Columbia, Missouri

I rarely use this forum to vent about retail experiences, but I am making an exception today. I had to make a flooring purchase this week.

A long series of events led me to Menard's. What a nightmare! Incompetence, arrogance and more have convinced me to never patronize them again. After a number of ridiculous and taxing experiences at two different Menard's locations, I took possession of some 1300 square feet of new carpeting and the same amount of padding.

All of the pieces had been precut and wrapped for me, and most of my frustration was with company policies and such. Today, my installer called me to tell me that 4 out of 5 of the pieces they had cut were short. The shortages ranged from 4 inches to a foot and a half on one piece. When I tried to contact the store where most of the material was purchased I was directed to a website where complaints can be made.

Their corporate office also insists on written complaints and concerns and refused to provide anyone to speak with me. The amount of the purchase was enough to qualify for felony theft. So, as I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to handle the situation it has come to my attention that Menard's - unlike Lowe's or Home Depot - does NOT offer a veteran's discount. Strike two.

And, a bit of research on the owner has revealed that this guy is a slime ball extraordinaire with legal issues and political affiliations that make spending a dime with them an absolute no. I am asking every veteran I know to boycott this chain, not because of my experience, but because of their refusal to recognize and match the courtesy that their competitors extend past and present military personnel. And, yes, it may give me some satisfaction to see the word spread about this place.

So ends my rant. Have a nice day.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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They cut the carpet to your measurement period. Either your contractor measured wrong and blamed Menards so you didn't *** at them or you are too *** to read a tape measure if you measured it yourself.

Anyone with a brain knows that you always add a little extra any time you order something. Sorry, Menards can't fix *** bud.


If you enlisted to get entitlements and discounts from businesses, you are pathetic and an embarrassment to this country! Smh


I personally work for Menards and my store alone has currenty employed approximately 20 current or former military members. Out of about 120 ppl.

Id say we more that support vets. And yes I'm a vet and former Marine.

We offer the discount due to our low priced and the fact that it's not fair to not discount to other deserving groups, sick as teachers, fire fighters, and police.