Prior Lake, Minnesota

Brought in rough openings for 14 storm windows, menrads insisted on adding 1/2 inch to height, we had them triple confirm this was correct... Of course none of the windows fit.

They accused me of being a liar, would not reorder or refund until I agreed to a 250.00 dollar restocking fee. We declined, since mistake was all menards fault. We filed in sall claims court for cost of windows, transportation, prepaid installers fee and legal and court costs. Manager said he did not care and was completely unconcerned.

This company has the worst customer service of any one in the business, a truly unhappy place from the top down.

They don't give a ***. I encourage you to take them to court, they have to at least treat you like a human being while the judge is watching!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Menards Cons: Poor customer service, Will not go back to menards.

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I hope you win your lawsuit against Menards!


Well you are an *** because you will never win in court so you are wasting more money. They have contracts and of course paperwork says store has right to deny any returns but if they do there will be 25% restocking fee on special orders.

Customer will never be smarter. Good luck though


Why do customers agree to pay for something they know is wrong? Sounds fishy.

Dick Blazer

You're responsible for knowing what you're ordering. Obviously the product you ordered is what you received.


I would assume these are Larson storm windows. There is no reason they should have told you to add 1/2" to the height.

Your order would have included the size the windows would be built to. You should have never agreed to order a window larger than the opening if in fact that is what they did. If you were to look at the windows there is a rather simple solution to your problem.

There are a series of lines to score the flanges to remove material not needed. A 1/2" reduction should be no problem.