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Menards Rebates

Company Menards
Product / Service Rebates
Location Arkansas City, Kansas
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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I recently purchased 9 rolls of Johns Manville insulation at Menards because it offered a $5 in-store rebate for each roll.I loaded the 9 rolls into my car and realized that I could fit in about 4 more rolls of insulation.

I had two receipts, one rebate form, and all of the UPC's, which I mailed to the GLS companies who handles the rebates along with a letter stating the reason I had two receipts. The rebate form stated that it would apply only to one receipt.

Well, I received my $20 in-store rebate check for only 4 rolls of insulation.They totally ignored the receipt for the other 9 rolls. 3031322

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Nov 10, 2013 
I did read it and still have my receipts and one if the rebate papers cause I always yet off more than one and I also made sure the day I bought them if there was any limits and there was non. I only bought 4 and only because they was gonna be free . Then only get two of them back . I am upset and I know they do this to people because not all people would keep all their proof as I do. But they owe me .
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Nov 10, 2013 
Ya I believe ya . I been waiting on one where I bought several different things and the socks I only bought them because tey were free after rebate but they sent me 11.98 of the 23.98 I was suppose to get . Now what do I do ???
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Oct 27, 2013 
I NEVER do reviews but felt the need to speak. I found this as I was checking on rebates I sent in. Which according to what I looked up are in process. I have shopped at Menards for several years. I have received several hundred dollars in rebates. I have sent many in one envelope, I have ALWAYS received my rebate. What I have learned is you need to watch for the rebate limits for items purchased and the date you need to send them in. I don't think it is up to cashiers or anyone at the store to tell you when they are due by. It is easily read on the rebate. There are SO many rebates. I mean it does not get much easier, I slap an address label on and send them right away so I do not forget. I LOVE these rebates. It may seem silly to give a "rebate" which is only good on items at their store, but there is always something I need. Just wanted to add my 2 cents.
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Sep 06, 2013  from Bedford, Indiana
BESURE to check your so called REBATES..........! The store or the ad in the paper does not tell you that you have ONLY (2) days to get this done!!!!!!!!!!!We just lost $25.00, because we weren't advised of it, which in my opinion sucks!!!!!!!SALES GIMMICK. No more sales to us,we buy at Lowe's
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Sep 12, 2011 
You're all idiots... read the rules before you play
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Mar 19, 2011 
There are 2 reasons we've spent a great deal of money at Menards over the past year; the products we've purchased are very credible and they are accompanied by some very money saving rebates. For 9 months we've never experienced any problems with receiving our rebates. That recently has changed, as we have been shorted over $18.00. Because of this shortage, I have had the opportunity to read many comments about others' in the same position as I. For Gods sake, how sad that a company as large as Menards hasn't the credibility to honor these rebates. Just think of the money Menards is saving by their irresponsible behavior. Isn't this the same thing as 'stealing'? We R done with Menards
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Feb 23, 2011 
I have sent in 3 different rebates for paint at 3 different times and never gotten anything back.I never buy the paint for the rebate anymore.it sure is a scam.I am still waiting on a rebate for window film that I purchased clear back in September.They are mostly for instore credit now anyways so I shop the cheapest place not the cheapest with a rebate.
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Feb 23, 2011 
I sent in 3 rebates that I did not get any response from them I just sent in another. When you send an email they send a pat general answer what a joke !
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Jan 09, 2011 
I did this too but than realized I was *** and it was my fault since I can't just make up rules for rebates.
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Jan 08, 2011 
the same thing happened to me at menards. i bought doors 2 different times sent in everything and got back 20.00.
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Dec 17, 2010 
their rebates stink as you might get a rebate and maybe you won'T. WHO CARES AS YOU CAN'T TALK TO A REAL PERSON.
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Oct 16, 2010 
At Menards the cahier said the rebate code is on the receipt, and that one could go to Menards online and get the coupon to send in; I did that, and after having the Devil's own time finding the page, tried to print the coupons. Instead of having a coupon appear with the word "print" in the corner (too easy, maybe?) the way Borders, Barnes and What's-'is-Name, and many others do, they have a *** pdf thing come up that WILL NOT PRINT no matter what- it says I need some form of Adobe Reader to do it (I DO have it!).
In my experience, they (Menards) purposely make it as discouraging as possible so they can keep the full price in as many transactions as possible by frustrating efforts to get the forms needed to get the rebate. Most people have enough to do in their lives that it is more trouble and inconvenience than they can afford to drive back out to whatever rural province the store is in just to get the coupon- then when they are next in the neighbourhood, the thing is expired.
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Sep 23, 2010 
Most people on here are likely trying to, as usual, take complete advantage of advertised sales and rebate offers that are meant to give customers a nice discount and incentive to come back and shop again but are instead trying to rip off Menards and the American economy in general. When I worked as a head cashier at Menards for over 5 years I can\'t begin to tell you how many people filled out the rebates incorrectly due to not reading them thoroughly. For some reason, the majority of them waited till AFTER the rebate was due to come back and fix the problem to consolidate multiple receipts into one. Then they would start spouting off 4 letter words when you tell them you can combine the receipts, but it won\'t award them the total rebate they desire. Then they cry like 6 year olds for the General Manager to patch things up, (basically for him to make decisions against company policy that result in losing money over keeping a few problem customers coming back) And America wonders why big retail establishments are going out of business left and right.....
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Jan 19, 2013  from Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Well said. Some people are just not worth the return to the store. If they can't figure out a Menards rebate form properly they just don't need to be a customer.
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Sep 16, 2010 
:) Never had a problem with any of my Menards rebates. As any coupon, rebate, or special make sure you read the fine print ladies and gents.

About passing a law to make all rebates available in the store, please don't. The state of Maine lawmakers had that in mind and now NO ONE offers ANYONE a rebate. Wisconsin was considering it. Let's not let this happen to your state. A little extra money in your pocket is a good thing.
Reply to Traci

Sep 02, 2010 
DO NOT MAIL IN THE REBATE FORM IT Y0U HAVE TWO OR MORE RECEIPTS FOR ONE REBATE TICKET! First take all of your receipts back to the store and have them put all the transactions on one receipt. I bought a clothes dryer one day and the next day I bought a stove. The rebate ticket said "Limit one rebate receipt and certificate paid per person and/or address". HOW RUDE!! HOW ***!! Isn't it cute you find this out after the fact.

If you want all your rebates, take all the receipts back and let them straighten it out!
Reply to Cathy

Aug 21, 2010 
I purchased 3 52" Ceiling Fans because there was $20 rebate on them. I initially purchased two and then went back an bought the third fan. I submitted my rebate form with my receipts and only received one (1) of the $20 rebates in return. I specifically read the rebate for and it stated I could submit more than one receipt! What a rip off! Menard's is really damaging their reputation by handling these rebates in this manner! Be cautious when you purchase items from Menards and think you will get a rebate for the full ourchase! It wont happen! :(
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Aug 18, 2010 
Well then you've proved your point. There are limits to what money can buy. It's late, and I hate to admit it, but I have meetings in the morning.
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Aug 18, 2010  from Powdersville, South Carolina
We have had good luck with rebates @ Menards - most take 6-8 weeks to arrive which is what they tell you on the coupon, but we have bought many, many items there with good success - got carpet pad nearly free earlier this year with rebate.
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