get out of it what you put in and that includes the way you treat customer service representatives.

When the prices are normally the lowest for the same merchandise maybe there isn't enough room for additional discounts.

What if an individual wasn't physically able to go in the military how should he be treated in regard to the person groaning about no military discount. Remember if you have never worked retail or customer service it can be one of the hardest jobs in the world and many people you just can't please ever!

As far as their airplanes they have many facilities all over the US and manufacturers all over the world so as long as they treat me as they have they can spend their money as is needed or as they like!

#275775 is who you want to complain to about not receiving your rebate. Menards is a private company, so they hire OTHER COMPANIES to do the outside buisness work- such as: the credit cards being issued through HSBC, the rebates being issued through, or even the vendors who come in to fill the soda machines.

If you purchased a bottle of Pepsi at Menards and there was a rebate offer on the packaging asking you to mail it in to receive a credit in the mail you wouldn't go back to Menards to complain about not receiving the would contact the company at hand...Pepsi. Just as an example, so please don't hold Menards responsible for this problem since it's not their fa


Can't get any status on a mail-in rebate from menards. Mailed in rebate request with original receipts more than 8 weeks ago.

No response to my e-mails and no published phone number for Rebates International.

Menards has been no help in getting a status on the rebate. -don't have phone number -?????


I have shopped at Menards since the 70"s and I have nothing bad to say about them. They have always been helpful and friendly.


eh. i have notice that no matter where someone works mostly in retail, we workers can mostly never ever keep a customer happy. and its always to easy to blame everyone else before they blame themselves.


Customer: The original post was about Menards. Hopefully you don't have to read at your job, because you'll probably miss the main point.

Menards not home depot.

And you guessed wrong about the rate of pay. Have a great day.


Boy, I hope you arent this rude to customers, but then again, you are just a lowly Home Depot employee. We all ubderstand that you want to stick up for your employer, but just remember WE pay your salary.

We could easily take our money elsewhere and where would that leave you?

Probably scrambling to find anothe job that pays you what you make at Home Depot (I'm guessing around $7.00 an hour). You and your work ethic are probably not worth that $7.00 an hour so take your *** attitude, job and meager wage and go clean up the spill in aisle 7.

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Madison, Wisconsin
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