Black River Falls, Wisconsin
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Ordered a replacement shower unit... received a "new construction unit" (fiberglass, attaches to the studs) NOT what we ordered.

Menards charged us a 25% restocking fee to return it. I told the manager that I would never do business again with Menards, and he very arrogantly told me that was my choice. all the while Mr Menard is laughing to the bank knowing full well that he is stealing money from people!

Menards got $250.00 from us for taking back a product that they ordered incorrectly AND will resell and never lose a penny on the product. Customer service and managers are arrogant, know it all, could care less about the customer kinda people!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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How can they charge you for their mistake?


I have just found out that when you return item you will be robbed...its noting but a theft....I am returning a tank less water heater that is the size of old VCR ....and I will have to pay them 220$ as restocking fee....why the *** it does not say that with big letters...when you buy item on the internet...what if that *** thing cost 4000$ the *** do they calculate this????


Re-stocking fees are to cover for packaging and shipping! You didn't pay for the item to be shipped to the store and you're not paying for it to be shipped back!

Sometimes it's to cover unwanted shelf space that it will be taking up for months. It's your responsibility to check the order before it's processed! If it's exactly what the item says on the special order you have zero argument.

If it's something different had you shown a friendly demeanor the restocking fee's would have been waved. From your post it's obvious to me you got exactly what the order said you should get and Menards wasn't about to go negative because of your error.


I expect what came in is what you ordered. If it was a different model they would have re-ordered the correct model at no additional charge.

As it wasn't a stock unit it is not something they sell regularly. It will end up in a bargain area where they sell it for a fraction of the regular price. As a consumer you should review any order you place to assure it is actually what you want.

The retail store shouldn't take the total loss on a product because it wasn't what you wanted. They were under no obligation to take it back at all, at least you got back 75% of the purchase price.