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I purchased a couch from Menard's, was happy with the young man who helped us. Two days later, the 11% rebate was featured and when I inquired about getting the 11% applied to my purchase, I was told I had to bring the couch back and return it and then repurchase it.

What a huge inconvenience this would have been. Needless to say, I was not able to return the couch, and did not receive the 11% rebate on my purchase. I will no longer be shopping at any of the Menard's stores and plan to advise others to do the same.

And they pride themselves on customer satisfaction! Ha!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I use a credit card that offers a credit back to me if the price changes within 2 months (maybe 3?) It's saved me a pile of money and they will credit back my card - no store merchandise credit at all. The one I use is Citibank. Check out which credit card you're might be surprised at what you can do when the price changes!


That is actually not true at all. You can go to the counter and ask for the special "11% Price Adjustment rebate form".

Its not sitting out, but its good on anything purchased up to two weeks prior to the sale. Also the rebate is not listed on Menards website.Read more about it here....


11% rebate what a joke! Shopping for doors, before the 11% rebate the door was cheaper by $20.

I will wait until the 11% is off. Ridiculous!


Sale priced items will often be more than 11% off the regular price. The 11% is great for items that don't get advertised but aren't always the best deal.


Rules are rules.

I side with Menards. If they break a rule it is just leads to more rule breaking and ultimately the end of the rebate program.

Get over it!!!!


There is a form for prior purchases made before the 11% rebate. You must have the original receipt, not a copy, given at time of purchase.

You must send that in. I'm not sure how many days or weeks are valid before the sale though


can I get a printable form #5316 for 11%, 14-20 August 2016.


Just an FYI, I was at Menards the day the 11% rebate started. However, I had spent over $300 the DAY prior.

I went to customer service and asked for an adjustment form for the prior day's purchase, and had no problems at all. No merchandise/receipt in hand.


The form must be sent in with the ORIGINAL receipt (unlike current rebates, the coupon on the bottom of your receipt), just like any other rebate form. Will not apply to sale items either.


do some research before you buy and you would be aware of the periodical rebate program


This is a scam. I had priced some wire at $1.10 a foot then the 11% came and the price was 1.29 a foot.

same thing on a 100 dollar door was then 120 for the rebate week. people will catch on to this

@ripp off

Same thing happened to us with pavers. Went a day prior of the sale and the blocks were on sale at 1.68.

When the 11% started the price went up almost 30% more for the blocks. Asked if I could have them for the price that I got them for the day before and they would not do so.

On top of that you have to use it at the store. HUGE SCAM!!


As you said, the blocks were on SALE. They went back up to the regular price.

Often sale prices are better than the 11% rebate. The 11% rebate is great for things that don't often go on sale or if you are doing a large project.

You should have bought what you needed when they were on sale. How do you think there is a HUGE SCAM?


because they jack the prices up and then give you 11% back in "in store credit." I know they still making money on the first sale price that was 30 cents cheaper then after the 11% price. When your buying 200-300 pavers at a time that adds up.

That's why it's a scam you ***. They do that to almost the entire store.

and for them items that don't go on sale very often is convenient for a very slim amount of ppl. I worked there when I was in high school almost everything is always on sale when the 11% isn't going on.


And are you trying to be menards employee of the month or what? Why are you trying to protect menards lol. I'm just making ppl aware that the rebate deal they have isn't really a good deal.


read the print, almost everyone except you knows that the rebate comes as an in-store credit. we have been ding it for years knowing that we will be able to use that for future purchases. Educate yourself before you make purchases then.


Well your a *** *** for thinking they would just give you the rebate....should of done your homework before purchasing.


We had the same thing a year ago with a fridge then again with a washer and dryer this year. I was passed and called.

We could not get the 11% rebate but they offered a 11% price adjustment.

Just went to stores and they gave me the form to fill out and mail in. Now just waiting for it to come back.


@em: sale price adjustments cannot be applied to 11% rebate promotions.


hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


don't know exactly what they said but you wouldn't actually PHYSICALLY bring the couch back. They couldve just did a price adjustment with just the receipt.