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I need to travel 40 miles to my nearest Menards. Menards of Marquette has been doing alot of expanding and moving inventory around. It is a nightmare trying to find things and it has always been difficult to get any help! You can watch as you approach an employee they...
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@ an aviation buff:

You have probably been seeing a lot of those planes because Menards has a Buy N Fly program. This is where owners of contractor or commercial accounts earn free flights to anywhere in the continental US for themselves and 8 family/friends after they spend one million dollars on their account at our stores. If you live in an area with a lot of new development, it is highly likely that those planes are coming in for contractors.

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#122780 Review #122780 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Marquette, Michigan

No electric carts; oversized wheel chair; or regular cart available

I am a disabled person who is in need of an electric cart. When I came into the store, there were no standard carts. The wheel chair cart was too small, and there are no electric carts available. Therefore, I was unable to shop at your store. Store also does not have any seating such as benchs or chairs to rest on throughout the store. Spoke with manager and manager said he had requested more carts and electric carts three or four times in the last several years and has not received a response from HQ yet. This shows that Menards does not have any respect for disabled persons has a right to shop and has needs as well. Had to shop at Lowes because they have electric carts.
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this is why I shop homedepot. the store with a big heart. they know how to respect people from all walks of life all I can say is I hope one day the shoe is on the other foot.people who post trash like that are nothing more then voimit from my mouth from the cesspools of society.


I just read what you had to say about big people. what I would like to know is how would you feel if it was your mom or dad needing some kind of help.

would you feel the same or would you just kick them to the curb to. a lot of disabled people are not heavy. people with disabilities come in many forms.

with different needs. I wonder how you would feel if the tables were turned around.


You need BENCHES through out the store to rest? How are you going to do a home improvement project if you can hardly get your fat butt around the store?

I'm sick of FAT people whining they need special accomodations that inconvenience the rest of us. Since a fatty sued Denny's because the booth seats were too close to the table to accomodate a 500 pound porker the rest of us have to sit a mile away from the table and spill food all over our laps.

Here's some tough love- LOSE WEIGHT so you can use a regular size wheelchair or can at least walk through the store without wheezing! I'M sick of all you whinny "VICTIMS"!


my question is is your "disability" being FAT? because that's what it sounds like.

shopping isn't a RIGHT, it's a privilege. (it's private property, we can kick your fat *** out when you take up the entire aisle)

get your own electric cart if you need one or just croak already.


Wow this topic was great, I agree why is it any business responsibility to buy you a cart for your care? If you need a cart you should purchase one to take with you. Then agian I wouldnt want to turn the corner on my cart not paying attention, and run head on into a moving forklift who didnt have time to stop becuase you wernt paying attention!


If you need that stuff why don't you come with a scooter, they are allowed you know, and by the sounds of it you should have one for your daily life.


You should seriously try suing Ford because the Escort is too tiny for you to comfotably get into it. They are clearly discriminating against YOU.

Heres a news flash---Menards is a big store. If you get easily winded, you might want to consider bringing a personal conveyance device with you.

You could also sue Mickey Mouse because the Magic Kingdom is too big and he built it too far from your house, Sara Lee for making her treats too yummily (is that a real word?) and Yogi Bear for not complying with ADA and putting wheelchair ramps and grab bars all over Jellystone Park. Your fat wheezy crippled (YES, I SAID CRIPPLED) *** is more than welcome at any Menards, but please don't whine about being tired just by waddling around the store to an employee who is halfway through a 14 hour shift.


they have respect for disabled people. that's why they have wheelchairs.

it's not their fault you're too wide to use it. it shouldn't be up to menards to accomodate your fat ***

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#122766 Review #122766 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Indianapolis, Indiana
New Reviewer


I am SO angry with what happened at your Kewanee Menards store this evening, I wish to could say I will NEVER patronize that store again but I must due to the proximity of where we live. We got just a few items that needed to be picked up in the yard, we went out there and we sat and sat and sat and NOBODY came to help. Then another truck pulled in and they got NO HELP, then another car pulled in and they got NO HELP. Finally I walked the aisle 11, aisle 12 and aisle 13 and there was NOBODY. We all just decided that if we wanted to get what we had paid for we were going to have to help ourselves. There were old men crawling up on those metal rolling ladders, there were old ladies trying to load 12 foot long wood. Finally when we were done, one punk came rolling up and said "need help" - NO, we could have used your help 25 MINUTES AGO, 20 MINUTES AGO, 15 MINUTES AGO, 10 MINUTES AGO, 5 MINUTES AGO, BUT NOT NOW ---- WHEN WE ARE COMPLETELY DONE!!!!! He came up and said something else and I told him to get away from me, I didn't want to talk to him, then he said "well I'm not making excuses for us but we have four guys working tonight, surely someone would have been able to help you" and I said "F-OFF -- WE DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP - N O W !!!!! By the time I got into the store to tell the manager what had happened, he already had gotten a call from the yard "to protect his ***" and the manager was completely - 100% - rude and useless. We have shopped at that Menards for years and years and we have seen better managers that HIM come and go, now I think it's time for this little WEASLE to GGGGGOOO!!!! Told me to LEAVE THE STORE - I DON'T HAVE TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!!! This situation needs some immediate attention. Maybe in Iowa or wherever he came from you allow managers to speak to his customers that way but NOT IN ILLINOIS. Many many people will not trade in that store because it is so disgusting and below descent quality but I have always maintained that if you are going to live in a small town, you must trade in that small town but we are beginning to think like the hundreds of other people that would rather drive to Galesburg or Peoria rather than spend any money in that store. The manager needs a real ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT and you need to get someone in there who can MANAGE people rather than sit at his desk and stare at his computer screen and act as if he is busy. This same thing has happened to us all Spring but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that summer is going to bring loads of people in WHO NEED HELP IN THE YARD, but obviously that is complete beyond the little midget!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the typical little man with a giant attitude!!!!!!!!
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"GET A JOB AT MENARDS -- then EVERYONE CAN EXPERIENCE YOUR TOTAL IGNORANCE AND you TOO can be fired". Using proper Standard Written English is not ignorance (ignorance, according to Merriam-Webster, means to have a "lack of knowledge"). The term you should have used was "intellectual superiority".

You see, when a complainant uses haphazardly constructed sentences and phrases, along with EXCESSIVE CAPITALIZATION, it makes them look like a complete M0R0N - which detracts from their credibility, as indicated continuously from the original poster, "Neeter".


OMG BIGBRUCE - are you REALLY AS ANAL as you appear. GET A LIFE --- do something other than reading and correcting other peoples comments -- GET A JOB AT MENARDS -- then EVERYONE CAN EXPERIENCE YOUR TOTAL IGNORANCE AND you TOO can be fired!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC -- PURE AND SIMPLE!!!!!


"People who mouth off when they have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT"...Okay - let's take Standard Written English for example. To be easy on you, I will only use less than half of your original post.

"I wish to could say I will NEVER"...Should be "I wish I could say"

"We got just a few items that needed to be picked up in the yard, we went out there and we sat and sat and sat and NOBODY came to help." Use a period to indicate a new sentence (not a comma).

"Finally I walked the aisle 11, aisle 12 and aisle 13 and there was NOBODY." Comma should be after Finally to indicate a pause. Words before numbers should be capitalized (example - Chapter 12; Aisle 14; Channel 3).

"...we were going to have to help ourselves,. There were old men crawling up on those metal rolling ladders, there were old ladies trying to load 12 foot long wood"." Again, use a period to indicate the end of a sentence (not a comma/period combination. Nothing in the English language indicates the use of a comma/period combination.)

So again, if you are going to *** at people because you think you know more than them, make sure you are absolutely sure instead of rambling on using some haphazard form of second grade English.


Did you say in your original post that you ask for help at the guard shack everytime??? I agree that if you are asking in advance for help and no one shows up that is a HUGE problem.

As far as Memorial weekend, in the employees defense, perhaps (God forbid!) people wished to spend time with family and know, like in the old days when companies actually cared about this and were closed for the day? Instead, custys feel a need to patronize a store on holidays to buy candy and toliet bowl cleaner....happens ALL the time!!


Well maybe all you smart *** that comment about MY problems, perhaps you should look in a mirror. We are 53 and 66 year old people who go to menards at least ONE A WEEK and there is nearly ALWAYS someone there to help with whatever items we have purchased but on this particular day --- MEMORIAL DAY WEEK END---the POOR MANAGEMENT decided that he would have a skeleton crew rather than being smart enouigh to figure out that they were going to be WAY busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HIGHROLLIN you are an *** if you don't think that we call for help EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY TIME we enter the yard.

JIMMY - DITTO - PURE *** - NEEDS TO DO LESS TALKING AND LOTS MORE LISTENING---As far as the "SELF SERVE" comments, pull your hear out of your *** and wise up -- IT IS NOT!!! IOWAN -- YOU ARE A PUKE -- We ALL complained that day and TAA-DAA -- the MANAGER WAS FIRED AND WE NOW HAVE A GREAT MANAGER OF HIS PEOPLE - People who mouth off when they have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT only makes themselves look more ignorant than they really are----


It really is as simple as telling the gate guard when you first enter that you need help loading.They will then radio to have someone there to help. It's not as if they have employees stationed at every item waiting around to load people.Use some common sense!!


It is a self service yard after all. I bet you're one of those people that likes to go to the yard when it's poring out, expecting to have people do everything for you.


Hmmm....Sounds like the typical conceided *** to me. I will bet $100 that he did not even look around to find help, but instead probably just sat in his little car and listened to the radio.

At least thats what most people do.

The other thing that gets me is when consumers whistle to employees. I for one would NEVER answer to a whistle because I am not a dog!!


i mean it does sound a little iffy but i know at some points in the year us in the garden center have cars backed up 5 or 6 back. We aren't even taking *** *** breaks so if your complaining about that get over it we all have to wait a bit.


No DAN the problem is that most of the older guests that come into menards just assume that the younger employees are clueless. When, in fact, they probably have learned more about home improvement than you will ever know.

If you have too much pride to admit that a younger employee may know more about a particular item than you, then it looks like you've got some problems. Also, the majority of "younger people" that menards hires are NOT lazy.

Most of them, like myself, are either working through college or saving money in order to go to college. It really surprises me how closed minded people are.

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#122593 Review #122593 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Middletown Township, New Jersey
Menards Manager

Menards in Dolton

wanted to purchase a gas powered auger/post hole digger: When I finally Got "Kevin" from hardware on the phone, He insisted they did not carry that item anylonger..I Nicely asked Him If He was Sure, because I had seen them there about a month ago...He insisted they DID NOT have them there..I drove to the store to see for Myself.....they had 3 in stock on the shelf in Plain view....Well, I was pretty mad, But why didnt I get the truth???...I went to Harbor Freight & bought one there.. Menards lost a 200 dollar sale.
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You get enough of those lost two hundred dollar sales, and I'll bet your CEO might take an interest.


hi i have a question what is it do you no when wqaterloo east post to be built


A 200 dollar sale. Please, no!

Are you serious, nobody cares. :grin


Ok i understand you're fustration. however i have 2 issues.

Did you ask kevin if he was the manager or ask if he could physically check that they were out? second good luck with the one from harbor freight it will most likely break after 2 uses.

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#121955 Review #121955 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reston, Virginia
New Reviewer

Menards is great.

I have spent 10's of thousands of dollars at various hardware and home improvment stores over the past 30 years including about 5 different Ace Hardware stores, four different Home Depots, two Farm & Fleets, Lowes, Northern Equipment etc... etc... and I will say, without question, Menards has consistently performed far above my expectations. Their selection is the best. The layout of the store and the ease by which I can find what I need puts Home Depot to shame (where I frequently can't find what I need due to the cluttered mess they call a display). There personnel have always been knowledgeable and helpful and they have taken returns back from me even when the circumstances dictated that they could not take it back due to their policies. The only negative I can think of is the Great Neck brand tools they sell which are junk. But even these have a satisfaction guarantee warranty and Menards has taken beck the ones I was disatisfied with.
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#121646 Review #121646 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Pontiac, Michigan

Poor management

I have been shoping at Pewaukee menards for over 7 years and the new manager "Tiffany" or something like that has been doing a horrible job. She does not know what she is doing. The cashier rang the bell, and I had to wait for ever because she was walking around the isles when they are not supposed to do that. I can also tell the dislike to her from other cashiers. I also see many arguments with her and other employees. This looks very poor in my eyes as a consumer. She also seems to get emotional. thank you
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#121645 Review #121645 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Elburn, Illinois
Menards Cashier

Menards sucks

i don't think menards cares about customers or employees. i'm sorry i know anyone that works there, and will never shop there unless i get some response from menards corporate. i'm sure that's not going to happen. corp employees dont care about what happens a store level its clear. there is way too much competition and better service out there to let anyone go. I don't feel this company cares about employees at all. I have shopped at the Racine, WI location since they have been open and before they moved. I see employee treated poorly in the past year and that has been passed on to me the customer. I'm done with Menards!
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I'm attempting to follow the directions on my receipt," to obtain rebate form go to and download as needed." Well I have nothing to download. So I guess I'll have to return to the store. I'm hoping this won't be all in vein.


Do you live in Racine? Try working/living in Racine.

The graduation rate is barely 60%. What kind of help can you get when the majority of people don't graduate?


The vagueness of this complaint is unreal. seriously, give expamples or something.


I wish you could type so everyone could understand the problem. You don't give yourself much credibility with your literary skills


I will paraphrase for the person sice you are so intellugent. Menards sucks.

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#121243 Review #121243 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Racine, Wisconsin
New Reviewer
We purchased new siding and windows for our home from Menards, Inc. The salesperson helped us determine the amount of siding we would need. When we were finished we had over two boxes too much. We decided to keep one box for a small shed and would return the other box....
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Did you purchase and return it from the same store? If a store does not stock the item on there shelves they will charge you a restock fee. Not all the menards stock the same products.

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#120895 Review #120895 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Menards Manager
New Reviewer

Menards send me notifications about my special order ready to pick up.3 trips to the store no order

I have chosen menards to remodel my bathroom. Spent more than $1,500.00. Now I get cards by mail to pick up my order, made 3 trips to the store, my mech. is not in the store. I asked who sendind me card, customer service ans.: we do. WHY. We don;t know. Nobody even told me ''we are sorry" By the way gas is very expensive. Next time I get a card, don't know what to do to go to the store or again it is a joke. It is not funny. Thank you Elena The store is in Fort Wayne, I live in Decatur,IN
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It was me. I kept sending you the cards b/c it was just funny to see you come in and get pissed off.


Menards sends cards based on each item that is special ordered because different vendors take diff amount of time to ship. Call the store first and verify all the product has arrived.


Call the store before spending the money on gas. Each card has a special order contract # on the front starting with 3009****.

Give the dept this number so they can look up your order.

You can also go to and punch in the special order # to look up your order status. If the item was a re-order due to damage you may still be receiving the postcard from the original order.


judging solely based off your grammar, you've probably didn't communicate your problem to the work staff very efficiently. not their fault they couldn't understand your gibberish.


You my friend are retarded, if you would call the store before you drive all the way there you could find out what the item is that the card is referring to and probably find out if you already have it or not. tough concept i know

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#120893 Review #120893 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Goshen, Indiana
New Reviewer
I went to menards for a great sale on patio bricks.. A beautiful color and style costing $2.88 each. Now i'm paying alot for back problems... I bought 24 patio bricks that are 42lbs. each. I waited for help to load the items into my truck, and waited, and waited......
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How novel. A do it yourselfer who won't do it herself.

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#120369 Review #120369 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Chicago, Illinois
New Reviewer
I have frequented the Menards website looking for various items only to find there is no real way of finding what they have to offer. You can review the weekly flyer for sale items but if the item you are looking for is not on sale you are pretty much out of luck. It...
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Tried searching Menard's sight for info on wet/dry vacs. Site was useless to say the least.

Even their weekly fly sucked and didn't mention the name of the unit on sale! Tried contacting their web department and mention for sight that was a memory pig, it was useless and caused me to look elsewhere.

They contacted me with a smart comment telling me to stop into any of the local stores and check out their great, although un-named units available. I recontacted them and re-explained that I check on line the pricing and brands of everyone else.

Data sheets, prices and availability. When the returned that stopping in was the best thing to do, I reminded him that I didn't leave my office, checked out 8 different places and didn't use a drop of gas.

I still don't think they got it. I believe their tech support is "stuck on ***." Then again if it wasn't for them, I never would have tried Lowes.

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#120126 Review #120126 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Great Customer Service!

The new Menards in St. Croix Falls, WI has GREAT customer service in many departments including plumbing, electrical, millwork and the service center up front! We're remodeling a repo house and ALL the staff has been super helpful from entering the store to helping with carry out! It's refreshing to see a group of folks that really care about customer service! If you need to drive a distance to get there, its worth it. Don't be afraid to ask for help... they know what their talking about and lead me to the best value, not the highest price, while keeping me in mind.
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:) My wife and I for the first time in 53 years decided to shop "Black Friday" We went to the Menards in Danville, Illinois and it was a great experience. An abundance of very polite helpful clerks to answer every question and give direction.

Can't wait until next year. Congratulations!


Menards is a *** good company. I'm a contractor and have dealt there for 20 years.

Yeah, sometimes things went wrong, but they sure out-do Home Depot in every way: price, supply, inventory, delivery, effort, knowledge, and localness.

Home Depot hires people like me to do my own work and they mark it up 3 fold. I'll take Menards over HD any day, and I don't care if took your birth control pills either.

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#120041 Review #120041 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Grantsburg, Wisconsin
New Reviewer
the store manager of menard in Tinley park il his name is john ,,he is the worst customer service i bought a a fan and the fan was defective and it was installed on my celing in my house ,, i went back to explain the problem ,,, maybe we did some wrong ,,,at the end it...
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You know, it's funny.

whenever people don't seem to tell the details and such of the story they make it seem like these places are the worst ever. I have had nothing but great service at this store, if someone doesn't know an answer to something i ask they find someone who does.

I have had nothing but positive experiences with menards. Just becuase you don't get your way doesn't mean all of the employees are bad. also, I found that they have really cheap lumber compared the lowes and depot, depot was always horrible with me as far as "customer service" goes and lowes didn't seem as knowledgeable.

I'm not bashing them, but for whatever reason I have always had a good vibe from menards. They are great about doing what they can within company policies to make sure their customers are happy, at least with me they have.

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#120000 Review #120000 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lansing, Michigan

Bought brand new washer, got display model

About a year ago, I bought a brand new clothes washer at our local Menards. The salesman assured me that they had my model in stock, still in the box. We arranged for delivery and the sale was made. A few days later, the delivery truck arrives and our washer is wrapped in plastic cling wrap, not in the box. Upon unwrapping I immediately notice the washer has a dent in front, in precisely the same place as the floor model in the store did. When you pay $500 for a major household appliance, you sure don't expect anything but brand spankin new, right? Not according to the appliance dept manager at our local Menards. I got him on the phone and he asks me "What's the big deal"? and goes on telling me that they don't have my model in stock and won't be getting any more for weeks. He then offered me 20 bucks off the price. To which I replied with "Are you freakin' kidding me"? What an insult! Well, in the end I got him to knock $80.00 off the price which made me feel sooooo good, knowing that I took every penny of their profits from the sale. I also let the guy know that that was my last major purchase from Menards. I have not nor will I EVER make another major purchase at Menards.
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Mr. John Menard Wannabe has said it himself that what they sell is *** How many places besides a going out of business dollar store can you find tools made in China and Malaysia for under a buck! You certainly get what you pay for and that is why my company does business elsewhere.


First off, 80 bucks off a purchase like you made doesn't even touch our margins. We still made a killing off you.


Second, it makes me glad to hear that you say you won't make a major purchase from us again......after all, it's the little shi* that we make all the money from you. Thanks for all the cash, and please keep on giving.

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#119968 Review #119968 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Saint Paul, Minnesota
New Reviewer

Product on sale, sold out, but still selling

Bought a patio set on sale, but then found out this store did not have all the pieces. They sent us to two other stores in two different towns. Each store was suppose to have our missing items, not! We then asked them to order the items. Couldn't, item discontinued, but item in sale flier for another week! At the third store, a couple was going to get a raincheck for the same set. I told them it was discontinued. They had the employee check it and yeah, dah, no rainchecks allowed. Item discontinued. We ended up getting our money back.
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#119781 Review #119781 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Villa Ridge, Illinois