I never received my rebate but what sucks is that I saved everyone of them from $300 - $10 and then they cant say if they mailed it or not you would think they would have a record of the rebates they send out

User's recommendation: Take photo copies of everything never trust anyone.

Location: Fargo, North Dakota

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And pay attention to your mail. The rebates look like JUNK MAIL. You probably tossed it out....


They charge the full amount to your credit card literally within seconds of the transaction but take months and months to issue the in store credit???????? No wonder they been running this game continuously for year and a half now.


Why do people complain “they charge your card immediately “? Open your own store and let people walk out with free product!

That’s how retail works. You chose a cheap, big box retailer.


The point is they have no issues collecting 100% of the sale immediately after purchase, but literally drag their feet for months to issue the 11% in store credit. How many other people operate a business who so openly takes advantage of the public?????


Well read there fine print. Takes 6-8 weeks for processing. I believe it also states to use a specific ink color and also must be wrote so they can read it.

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