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I bought four special order (because not in store...whose fault is that) bathroom fans. The installer just came over to look at the vents.

He measured and found out that they are too big for the space allotted from the old one. I thought I measured, but I guess not. I called our Menards about returning them, and they said there is a 25% restocking fee. I guess it is my fault for not reading the whole contract.

I do not remember a restocking fee of ever being this much. It makes buying new ones almost impossible. I paid 619.96 for four, which means that the "restocking fee" is 154.99, which is the cost of one fan.

I will not be shopping at Menards again, and will make this known on social media to all my friends.

This fee is out of control.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Restocking fee to be less, as well as cashier to explain why I had to sign two receipts. She did not mention 25% restocking fee or I would not have gotten them..

Menards Cons: Restocking fee being so high.

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I am having the same issue with Menards on the restocking fee, bought a white dishwasher to go with other appliances that I already have, no white in store so special order and now it will not work do to the handle on dishwasher I can't open the drawer on the other side corner cabinet without hitting the handle on the dishwasher.. so now I have to pay 125.00 restocking fee.. this is crazy


Why is it crazy? You wanted an item they do not stock in the store.

Have you looked at the prices they get for items in their bargain areas?

If they took back an item you had opened and installed they will not be able to sell it for anywhere near what you paid for it. Why should the store take a loss because you didn't do your research before making the purchase?


In case more of you *** come along that dont understand why this *** happens:

If the store doesn't stock that item, it is subject to a special order contract. If it is an item that is stocked, but they are sold out, you have the option to also special order it, or wait for it to be restocked.

All special orders are subject to the restocking fee...PERIOD...even if the item is stock, unless you convince a manager to waive it on a regularly stocked item (and yes they will do this, if you explain the situation and refrain from carrying on like an entitled ***

The reason is very simple: the store doesn't stock the item, so to move it they have to sell it as a bargain item to even get rid of it.

On an item that is often more expensive in the first place. The fee is to protect the store from typical customers that, like you, make mistakes when measuring or otherwise and expect it to pay for their own incompetence or lack of familiarity, and allow them to recoup at least something from you wasting everybody's time.


Sssshhhhittt what they should DO is not let any you redneck straw hat wearin hillbillies return anything special order. In my book if you bought it then it's yours. Period.


It's not their fault YOU measured wrong. They have no place for items they don't stock and the fans you ordered will get sold in their bargain area and they usually sell for much less than the 75% you got refunded. Why do you expect the store to take a loss because YOU didn't take time to make sure your measurements were correct before ordering a non stock item?


And you know this how?? It is my understanding that they go back to the Vendor. At least that is what I was told.


No, they don't go back to the vendor. Just walk into any Menards store ask any department where their bargain area that would have special order return is and check out the pricing. Pull up on the internet and take a look at the items on Ray's list, you'll see returned special orders there as well.


Home Depot policy- Special Order returns or cancellations may be subject to a 15% restocking fee and must be returned to the same store where the purchase was made*


Menards policy is a 25% restock fee and they can't return them to the vendor as there isn't anything wrong with them. So the stores are left to sell them.

Also, you can return to any Menards. Not just the store you bought it from.