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Recently purchase 100 6 X 9 paving blocks and 6 bags of sand. Prior to purchase we asked if we could have them put on a pallet. We asked this of three different people; a man in the yard, the man who made the ticket and the man at the gate where we picked up the blocks. We were told yes by everyone, all we needed to do was ask the person who loaded our truck. However the person who loaded the truck told us NO he would not do that and proceeded... Read more

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As a dedicated Menards customer, I a very upset with my experience at the location in Howard on 8/23/16. I was interested in purchasing a mattress from this store. I went up to the front end counter and spoke with Tara. I wanted to confirm the price was correct on the mattress. It had a green sale sticker stating the price was $99.00. I thought this was an amazing deal, considering the rest of the mattresses around it said $800-$1000. I took a... Read more

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Interviewed with Kevin who said he had been with the company 26 years. He was obviously threatened by me with my past experience in sales, landscaping, carpentry, and customer service. I've never seen any interviewer try and make you feel like you were inferior to the point of he is why Menards is successful and in no way was he going to let me join the team. I could work hours 6am-5pm Mon-Sat. I'm 100 % positive he only hire's people that he... Read more

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I made two purchases and sent both receipts as instructed..i recieved the 4.00 credit ck but not the one for 56.00 tried to find out what hapened but can not reach anyone to find out why. Will not shop at menards again i have my living room to do yet so that is about a 1000.00 loss for menards...

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My father who is a disabled veteran, who worked 20 years as a prison gaurd, who contributed his whole life to his country, and his family. The first brand new lawnmower he ever has bought, blows a seal after 2 and a half hrs. than told he cant exchange it because he put gas in it. When it is not posted anywhere in the store besides the customer return policy and the reciept where no one looks at this until you return things. I am a construction... Read more

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I'm annoyed by these two kinds of reviews: Menards is a cheery wonderland to work at and if you think it has flaws you're a deadbeat who just doesn't like to work, and Menards is literally the worst company on the face of the earth and if you don't want to dismantle the bourgeois you're a brainwashed wageslave. I hope to provide an accurate and balanced review. I worked at a Menards in central Indiana for about a year to help pay for college.... Read more

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I have gotten three tanks this summer from Menard's and they all have been bad. I thought it was our grill. We purchased a new regulator thinking that was it. Food ruined because the temperature would not go higher than 200 degrees; steaks, chicken, sausage, etc.........I was ready to throw the grill away and purchase a new one. Then we put our neighbor's propane tank on to see if it was our grill.....WALA......we have fire and... Read more

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I bought six doors online through Menards and had them delivered to the store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After picking them up, I returned them the same day because I was disappointed with the quality. That happens when you buy online sometimes. Sadly, I lost $135 due to a 25% re-stocking fee. Seems very extreme to me. First and last time shopping at Menards. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess that I never read the fine print online when I... Read more

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I think Menards cashier are the worst first of sll the do not help or even attempt to help bag, they do not take the payment. Or even acknowledge you by saying anything no thankyou either. The only thing they do is run the items past the scanner I gone through self scans at Walmart with more personality. What exactly are they being paid for? Read more

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i made an itemized list of materials for a 40 foot barn to be is the second one to be built this summer that we have purchased materials from you.I went to the avon store on Saturday and there were 3 employees there ,I asked a man named brandon to price out my list so i could see about ordering it.I told him he could email it to me or i would return after he was done with it.he said we dont email and refused to price the materials... Read more

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