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I bought over $900.00 worth of merchandise at Menards in Toledo,Oh on 8-25-2018 I have a rebate coming for $99.68 that I have been waiting 9 weeks so far and haven't seen yet. I spoke with the manager at the Menards store once and the *** manager twice.

Each time all they say is wait longer. I found out the rebate was issued on 9-25-18 and I told the manager this info, and all he keeps saying is wait a little longer. It is now 10-24-2018 and still nothing They keep saying they will e-mail to find out about my rebate. They said they have no phone number to call.

I found the phone no. to corporate Menards It is 715-876-5911 and am told to resubmit. I filed a complaint with the Toledo Better Business Bureau today 10-24-2018. They told me they have over 600 complaints right now for various things against Menards.

If I don't here any response in 2 more weeks, I am going to file a complaint with the FTC in Washington. Their address is FTC.gov Will let you know what happens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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The store manager has nothing to do with the rebates. You can track your rebates on Menards.com or at the e-mail address on the rebate form.

The next question, since you say they mailed your rebate, did you get it and throw it away? It doesn't come in an envelope. It is a folded post card that looks like advertising.

It says nothing about Menards on the outside. If you didn't look at it closely and actually open it you would never know it was the credit check you were waiting for.


First of all, I went on line at Menards.com, that is how you find when it was sent. As to the second comment, I have been a professional cabinetmaker for 35 years and have bought supplies at menards for a long while.

I know what the rebates look like, and when you are waiting for them you know what to look for. Also if you squeeze the rebate you can see the persons name and the amount on the card with opening it. Take it to the Menards store and sign that name and get free merchandise for it.

Our Menards does not require ID proof when cashing it in. Also by going on their website, you can see if it was used yet, mine has not been used as of today 10-24-2018


After speaking to the *** manager again at Menards in Toledo, Oh. on 10-15-2018, she called me back on the next day.

She was able to contact the corporate store and they are going to issue me a new 11% rebate card to replace the card I did not get. Thank you Menards, and a special thank you to Mica for her follow-up on this problem. I want people to know things can be resolved if you talk with the local store where you shop.

I like to shop at Menards because they carry a lot of the materials I need for my projects that Lowes and Home Depot do not carry. Thank you again Mica and Menards for resolving the problem.