Chicago, Illinois
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they rip off there customer after spending 4000.00 dollars there and they don't stand behind there policy and it a piece of *** store. i could go on forever about menards.

its got to the point that we are considering a law siute against menards in marion ohio.i will consider you guys be better off to go to lowes. we did are roof and sidewalks. one the price is 1.99 and two days later its the roofing shingles was 15.49 and it's regular 16.03 and 3 weeks later they charge my contractor for the same shingles 26.49. the reason was that the price went up.i can see a couple of dollard not 10.00 that a ripped off .

i brought doors hinges on sale for 89 cents a piece. i had too return them because i didn't have the recipient on me they give me 59 cent back for them that wrong i can really go on forever any question about this ur welcome to contact me at 740-375-8649 anytime in the afternoon.

they hire thief too. good place not to work

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The managers are "trained" to be *** to their employee. So that is why the workers are not the greatest.

Unless of course the main manager is male and you (the worker) are young pretty little thing....LOLOL.. just saying


thank god u dont own a business


You remind me of 90% of the people I deal with everyday. You *** and *** and *** and *** some more.

The company treats it's employees like *** so do you think you will get good service from us? No. If you lose a receipt it's very standard for the company to give you the lowest sales price in the last month, or sometimes even the last 3 months. Why is that?

Why should we BUY our product back from you if you don't like it? If you bought it at $2 and it's now $4 then why do you get to make money from it?

The general public sucks at life. I'm so happy I work in the yard and deal with more truck drivers than these idiots.


Who returns an 89 cent item and then complains about it? You are lucky we take back all of the used stuff you retards return at all!


Are you realy going to try to sue menards? HAHAHAHA!

Over that? AHAHAHA


Yea, I must say you got to love those drunk people who shop at Menards. The combo of B.O., Tobacco, and alcohol smell on them and they can't figure out why knowbody treats them like a god at menards.

Makes me want to barf. What grease heads.


Hey, knowbody cares! Grow up!

How many beers did you have when you were writing this!? Big dumb drunk!


Hey bud first off try spell-check sometime it may may help. Second off if you cant keep track of your recipt thats your fault, and thats the reason you got the 59 cents back instaed of 89. GROW UP!!!!!


Of course we stand behind our policies- prices and estimates are good on the day thery're given only, and our returns policy was in fact given to you in great detail. It was printed on the back of the receipt for your hinges.

If you move into the 21st century and start using plastic to pay like smart people do, you would have been able to use the returns kiosk to print a copy of your receipt, but your poor decisions and inability to keep track of your documents are the real problem here. For the love of Christ, doesn't anybody read a book before they try to remodel their *** little houses? If you were aware of this blog, why didn't you pay attention to all of the feedback from employees that say over and over, listen to what we're telling you to do- if you don't bad things will happen. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS, BE ORGANIZED, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB, REMOVE HEAD FROM SPHINCTER PRIOR TO BEGINNING DEMO WORK.

We say this *** all the time, but yet you're still under the impression that it doesn't apply to you. You're a ***


Hey spellchecker is that how you spell buckeye? :roll He's got to be a wolverine like you, hard to type with those stubby little fingers. :grin


probably from wisconsin. only a sconnie could butcher the english language like that.


Must be a buckyee fan! Did you graduate from Ohio State?

Use a spell checker next time, no wonder you dont understand inflation. Dont blame anyone but Bush!