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I have submitted 2 different rebates to Menards over the last 4 months and have not received any back. I have sent e-mails, but received no response by Menards on my request.

Are these being processed? Or are they being ignored on purpose? . Why offer rebates when not processed.

. I will no longer consider Menards rebates as a true savings and look elsewhere if better overall cost is available.

One recent rebate was for 11% and I bought at Menards based on this savings. Without it, Lowes was cheaper, and I did not need to fill out a form.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Menards Cons: Rebate process and payment.

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Did you bother going to and checking your rebate status on their website?


Should not be so exasperating for a customer to obtain what was promised by the company they trusted. Bad omen for future business!


When a promotion works well for so many, you have to wonder what goes wrong with those that have a problem. Are they throwing the post cards the get as a credit check away?

Did they void their rebate by going in and getting a price adjustment for a lower price? Was their handwriting illegible? And the list goes on and on.

If the rebates didn't work for the majority of the people do you think they would be such a popular promotion. They run the 11% rebate 50% of the year and there are always rebates on individual items as well.


I can tell you that at least 10 people each week mail these to my store instead of the rebate center. We have contractors that get rebates for several thousands of dollars. I find it hard to believe that Menards can process their rebates, but not yours...


Again, if so many people can get it wrong because it’s not absolutely clear, or they send in for the rebate and never get a response, then whole rebate thing is win for Menards at the expense of their customers. Rebates of several thousand dollars—do you really think anybody believes that?


Yes, I believe it since I have received them myself. Do you know that Menards ran that promotion for 7 weeks straight?

Do YOU believe that a company can do this sooo much and it be a scam? Sorry if something went wrong in your case, but stop slamming Menards and making up situations that don't exist.

Unsubscribing to this useless thread, soooo stupid. Tired of stupid people filling my email with crap.


The mail to address is the biggest thing on the rebate form. I am not sure how much clearer it could be for people.

It is only unclear to people that choose not to follow directions. I have never had a problem receiving my rebates and I have had some that were over $300 during my home remodel.


Have you looked at how many cars are in a Menards parking lot compared to Lowes or Home Depot? Looks like they are doing a lot more business than the other 2.

Don't think they are going away any time soon. Menards uses many more rebates than Home Depot.

Just take a look at Home Depot's complaints on Behr Rebates. My guess is that there are a certain number of consumers that just can't follow directions and properly submit a rebate.